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Brand Advertising: How to Boost Your Brand Image


When it comes to brands, there is an asset that is priceless: trust.

It is responsible for convincing a person to buy your products or services. It is the one that makes it easier for your satisfied consumers to recommend your brand. Trust is the one that creates close ties and stable relationships between your business and its customers. But how can you earn customer loyalty? The answer lies in brand advertising.

This type of advertising seeks to strengthen and position your brand and philosophy in the minds of your consumers in order to create lasting relationships.

Read on to find out more about this marketing concept and how it differs from product advertising.

What is brand advertising?

Brand advertising is that which seeks to make your brand known in such a way as to strengthen relationships with the target audience. As you can see, we are always talking about the brand, not about the products or services your company may offer.

The objective is to help people understand what your brand is and what drives it. Your values and principles. Your corporate brand identity.

All this arises because companies have realized that their success cannot depend on a single product or service. Because what would happen if one day that star product is no longer required by the public? Would the company have to close down?

That is why they must go further and establish a memorable, unique, and trustworthy image. An image that fosters close ties with the public and opens the channels for trust and brand loyalty to emerge.

Why brand advertising?

Although this type of marketing effort is not easy to measure, its benefits for the brand bring immense value—intangible value which, in the long run, translates into brand recognition and truly satisfied customers.

Promote your company’s identity

Much of the success of your organization is due to your brand being recognized by your target audience. That’s why you need to invest time and resources in making great first impressions. Moments that strike a positive note and show the true personality behind your name.

Your brand identity is much more than your logo. It is the fonts, colors, internet presence, visual elements. It is any reference to your company.

Businesses such as Nike, Coca Cola, Apple, Disney have been able to develop brand advertising campaigns for many years, to the point that it is enough to see their logo to know who they are.

Build brand trust

As we said at the beginning, people are more likely to buy from a brand they trust than from any other brand. A study published by Adobe concludes that trust in a company translates into an increase in:

  • Sales
  • Referrals to friends
  • Loyalty program subscriptions
  • Positive reviews and comments

However, getting people to trust your business is not an easy task, nor does it happen overnight. This is the result of brand advertising campaigns, ads, and efforts that allow people to approach you. To do so, you must make sure to:

  1. Create personalized experiences.
  2. Don’t overwhelm them with intrusive advertising.
  3. Share knowledge, advice, and recommendations.
  4. Support social causes relevant to your audiences.
  5. Sponsor events.

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Build strong and long-term relationships with your prospects

By connecting on an emotional level, brand advertising allows your potential customers to be curious to learn more about your business. In addition, these meaningful communications generate interaction and are the basis for close human relationships.

From Sortlist we recommend having catchy slogans that are easy to remember and, in a few words, hooks people.

Improve your brand recognition

By having an easy-to-remember visual identity, building close relationships, and allowing your audience to trust your business, you give your brand a favorable impression and make it easily recognizable in a market saturated with options.

That recognition ultimately has a positive impact on your sales, referrals, and on consumption.

What is the difference between brand advertising and product advertising?

So far it’s clear that a brand advertising strategy is a must-have for every company. But how does it differ from product advertising? In practice, how do you separate them?

The truth is that it is not so complicated. The first thing you need to be clear about is that brand advertising refers primarily to the efforts a company makes to build its reputation and make itself known.

It is usually associated with a series of attributes such as innovation, quality of service, or low cost.

Product advertising, on the other hand, seeks to promote one of the items in the catalog of solutions to the public and highlight its competitive advantages.

If we compare both options, we can say that product advertising has a much narrower focus. It is responsible for defining and promoting the benefits of a single product and its results are easier to measure.

The truth is that all your marketing efforts must be in sync to avoid discrepancies between the information communicated in some pieces and in other campaigns. Therefore, both teams should work together and always be informed of each other’s efforts to yield increased sales productivity.

Successful examples of large company brand advertising

Today we see hundreds and thousands of organizations desperately seeking to stand out and capture the attention of consumers. That is why it is more important than ever to have a good brand advertising campaign.

There are many brand advertising examples that can serve as inspiration, here are 3 cases of brands that have managed to take advantage of brand marketing.

Nike: Just Do It

More than 30 years ago, Nike’s slogan was born with the aim of encouraging athletes to fight for their dreams. The funny thing is that this company was not even a market leader at that time. But, a phrase as powerful as the one they managed to connect with the public on emotional and intellectual levels.

Today, after years of work, we see that this phrase is everywhere. Your social media posts, shoeboxes, videos, personalities, clothing. Everyone has echoed these three words.

Dove: Real Beauty

Dove managed to launch one of the most remembered branding campaigns in history. They appropriated the theme of real beauty and body confidence and satisfaction to educate women and girls and raise self-esteem levels.

Without promoting its products, the brand has created a series of pieces to show that beauty comes in many shapes, colors and sizes.

Always: #LikeAGirl

With an eye toward correcting stereotypes regarding girls, Always launched a campaign that showed that being a girl is not synonymous with weakness. They went to great lengths to reinforce the message that boys and girls are equally capable when it comes to doing something.

This series of commercials and activations generated enough noise for people to analyze and pay closer attention.


Brand advertising should be a top priority for any marketing team. While its results are seen over the long term, it pays to reinforce brand awareness and positioning. To create consistent relationships. And to build trust.

If you are ready to start investing resources in this type of effort, we recommend contacting specialists in the area. Sortlist supports the work of each of the branding agencies on this list and suggests that you review the results they have achieved with their clients.

Every penny and every minute invested in advertising your brand translates into a better positioning of your business.


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