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The 50 Essential TikTok Statistics You Need to Know In 2023

TikTok can be considered the rebel child of social media platforms. It is a new, fun and engaging social media platform that fascinates millions of users every day. There wasn’t a platform that grew as big and as quickly as TikTok since the Snapchat hype, but despite its success, TikTok came with its fair share of drama. From a new video format to data leaks, the popular app managed to stay in the public’s attention. Since TikTok is such an important social media platform nowadays, we must take a deeper look into how the main TikTok statistics for 2023. Let’s dive in.

General TikTok Statistics


of TikTok’s users are females

1 billion

TikTok surpassed the billion mark in 2022

#1 app

TikTok is the most downloaded app in 2022

  • TikTok reported 2022 a revenue of $9.4 Billions. (Business of Apps)
  • TikTok maintained its reign as the most downloaded app in 2021 and 2022 with over 672 million downloads. (Business of Apps)
  • The TikTok app is available nowadays in over 154 countries, and there are over 75 languages available on the app. (Wallaroo Media)
TikTok Statistics: Most downloaded apps of 2022
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TikTok User Statistics

TikTok Usage Statistics

  • TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users. (TikTok)
  • The country with the largest TikTok audience is the United States with 113.25 million TikTok users. (Statista)
  • Also, looking at Statista’s data on the number of active users on TikTok, a couple of our core countries are to be seen:
    • 🇫🇷 France: 20.95 million TikTok users
    • 🇩🇪 Germany: 20.65 million TikTok users
    • 🇬🇧 United Kingdom: 19.66 million TikTok users.
  • Looking at TikTok’s user demographics statistics, it looks like the age group reigning the short-form videos app is the 18-24-year-olds, making up 34.9% of TikTok users worldwide. (Business of Apps)
  • Furthermore, the age group of 25-34-year olds follows with 28.2% of the total number of TikTok users. (Business of Apps)
  • The age group that is seen the rarest on TikTok consists of users aged 55+. (Business of Apps)
  • Looking at the gender demographics statistics, male users make up 43% of TikTok’s users, while females make up the largest TikTok audience with 55%. 2% of TikTok’s global users identify as others from a gender perspective. (Business of Apps)
  • TikTok is used by 18% of the world’s population, counting users between the ages of 16 and 64. (Omnicore Agency)
  • The best times to post on TikTok are 6-9 AM, and 3-6 PM, and Friday makes the best day for the videos. (Hubspot)
  • Internet users seem to spend the most time on TikTok. The average time users spend on the app is 90 minutes. (Sensor Tower)
  • TikTok’s users open the app multiple times per day. On average, 8 times per day. (Wallaroo Media)
  • 83% of TikTok users worldwide have posted at least one video on the app. (Wallaroo Media)
  • TikTok, the most downloaded app, was mainly downloaded on Android phones. 1.5 billion downloads come from Android phones, while Apple’s app store accounts for only 495.2 million downloads. (Sensor Tower)
  • 68% of TikTok users have watched somebody else’s videos. (Passport)
  • Additionally, 63% liked somebody else’s TikTok videos. (Passport)
  • 55% of TikTok users have probably uploaded a video within the last 30 days. (Influencer Marketing Hub)

Khaby Lame

Is the most-watched TikToker

2.1 billion

The average share price of the main social media companies


Of TikTok users have uploaded a duet

TikTok Statistics: Most viewed video

  • The most followed TikTok influencers are: Khaby Lame (155.5 mil), Charlie D’Amelio (150.3 mil) and Bella Poarch (92 mil). (Dexterto)
  • The most watched TikTok video is the Harry Potter Illusion by Zach King with 2.1 billion views. (Path of ex)
  • The most watched TikTok videos by hashtag views are:
    • Entertainment – 535 billion hashtag views
    • Dance – 181 billion hashtag views
    • Pranks – 79 billion monthly views (Influencer Marketing Hub)
  • 43% of TikTok users have probably uploaded a duet video. (Influencer Marketing Hub)
  • According to a study created by G.W.I. 22% of TikTok creators consider themselves a musician or audio creators. (G.W.I.)
  • The song that was most often used in TikTok videos is 2022 globally is “Ginseng Strip 2002 by Yung Leon. (TikTok)
  • The most popular song in the US for TikTok videos in 2022 was “Sunroof” by Nicky Youre & dazy. (TikTok)

