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Live Commerce: The Latest Multi-Billion E-Commerce Trend

Live Commerce: The Latest Multi-Billion E-Commerce Trend

22 June 2022 ∙ 8 minutes of reading time

We know it: marketing and e-commerce are transforming rapidly. It is clear that the age of traditional brick-and-mortar stores is over. For a few months now, a new trend has been making the rounds: live commerce. And I’m not talking about a small trend. In this article on Shopatainment, Connie Chan explains that online shopping […]

By Tancrède d'Aspremont Lynden
social retailing

Social Retailing’s Most Important Features + Case Study

22 November 2021 ∙ 5 minutes of reading time

Modern technology is transforming the way businesses are interacting with customers and the traditional offering of branded content is not making the cut anymore. Retailers are now under pressure to build an immersive experience for the tech-savvy millennial and Gen Z shoppers.  However, it must also have a psychological appeal. Thus, the social retail concept […]

By Alessandro Bogliari
virtual pop up shop

8 Examples Of Successful Virtual Pop-Up Shops

18 October 2021 ∙ 7 minutes of reading time

Pop-up stores are shops that are intended to reach and engage customers through a creative experience. Building a pop-up shop is far less expensive than opening a physical store, and it may be used to test a new concept, generate excitement around a holiday, or just raise brand recognition. Marketers devote a significant amount of […]

By Gaurav Roy

Launch your e-commerce in one click!

E-commerce is living its hour of glory. With the Covid-19 epidemic, it has emerged as a miracle solution to the crisis. 

From one day to the next, thousands of companies turned to it to adapt their offer and continue to sell their products and services. But launching an e-commerce business does not happen in a snap of the fingers: you have to reorganise your production line, set up a delivery system, develop a digital presence and communication, create content and invest in targeted advertising. 

Moreover, you also have to choose the software to use to launch your e-commerce, because there are many choices: Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, … 

In this category you will find all the content you need to understand how to launch and develop your e-commerce ?


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