8 tips to collect phone numbers for sms marketing
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8 Tips to Collect Phone Numbers for SMS Marketing

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As consumers check their text messages more than any other app on their phones, SMS marketing is a highly effective way to communicate with your customers. However, since users are reluctant to share their phone numbers due to robocalls and spam calls, collecting mobile phone numbers can be challenging.

This guide will examine the 8 most effective tips for collecting phone numbers for SMS marketing in 2022. We’ll also explore the factors to consider when doing so and how to decide on a suitable provider that allows bulk SMS marketing.

With that said, let’s dive in.

8 Tips for Collecting Cell Phone Numbers in Bulk

Here are the most effective tips for getting phone numbers for SMS marketing.

#1 Create a short code

When picking a type of number for SMS marketing, you have various options, including toll-free and local phone numbers with 10DLC. The most recommended are short codes, which are easy to remember and highly scalable.

A short code is a temporary 5-6 digit number your customers can use to join your SMS list, and you can text them from the same number.

#2 Make your keyword memorable

An SMS keyword is a phrase or word users message to your short code or phone number from their mobile phone. SMS marketers recommend choosing a concise, relevant, and easy-to-remember keyword so the users remember it and can use it anytime to join your list.

For example, Chipotle collected phone numbers by advertising a free lunch to its customers by texting “Raincheck” to 888-222. Customers who opted in received a coupon for a free item, and in return, Chipotle expanded its SMS list.

collect phone numbers: short code

#3 Add multiple calls to action

Marketers often stress the importance of multiple calls to action, as users are more likely to take action when they’re encouraged to do so numerous times.

So, whether you’re requesting your customers to join your SMS list on your website or an email newsletter, be sure to add multiple calls to action.

#4 Giveaways and contests

An effective way to attract your customers to subscribe to your messaging list is by offering special discounts to your existing subscribers or hosting giveaways.

You can also host contests and encourage customers to subscribe to your SMS list if they wish to participate in the competition.

#5 Sign-up form on your website

Another great way to collect phone numbers is by enabling a sign-up form on your website. An eye-catching sign-up form enriched with appealing copywriting will convince your website visitors to input their phone numbers and join your SMS list.

For example, Community Phone, a landline phone service in Los Angeles, created a sign-up form for their new spam call-blocking feature. Interested customers can enter their phone numbers to receive the latest news.

collect phone numbers: sign-up form

#6 Collect numbers from email newsletter subscribers

If you do email marketing, you might have an email list already. If that’s the case, you can collect a handful of phone numbers from your customers via email newsletters.

An effective way would be to show your email subscribers why it’s essential to join your SMS list and then request their phone numbers.

To make the most out of your email marketing campaigns, send multiple emails appealing to mobile numbers from users. Moreover, collecting mobile numbers should be a part of your email marketing goals.

#7 Use popups on your website

Popups are a highly effective way to collect phone numbers from your website visitors. You can enable popups on your website asking visitors to input their mobile numbers to get all the critical updates. Most website builders allow enabling popups on your website without knowing how to code.

#8 Simply ask!

Lastly, you can always ask your customers if they would be interested in joining your SMS marketing list. An excellent way to go about that is to discuss the giveaways and special discounts offered to your SMS subscribers.

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Things To Consider Before Collecting Phone Numbers

Below we’ll explore some essential things you should do before you collect phone numbers.

Mission statement

Make a business proposal that summarizes your business’s focus and purpose. Create a mission statement from there that effectively defines the organization’s purpose. Ideally, it should be just one sentence.

A clear and powerful mission statement can increase your chances of collecting customer cell phone numbers.

A strong mission statement helps you connect to your customers deeper by embracing their expectations. An example of an effective mission statement is Apple’s: “To bring the best user experience to customers through innovative hardware, software, and services.”

Unlike most marketing channels, sending SMS messages has more legal aspects. Sending text messages to your customers requires their written consent, or you may pay hefty fines. TCPA, a federal institute that protects consumer privacy, must comply with this protection act of written permission from subscribers.

Getting written consent differs from asking your customers to write a detailed formal letter. Instead, you can get it when they text a short code to your number or enter their phone number on an opt-in form or popup.

However, you must keep a record of your customers’ written consents to prove you have written permission from text receivers as needed.

Target audience

Another vital thing to consider before you start collecting phone numbers is your target audience. Your marketing efforts will only be practical when text messages reach the right users. For instance, you’ll want to use a voice that speaks to your customers, and having a pre-defined target audience helps with that.

Some practical ways to determine your target audience are by analyzing your customer base, conducting market research, and examining your competitors. With that knowledge, you can create ideal personas to help you best customize your SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS Marketing strategy

The key to successful SMS marketing campaigns is strategizing your messages. Before collecting phone numbers and sending messages, you should develop a texting schedule that clarifies how frequently you’ll text your customers and when. For example, it may exclude time-sensitive events and giveaways.

How to Choose a Service Provider for Bulk SMS Marketing

The SMS service provider you pick for text message marketing will highly impact the success of your marketing messages. Consider the factors below to ensure you invest in a worthwhile service provider for bulk SMS marketing.


Most SMS marketing services use texting apps that run off cloud servers. So, if the cloud server their app is hosted on is unavailable for some reason, you won’t be able to communicate with your customers via text. So, you must pick a reliable SMS service provider offering high service uptime scores.

SMS delivery

Another critical thing to consider when choosing an SMS service provider is what kind of SMS deliveries it offers. For instance, a good business SMS provider will let you manage everything from a2p messaging, 10dlc, and p2p messaging from a single place.

So, choosing an effective SMS provider that supports the required delivery features will ease the execution of your SMS campaigns.


When seeking an effective SMS marketing api tool, preferably one that can integrate with your business’s CRM program to help improve your operations.

For instance, incorporating your SMS CRM with your marketing program will let you track the basic information of your text message receivers or senders quickly and easily. It helps you to automate communication and enhance the overall marketing strategy.


Most SMS marketing tools offer a variety of packages to suit various business needs. But only some providers will fit your unique requirements.

So, be sure you opt for a solution whose packages and pricing suit your needs and can fulfill your requirements in the long run.

Customer support

Customer support is an underrated feature of SMS marketing tools. When seeking a bulk SMS marketing platform, ensure it provides robust customer support so you can reach its representatives as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding collecting phone numbers for SMS marketing.

How much does bulk SMS cost?

Though the cost of bulk SMS texting depends on various factors like your provider, messaging 500 users generally costs around $25. The more text messages you send, you get a significant discount. Moreover, some providers come with SMS pricing structures and charge lesser as you’ve sent a few million messages.

Can I pick a specific phone number?

You can certainly get a specific phone number for your business, also called a vanity phone number. It’ll require contacting your regular phone provider or any other provider that offers vanity numbers and asking them if your desired phone number is available. Various providers offer a web application that lets users select a specific phone number on the spot.

Conclusion — The Bottom Line

SMS marketing is a highly effective way to communicate with your customers, increase customer engagement, and market your services or products. In this guide, we closely looked at how to collect phone numbers for marketing.

One of the most important tips is to pick an easy-to-remember keyword so it stays in the head of your customers. Moreover, you can also collect phone numbers by enabling pop-ups on your site, asking website visitors to input their mobile numbers.

Thinking about implementing SMS marketing to your business? We recommend hiring a mobile marketing agency. Start expanding your marketing customer base and connect with your audience through a new communication channel.


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