TikTok Statistics For Businesses


companies are profiting the most off TikTok


of the global population can be reached through TikTok


Is the average engagement rate on TikTok

Small Businesses on TikTok

Businesses on TikTok

TikTok Ads

  • Recent TikTok statistics show that there are over 5 million active businesses on the social platform. (Wallaroo Media)
  • At the end of 2022, consumers have spent an estimated $6 billion on the social media platform. (Techloy)
  • When looking at TikTok usage by companies, Amazon is leading the pack, having invested over 22.5 million US dollars in Ads on the social media app. (Statista)
  • The industries that are performing the best for small businesses on the TikTok app are:
    • Beauty – 61,792,300 likes
    • Fashion – 50,424,500 likes
    • Jewellery – 49,893,000 likes (Open Business Council)
  • TikTok creators with a small following have an average engagement rate of 17.96% compared to Instagram, 1.63%. (Influencer Marketing Hub)
  • Also, TikTok creators with a big following (mega-influencers) see a much higher engagement rate on the app, rather than on Instagram: 4.96% compared to 1.21%. (Influencer Marketing Hub)
  • TikTok statistics show that marketers can reach 13.1% of the global population with the social platform. (Data Reportal)
  • TikTok can reach up to 17.9% of the entire internet user population aged 18+. (SocialPilot)
  • TikTok seems to bring in the highest engagement rates compared to other social media platforms, with a whopping 4.25% average engagement rate – for reference, the average engagement rate on Instagram is 0.60%. (Social Insider)
  • For Topview TikTok ads, the CTR ranges between 12% and 16%. (BeProfit)
  • Brand takeover ads, that take over the social media app once the user logs in, have an average CTR that falls between 7% and 10%. (BeProfit)
  • Also, according to TikTok statistics, a regular TikTok video ad has an average CTR between 1.5% and 3%. (BeProfit)
  • Most TikTok users, 66%, say they have an overall positive perspective of TikTok ads. (UpBeat Agency)
  • TikTok statistics show that the majority of successful TikTok ads, 63%, communicate the message immediately. (SocialPilot)

TikTok Marketing Statistics

550 works

are registered for TikTok on Sortlist


is the country where the highest amount is invested in TikTok advertising


is the average budget for TikTok projects

  • On Sortlist there are over 550 works concerning TikTok advertising. (Sortlist internal data)
  • The countries investing the most in TikTok advertising are:
    • 🇧🇪 Belgium – $25,500.00
    • 🇩🇪 Germany – $65,111.11
    • 🇫🇷 France – $42,900.00
    • 🇳🇱 The Netherlands – $14,150.00
    • 🇪🇸 Spain – $54,458.33
    • 🇬🇧 United Kingdom – $38,000.00 (Sortlist internal data)
  • The overall budget for works concerning TikTok advertising is $36,977.64. (Sortlist internal data)
  • The industries investing the most in TikTok advertising are:
    • Real Estate – Average Budget: $100,230.77
    • Publishing – Average Budget: $95,000.00
    • Toys – Average Budget: $85,000.00 (Sortlist internal data)


As seen in the content above, TikTok is on the rise despite numerous scandals about data privacy and cybersecurity issues. With good music and various trends, there is no surprise that TikTok quickly became a staple in the world of social media. Also, the high engagement rates we see on TikTok made way for new, rising influencers with a massive following and impressive advertising power.

So, there is no surprise that companies want to be on this platform too. TikTok is slowly but steadily becoming stable for marketers wanting to target a young and impressionable audience.

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