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Data consulting: a successful project alongside the best agencies

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Data consulting: a successful project alongside the best agencies

The digital world is booming. The emphasis on data generated daily on the Web has made it easier for companies to achieve their goals and carry out their projects.

In order to carry out their missions, optimize their activity and respond to the various problems of their customers, they now rely on this very large amount of data. These data are indeed precious sources of information.

It is thus a real godsend for proposing offers and services perfectly adapted to the needs of consumers. However, data consulting is a very delicate business. So, entrust your projects to a professional in the field who understands the stakes of this strategy.

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What are the qualities of a good data scientist consultant?

The world of data consulting is very delicate. An efficient audit requires a perfect knowledge of data collection and data recovery systems. It is then necessary to segment this large volume of data in order to extract the most relevant information according to the projects you wish to set up.

To meet your expectations, you could also use the services of a data consulting firm. They have experts in data management and control systems on their team.

Although analytical skills are essential, other criteria also come into play. To optimize the performance of each analysis that your consulting firm will perform, certain skills are essential.

Mastery of the SQL language

Data management systems are very numerous. Although many of them are free and intuitive, it is also necessary to master the SQL language.

Indeed, this knowledge is quite simply indispensable to search, segment, add or modify the harvested elements.

You could thus be able to retrieve precise data or information and improve your company's competitiveness. Data analysts must also be familiar with statistical programming systems.

Data visualization

For a complete audit, your data consulting firm will issue a detailed report of the measures to be taken. This is why their support is particularly important in your Big Data projects.

Most of the time, the consulting teams use visual elements, such as graphs and statistics, to get an overview of the issues and opportunities facing each company.


A successful data audit requires expertise in data consulting. With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, the measures applicable to the management and control of personal information must also be taken into account.

The tasks of your consulting firm are to enable you to build up a raw material to be exploited and to improve the skills of your team.

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You will then have to select the consulting firm you are interested in and archive the other teams.

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What is the difference between Data Consultancy and Web Analytics?

The Web or Digital Analytics

Like data consulting, Digital Analytics projects focus on targeted data analysis. The objectives here are to optimise the production, training, implementation and use of any data or information that can be used.

The function of Digital Analytics is also important in the improvement of the advertising communication strategy on the Internet. Any company can thus count on the expertise of the professional teams in their region to succeed in all projects revolving around the digital world.

However, Digital Analytics differs from data consulting on its main data sources and missions. Indeed, experts in this field focus more precisely on a performance audit of a website or mobile application.

Their mission then consists of carrying out a delimited audit to provide statistics and any information and data likely to help a company improve its competitiveness, exclusively on the web.

What are the different missions of an Analytics specialist?

The job of Web Analyst focuses on different missions. It can be as much about :

  • Optimization of SEO and SEA referencing;
  • Production of advertising campaigns;
  • Implementation of a digital communication campaign;
  • Improvement of ergonomics;
  • Performance audit;
  • Management or content management ;
  • Analysis of user behavior;
  • Audit of Key Performance Indicator such as bounce rate, conversion rate or persistence;
  • Implementation of a digital strategy...

In other words, expert teams are at your disposal and take into account your company's performance on the Internet.

Their missions focus on highlighting certain specific aspects and then assisting a company in the implementation of a web environment and content more adapted to each client.

Each visitor should indeed be able to find what they are looking for on your site, your social network account or your mobile application. You should therefore offer them an intuitive environment with high added value.

The goal of this business is therefore the production of usable databases. Without forgetting of course, the implementation of a better management strategy to respond to various issues centered on exclusively digital projects.

What about data consulting experts?

Data consulting is also a profession in its own right. Consultants who are experts in this sector act on a wider field of research. In fact, Big Data professionals have specific skills that allow them to work on all data management systems and artificial intelligence.

