6 Ways to Become an Influential Copywriter by Using a Content Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing

6 Ways to Become an Influential Copywriter by Using a Content Marketing Strategy


The History of Content Marketing 

Content marketing has existed for many hundreds of years, just in different forms. This form of storytelling has helped brands to attract and keep their clients. Some examples from history are The Edison Electric Lighting Company, which used a bulletin to spread the word about its service benefits as far back as 1882. There was also Weight Watchers, and in 1968, Weight Watchers became the pioneer of consumer magazines. Supermarkets and newsstands distributed them. More recently, in 2013, the Red Bull Media House launched twenty movies to extend its outreach. 

The businesses mentioned above understood that you need to capture the imagination of your audience to sell anything. This article will show you six ways to become a better copywriter by investing in a content marketing strategy expert. You’ll find this article useful whether you are new to the game or a seasoned professional in the industry. You’ll also set yourself up as a ‘partner of choice’ for brand marketing.

How to become a copywriting blogger

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How Has Content Marketing Evolved?

This form of advertising has changed over the years. As a copywriter or blogger, you need to focus on the client experience. You should use advanced distribution methods such as social media to tell stories that are punchy and vibrant. You should incorporate visuals and support purposes that are driven by a cause.

From Blogging to Copywriting

The original name for blogs was ‘weblog’. It was a piece of writing, video, or a photograph that you published online. Blogging is the traditional way of advertising through writing. In the beginning, you would use blogs as a log on a website, but today, they can stand alone on a website. 

Other forms of blogging include vlogging, which is video blogging. You’ll find a lot of vlogging content on platforms like YouTube. You might find some blogs lengthy or too short, but generally, you tailor them to a specific audience. You’ll discover that bloggers and copywriters tend to write in the style that they like to read.

You set a higher standard for yourself when entering the copywriting realm. You can make a decent income this way. As a thought leader, you’d write about relevant topics to your audience regularly. 

Facts About Blogging and Copywriting

Note the below-listed statistics about copywriting and blogging. Four hundred nine million people view twenty billion posts monthly. Seventy-seven million comments are registered every month. 

The average post takes bloggers 3,5 hours to write. 77% of people who surf the web read posts. If your company has a blog, you’ll double the number of emails as businesses that don’t. 57% of marketers say that they’ve gained clients through copywriting. 60% of companies use their material several times. 

If your business incorporates blog content as an advertising tool, you’ll report a return of investment thirteen times over. 71% of content creators claim that using visuals is an effective strategy. 95,9% of bloggers share their work through social media. 

If your title has 6-13 words, you’ll receive the most traffic to your platform. If you use photos of real people, you could have a 35% conversion growth. 59% of people will share a post without ever reading it. 43% of customers are demanding video content from product and service providers. Please pay attention to these figures because they show that the industry has a bright future. Get excited about the prospects.

  • Practice Relevance and Practicability

The reader should be able to apply the knowledge or information that you’ve provided them. A call to action should be clear to your reader/viewer in your blog posts.

 Some familiar call to actions are: encouraging your audience to subscribe to a YouTube channel, leave a comment after watching a video, click the ‘like’ button on a video, follow a page on social media, or subscribe to a newsletter. 

These activities are engaging responses that convert your audience to a client for the promoting brand. SEO copywriting agencies can help you better understand the methodologies that will help you achieve your desired goals. You should also aim to keep your work ‘timeless’ so that its relevance does not wane. Up your game when you move from blogger to serious copywriter.

  • Create Traffic to Your Website

If your posts provide your audience with valuable content, they will come back. The best way to do this is by developing a content marketing action plan. It would help if you had a plan of action because it would help lead more people to your posts. 

If people find it easier to find your content, you become relevant. Google and YouTube will make it easy to locate you. You’ll receive a higher ranking and you’ll become an essential source of material. If you increase your audience, your blog and website will get ‘social proof’. This term implies people will listen to what you have to say because you have many readers.

The best way to develop a plan is to invest in a search engine optimisation expert. Esteemed blogs like copy blogger can help you optimise your brand marketing strategy. Their interventions can help you guarantee a return on investment. 

These professionals can help you direct people to your platform. They can assist you with building relationships and reach a larger audience. You can also get insights from copy blogger on industry-related advancements. You can seek advice from them on how to adapt to them. Whether you are a blogger, copywriter, business, or vlogger, you can enjoy these offerings.

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  • Content Planning and Scheduling

As a copywriter, you can often fall into the trap of only producing content after securing a promotion. An agency could teach you how to plan content weeks and even months ahead to stay ahead of the game. Make use of an editorial calendar, as this is an essential part of your advertising operation. Determine whether you’ll push out content on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. 

You’re guaranteed to be more efficient in your craft if you schedule material. If you’re organised, you’ll have ample time to edit your blog posts before deadlines. SEO copywriting agencies can assist you in developing content pillars you can later build on. You’ll appreciate this guidance and avoid ‘burn-out’.

  • Know Your Audience

Do some extensive research on your clients. Find out what struggles they have. Conduct some research on their demographics and backgrounds. Speak the language of your target audience and help them resolve their issues. 

SEO can help you determine which online posts or comments get the most’ likes’ on Instagram or Facebook. An agency will pay attention to video hits on YouTube and blog statistics. They’ll also know which keywords and topics your audience likes. 

An agency can assist you in creating content material around those terms. Your work should be an extension of you, so note the material you like and figure out why you value it. Once you understand why you love specific posts, put in place the same techniques and master the art of good writing.

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  • Perfect Your Delivery

Aim to adopt the most effective communication methods for your brand. Tone and intonation and are crucial in getting your message across well. Will you use an engaging style? Will you incorporate some wittiness and sarcasm? When you have a practical approach, this drives action. 

Give life to your headlines to grab attention. If your titles are dull, they will not attract any clicks. If the headers are too bright, you might have the same problem. Be genuine in your writing. If your material sounds like an advert, readers might overlook your content. You’ll find an ideal communication method with trial and error.

It would be best if you were relatable because people listen to those who practise what they preach. Try out what you are advertising. Don’t test out the item only once, but do a trial over several weeks to see if it works. Give honest and detailed reviews. Your audience will appreciate your effort. 

Your readers will be more inclined to try out a product or service if you can prove that it worked for you. Suggest solutions to problems that your readers did not know they had. Readers appreciate forward-thinking and trend-setting professionals. If you are the first to help them, you’ll have a customer for life. Keep ideas and thoughts fresh and make your platform an extension of you.

  • Include Extra Income Streams

Generate some extra income by copywriting because unfortunately, blogging alone is not very lucrative. You could promote other companies’ products and services through affiliate marketing. You can also advertise or feed advert networks, such as AdSense. 

Better yet, if you advertise your product, create a service to support it. Be original as much as possible. Find innovative and original ways to sell a product without sounding unauthentic and ‘salesy’.

Bottom Line

You’d be remiss not to stay on top of the evolutions as technology, software and user preferences change in the industry. Enlist the help of those who are up-to-date with advancements. If you want your business platform to thrive, produce quality content. You’ll increase your revenue as a result. 

Companies will trust you to advertise their goods. Do yourself a favour and consult reputable SEO copywriting agencies. Your future money-generating blog will thank you.


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