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  • The Orchard Media & Events Group

    The Orchard Media & Events Groupcertified-flagverified-flag

    (1 review)

    Strategic thinking. Creative solutions. Commercial impact.

    We're an award-winning, multi-disciplinary, integrated marketing agency based in Cardiff, UK. We help brands and organisations to connect with their audiences, through tactical insight and strategy, bold ideas and concepts, innovative products and experiences, and smart business thinking. From video production and events management to strategic communications, content marketing and branding, we work with organisations across the globe to deliver bespoke, effective campaigns to solve their creative and commercial challenges. Collaboration is an intrinsic part of our process. We work closely with clients and partners to establish and define their brief, use insight and experience to refine the idea, and select the best specialists from our in-house team and beyond to provide effective and demonstrable results for your business. IPA members
    3 works in Event
    Active in Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    From €10000 for Event
  • Be-cause Integrated Communications

    Be-cause Integrated Communicationscertified-flagverified-flag

    (15 reviews)

    Award-winning integrated communications agency.

    We connect brands worldwide to the communities they impact, through a bold and purpose-driven integrated communications approach. Through brand strategy, public relations, social media, report writing, impact-driven activations, video production and photography, we showcase the groundbreaking work that our clients are doing in the sectors that they operate. Some of our key clients include Payfast, The TEFL Academy, Crimson Education, Women's World Banking, and national early learning delivery programme SmartStart.
    5 works in Event
    Active in Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    From €1000 for Event
  • Integrity Corporate Events

    Integrity Corporate Events

    (0 review)

    We are the event management experts. We believe that rigorous planning creates exceptional experiences.

    We work for busy people, some volunteering their time to a professional body, others in the cut and thrust of busy corporate life. So, we know how pressurised working lives can be and what a difference we can make to that. We deliver with greater clarity, purpose, understanding and professionalism than many of our competitors. As an international company with a variety of clients in the UK Europe and USA, we have inbuilt resilience and broad experience, able to provide a wholly bespoke service to assure clients the highest calibre of service, effective Return on Investment, Return on Objectives and Return on Engagement for their stakeholders. Services: • Live, Virtual & Hybrid event management • Venue finding, negotiation and contract review • Venue, catering, technical and event production • Online registration and conference app • Delegate travel, accommodation and registration • Event collateral and print • Evening events, social programme development • Exhibition and poster sessions • On-site management throughout the event • Financial services: budgeting/payments/invoicing/transparent reconciliation/audit Lindsey Whitehouse Tel: +44 77 344 25210 E-mail: [email protected]
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    Active in Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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  • No More Parachutes

    No More Parachutescertified-flagverified-flag

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    No strings attached

    No More Parachutes is a ‘cut loose from the known’ impact-minded strategic and creative agency that specialises in sport, culture, style and positive-living. Led by ex-Nike Creative Director Wai Lau, we’re a fully remote team, with small-agency nimbleness but a big-agency network and senior expertise. Our leadership team have worked both brand-side and agency-side and draw from a collective of decades of industry experience. Our clients include household names alongside an array of exciting young start-up enterprises. So we understand the pragmatics of balancing commercial realities with high-level creative ambition. Our approach is a partnership-minded one and we like to build long-term supportive collaborations. Our intention is always to leave a legacy of success and culturally-positive impact in our wake. We lead all the stages of creativity from strategy and concepting through to final delivery. This includes strategic and creative direction, design, production and project management. We range from large scale projects (brand strategies and identities; major brand campaigns and events; product ideation and launches) to one hit wonders (including design, campaign and retail executions including documentaries, films and animations).
    8 works in Event
    Active in Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    From €3000 for Event

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Experience Unique and Memorable Events with Top Event Companies in Edinburgh

Event planning can be a daunting task, with so many elements ranging from location to catering and promotion, all needing to be coordinated in perfect harmony. That's where professional event companies step in. In an area so rich in culture and scenic beauty like Edinburgh, finding the right event company that understands local preferences and venues becomes even more important.

We've put together a list of some of the best event companies in Edinburgh, who have a proven track record in delivering successful events, from corporate meetings to grand social galas. Each of them brings a unique flair to their events, coupled with a deep understanding of every aspect of event planning.

Browse through the list and see which company can help translate your vision into an unforgettable event.

Comprehensive Understanding of an Event Company's Services in Edinburgh

An event company is a professional service provider specialised in planning, managing, and executing events. These could range from small private gatherings such as birthdays and anniversaries to larger prestigious events like business conferences, product launches, exhibitions, music festivals, and even international sporting events. An Event Company takes responsibility for every minute detail of an event ensuring it runs smoothly and successfully while also creating unforgettable experiences for the attendees.