The missions entrusted to them are also very numerous, but they intervene in :

  • The reduction of production, exploitation and distribution costs;
  • The development of new products and targeted offers;
  • The definition of choices and technical missions in terms of services;
  • Intelligent decision making;
  • The implementation of a quality control strategy;
  • Risk management;
  • A performance audit;
  • Project management;
  • And time optimization due to improved efficiency.

The main objective of these projects is therefore the identification of any information or data that could help a company to ensure the achievement of its objectives. They also help to get to know the issues at stake.

Moreover, this profession has a bright future ahead of it. In fact, statistics established by theInternational Data Corporation and SAP predicted in 2016 that 60% of companies in 2020 would start using Big Data data and systems.

So it would be a shame to let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Fortunately, you can count on industry professionals to help you manage and ensure the success of your projects.

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How important is data consultancy in your digital strategy?

Since the first appearance of the term "Big Data" at the end of the 20th century, this sector has made tremendous progress. Data management and enhancement have more than ever become an imperative for any company wishing to succeed in their projects, whether on the Internet or not.

Moreover, data consulting no longer focuses on the field of physics, biology, information or social sciences as it did in the past. It concerns everything to do with the notion of "artificial intelligence" and technologies.

Nevertheless, data consulting is nowadays a real success when it comes to the implementation of promotion strategies.

Personalization of services

It is now possible to use all the data generated daily on the web to anticipate consumer needs and set up a specific mission to meet them. Your company will then be able to reach its goals faster and more efficiently.

All the more so as more and more expert consultants are choosing data management related professions. This means that it would be easier for you to benefit from professional support in the implementation of your design thinking process.

Data visualization

Data consulting goes hand in hand with different notions. We then talk very often about:

  • Valuation;
  • Auditing;
  • Analysis;
  • Management;
  • And Data Control.

There are also some new areas of expertise, such as machine learning and business intelligence. These two concepts support the digital transformation by allowing the production of specific and exploitable data and information to improve the performance of any company.

You could thus have access to practical and profitable data sources and information to ensure a better competitiveness on the market according to your expectations.

Customer segmentation

The world of the web, communication and information technology is undergoing constant and unbridled evolution. To take advantage of this expansion and give a boost to your promotion projects, count on the help of a data consulting firm.

With the right coaching, you could very easily achieve impeccable results by dividing your clientele into distinct categories, based on :

  • Age;
  • Location;
  • Needs and expectations;
  • Purchasing habits; etc.

This is the key to the success of your projects and to adjust your promotional strategy to the requirements of your persona. You will also benefit from an optimisation of the design thinking process.

Increased performance

The knowledge of your data designer can also be useful in :

  • Adopting a global vision of all the problems and challenges your company is facing;
  • The development and organization of your customer databases;
  • The structure of your communication and information system;
  • The development of a more effective advertising communication strategy;
  • The identification and composition of your buyer persona profiles;
  • The quality control and audit;
  • The targeting of customers and prospects;
  • The management of customer relations missions;
  • The performance measures of your projects.

Your business will then easily present more results and performance through optimal data mining.

Anticipating consumer needs

For good reason, the management and control of data allows us to have a very precise knowledge of the expectations of each customer and prospect. With this approach, you will be able to solve concrete problems and thus improve the interaction between your company and consumers.

Rely on the data scientist skills of our agencies to explore and audit every piece of information and data at your disposal.

How to use data consulting in marketing?

The performance of all projects, whatever their nature, relies heavily on the ability of its initiator to identify potential issues. Combined with the definition and implementation of concrete objectives, this anticipation allows a better optimization of the results. And the same is true for any data consulting and data audit strategy.

For this reason, professional support can be particularly important. Your data consulting firm has a specialised team that is able to take care of this mission. This will certainly help you to enrich your production process and organizational models, always in line with your objectives.

The keys to a successful data consulting project

For effective management, you can follow a few essential steps. Namely:

  • The definition of your needs, issues and business objectives;
  • The search for effective data sources;
  • The design of collection processes;
  • An analysis of the information, data, statistics and models at your disposal;
  • The structure and control of data,
  • Identifying gaps in your digital strategy ;
  • The knowledge of areas for improvement;
  • The establishment of best practices and the missions to be undertaken according to the results of your audit and your analysis.

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What is Data Consulting?

Data consulting and Big Data

First of all, the definition of the term "data consulting" necessarily implies a little reminder about Big Data. Indeed, the world of "artificial intelligence" or AI has undergone a meteoric evolution since the beginning of the 21st century. Progress is continuous and professions are being revolutionized.

More interestingly, the expansion of the information system is no longer limited to computers and mobile phones. From household appliances to cars and, of course, security systems, our daily lives are invaded by increasingly efficient interconnected objects. All this is supported by the development of the Cloud and all kinds of technology tools.

This set has made it possible to offer a better optimization of every aspect of our lives, but above all it involves the production and training of a large volume of exploitable data. That's what we mean by "Big Data".

Data consulting

As a general rule, however, these sources are still unstructured. It is then necessary to carry out a relevant audit, analysis, management and control in order to allow the valorisation of each information and data. This is called "data consulting".

The importance of data consulting

New data management systems as well as business lines focused on this area have emerged in recent years. More concretely, the implementation of this audit and data management is essential to have a precise idea of :

  • What information or data to use?
  • For what type of projects?
  • And for which professions or sectors of activity?

The job of data scientist consultant

With the development of Big Data, new businesses have also been created. We then speak of "consultant data scientist" or simply "consultant big data". They are professionals who have specifically trained in interconnected technologies and data management projects.

They have therefore acquired invaluable skills and experience to help you implement your digital transformation strategy. These data consulting experts are dedicated to meeting the needs and requirements of today's market. They also take into account those consumers who are more than ever looking for personalized offers.

The missions of the big data consulting experts

They include professional support for any company in its marketing automation approach. The company will then be able to embark without fear on the implementation of automated advertising campaigns and projects.

It will also be able to establish a more effective data management and control strategy.

In addition, the data consulting consultants are seasoned interlocutors to take full advantage of specialised tools such as SQL Server, Hadoop, Storm or OpenRefine.

These are very effective in establishing a more accurate and focused audit.

Data mining

With the advent of data science consulting, new concepts such as "machine learning" and "business intelligence" have also emerged. The goal remains the same. That is to say, the setting up of a concrete expertise, a thorough performance audit and a detailed analysis of the data available in order to make the most of the Big Data.

After all, these inexhaustible sources of information really do have the potential to improve the competitiveness of every company in any industry. The valorisation of each data requires of course a segmentation according to the targeted profiles, the projects to be undertaken and the systems to be exploited.

The tools used in big data consulting

Likewise, proper audit, use and management of available databases is essential to achieve the desired results. In order to do this, knowledge of the technologies related to Big Data management remains an imperative.

However, it also requires a perfect knowledge of the technical tools available in order to carry out an effective audit.

There are many systems for data analysis, control and management. And the selection of the best software among all these systems must be made according to your objectives, the profiles of your customers, but above all the type of projects you wish to undertake.

The most common systems in data consulting

Public Table

offers ultra-fast exploration and optimal performance. This free data management software allows you to create interactive graphs, statistics or dashboards for all projects.


It is a significantly improved version of Microsoft Excel. Its mission revolves around the formation of databases and then exploring, sorting, reorganizing, standardizing and linking them on a large scale.


It's also perfect for data management and enhancement. It integrates various mathematical and statistical functions, but also machine learning algorithms. The results produced are thus more accurate. They can be used in the improvement of the advertising communication strategy, in the design thinking process or in other similar projects.


RapidMiner also offers predictive data analysis like other systems. Any company will then be able to manipulate and model any information and data at their disposal. Its mission is to optimize data management and segmentation.

There are many other systems that allow a detailed audit and a better valorisation of data. You could select the best one according to your objectives and projects.

In any case, you would be more likely to achieve a higher success rate and faster implementation of your projects with the help of the right data consulting agency.

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