The primary role of an event company entails understanding the client's needs and objectives behind the event. They then plan the event based on these specifications, which includes tasks such as choosing a perfect venue (ex. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh airport), coordinating with vendors for catering, décor, audio-visual requirements, arranging transport and accommodations if needed, and handling all logistical aspects. Moreover, they also take care of the legalities involved in hosting events, including obtaining necessary permits and ensuring insurance coverage.

Another fundamental aspect of an event company's work can be marketing and publicity of the event. By implementing effective strategies to promote the event, they ensure maximum attendance and visibility. They might also manage ticket sales or registration processes and handle any issues that arise during the event itself. An event company has a professional team who ensures each task is executed perfectly.

In a city like Edinburgh, known for its vibrant cultural scene and numerous festivals, hiring an event company can make all the difference in turning your event into a memorable occasion. They have local knowledge of the best venues and suppliers in Edinburgh, understand local regulations related to events, and are well-versed in making the most out of this city's unique charm.

Different Types of Event Agency Services in Edinburgh

In the vibrant city of Edinburgh, thriving businesses and organisations continuously require a variety of events to be planned and executed. The role of an event manager is therefore vital. An event agency provides several types of services, each designed for different purposes and objectives. There are five main types of event producing services: corporate events, conferences, galas and awards ceremonies, weddings, online events, and festivals or concerts.

The first type, corporate events, involves planning and managing professional events such as product launches, corporate meetings, team building activities, or corporate retreats. The focus here is on creating a seamless experience that aligns with the company's brand image and goals.

Next is the creation and management of conferences. These large-scale events often involve multiple sessions, speakers, and a significant number of attendees who come together to hear about specific topics or themes. The event agency must ensure smooth logistics, effective program planning, and excellent guest experiences.

Galas and award shows form another category. This involves high-profile events which usually include dinner, entertainment, and award presentations. The duty of the event agency extends to coordinating every minute detail - from invitation design to seating arrangements and post-event evaluations.

A popular comprehensive service provided by event agencies for private clients are weddings. It involves everything from locating a venue to arranging food, decorations, and entertainment.

Last but not least, event management companies may also be asked to oversee festivals or concerts. These large scale public events demand exceptional organising skills given the crowd size.

All these services offered by an event agency can greatly help any business or individual in Edinburgh looking forward to a successful event. The importance of hiring an event agency cannot be overstated, given the level of skill, creativity and detail required to successfully pull off any event.

Boost Your Business Success with a Professional Event Agency in Edinburgh

When it comes to organising a memorable and successful event, hiring an event agency in Edinburgh is often the best course of action. These professionals possess the knowledge, experience, and resources to craft events that captivate audiences, promote engagement, and accomplish their intended purpose.

A well-executed event branding can be a powerful tool for any business or organisation. It can help to build brand awareness, engage with customers or clients on a more personal level, generate sales, and much more. However, producing such an event requires significant time, effort, and expertise. This is where an event agency comes in.

By hiring a local event agency, businesses in Edinburgh have access to a professional who understands the local market and its unique characteristics. They can utilise this knowledge to create an event that aligns with local tastes and preferences while also meeting the business's objectives.

The role of an event agency goes beyond merely planning an event. They are responsible for every aspect of the event's execution - from conceptualisation to coordination, logistics, marketing and public relations, and post-event evaluations. This means they know how to make every pound in your budget work effectively towards creating an unforgettable experience

In addition, Benefit from their extensive network of reliable local vendors, venues, entertainers, and other service providers. This not only enables them to deliver events that exceed expectations but also saves businesses time and stress of managing multiple contracts.

Hiring a professional event agency in Edinburgh ultimately brings peace of mind. You are assured that every detail will be meticulously planned and executed, potential problems will be anticipated and addressed proactively, and the event will achieve its desired outcomes. This allows business owners to focus on what they do best, leaving the complexities of event planning and management to seasoned experts.

5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Event Company

When planning to work with an event company, it's important to ask the right questions to ensure they can meet your expectations. Here are five crucial questions:

  • What types of events does your company typically handle?
  • How do you approach event planning and execution?
  • Can you provide examples of past events similar to mine that you've managed successfully?
  • What is your policy in case of unforeseen changes or cancellations?
  • How will you ensure that my event objectives are met within my budget?

7 Key Services Provided by an Event Company

An event company offers a wide range of services to ensure your event is successfully organised and executed. Here are some key things an events company can do:

  • Plan and organise a variety of events, including corporate meetings, weddings, parties, and conventions.
  • Provide professional event management services, ensuring that every aspect of the event is handled efficiently.
  • Offer creative services such as theme development, decoration, and stage design.
  • Coordinate with various vendors and contractors required for the event.
  • Ensure adherence to budgets and timelines, providing cost-efficient solutions without compromising on quality.
  • Manage risk and handle any unexpected situations or emergencies that may arise during the event.
  • Post-event analysis to evaluate the success of the event and areas for improvement for future events.