How To Drive Conversions Up By 70%: 8 Actionable Tips
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How To Drive Conversions Up By 70%: 8 Actionable Tips


If you have a business, chances are, you aim to attract customers and drive conversions. And this is not surprising: to survive, a business needs to take customers through its conversion funnel but unfortunately, this is far from being easy. 

In fact, website conversion rate is usually only around 2%. This means that out of every 100 people that end up on your website, only 2 end up making the purchase. For many businesses, depending on the niche and the competition, this number can be even lower.

Fortunately, there are a number of actionable strategies that businesses can implement to drive conversions

Before we get into that, let’s cover in some detail why conversion rate optimization matters anyway. 

Why Do We Still Talk About Conversion Rates?

There are certain factors that play into the increased sales of your business. Yet, most online businesses still suffer losses without realizing how a low conversion rate can influence overall business. 

So, why is a website’s conversion rate still a crucial point when it comes to business growth? 

  • It helps reduce user/customer acquisition costs. Whether you’re a SaaS company or a food business, improving conversion rate can do all the magic. 
  • It increases revenue per user/customer. On the flip side, you benefit even more by earning more money. While you may think that losing a couple of customers won’t do any harm, increasing gains per visitor will boost your sales in the long-term. 
  • Helps build your business brand. If you aim to go even further and take your business to the next level, you need to do this step-by-step. And, the number one move is improving conversion rate optimization to get more customers and recognition in the market. 

Now, how do you boost your business conversion optimization in just a few simple steps? Is it done right from your landing page or you should create a special sales page?

Even though it has its challenges, it’s not as complex as it may seem. 

How to Drive Conversions In Just 8 Steps?

Use A/B Testing to Get Past Average Conversion Rate

Experimenting is the only way to find out what your target audience likes or doesn’t like. A/B testing is one of the most beloved strategies to understand whether your value proposition is good enough.

It is a method of comparing two (or more) different versions of the same asset to see which one performs better.

With this method, you can test headlines, text and visual styles, colors, content length, call to action buttons, sign-ups, and then compare the engagement to see which of the versions performed better.

A/B testing drive conversions
A/B Testing from Medium

The key to A/B testing is to change only one thing in your promotional material for the results to be accurate. For example, if you change the image color and ad copy, it’ll be hard to find out exactly what caused the difference.

A/B testing can give you extremely valuable insights into your customer preferences which you can then use to come up with more appealing product pages and a better checkout process. 

Think of A/B testing as a never-ending process: small edits made in your campaigns over time can help you boost sales dramatically.

When doing the A/B testing, however, it is essential to keep consistency with your brand guidebook.

Experimentation gives a lot of space for creativity, and it is often easy to get lost. Therefore, make sure to include your brand guidelines in your employee onboarding checklist and share them with the team members who’ll be involved in the process.

Diversifying Your Marketing Efforts

If you have an online business, you know about the importance of marketing it in the digital space. Well-thought-out and correctly implemented strategies can help brands earn more exposure online, improve engagement, drive more traffic, and boost sales.

However, many businesses concentrate their efforts on only one or a handful of marketing channels.

While it’s essential to be strategic and operate on the platforms that bring you the biggest ROI, having multiple marketing streams can be more beneficial in the long term. 

Apart from the obvious benefit of bringing more customers, they make your business more resistant to changes or unplanned situations. 

For example, if you rely only on SEO, a new Google update puts you at risk of losing substantial traffic and sales. In this situation, having a social media management strategy in place, as well as email marketing or SMS marketing campaigns set up make your business less vulnerable. 

However, make sure not to go over the board with your marketing budget when trying different channels. 

Using expense management and planning tools such as FactoHR or Expensify can help you manage your expenses. 

Simplify The Purchasing Process

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, for example, you’ve probably seen their “Buy With 1 Click” feature in action. It’s so quick and so simple that you don’t have the time to second-guess or change your mind – one click and you’ve already made the purchase! 

amazon buy 1 click
Amazon “Buy with 1 click”

The online retail giant understands that simplifying the purchase process is crucial for any business.

Having an:

  • intuitive site that answers all the questions your customers may have,
  • a simple checkout system,
  • secure payment,
  • and the option to store the payment information in their profile…

These are some of the techniques that you can use to turn new visitors into loyal paying customers.

Add Popups to Landing Pages

There is no consensus about popups. Some marketers find them annoying, while others love them and find them effective. While using too many of them can indeed be irritating, a well-executed single popup can work wonders for your business.

pop up to drive conversions
Sortlist Blog Pop Up for Digital Strategy Agency

Here are several things you should keep in mind.

  • Don’t show the pop up right after the visit to your eCommerce website. Instead, give them some time to get acquainted with your brand.
  • Pay attention to the copy.
  • If the customer comes to you as part of an email marketing campaign, don’t show them popups, as you already have their contact information.
  • Customize and target the pop up.

Popups are especially effective for growing your email list which you can then reach with your promotional messages. However, they should be used strategically, otherwise, you risk losing your site visitors.

Optimize The Site For Mobile

More and more people use mobile devices to browse the internet and make a purchase.

In fact, almost 55% of all web traffic is mobile now, and Google has switched to mobile-first ranking in 2020.

If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re missing out on a large amount of incoming traffic and potential customers.

Speed up the browsing time of your mobile version, increase fonts, use high-quality images, and other page elements to make the site easier to navigate. 

Bonus tip: you can use the Google mobile testing platform as well as Google Analytics to check how mobile-friendly you are.

Use Videos To Showcase The Products

One of the key downsides of shopping online on eCommerce stores is that customers don’t physically see and touch the product. It somehow decreases trust towards the product. As a result, people often turn to product videos to find more information. 

Research shows that 63% of customers watch a product video before making a purchase and are 84% more likely to actually make the purchase.

This simply means that videos are your number one tool for conversion optimization and average order value boost. 

Another benefit of product videos, apart from building trust towards the brand and boosting sales, is that videos increase the time people spend on your site. This sends a signal to Google that people find your website interesting, which in turn results in higher rankings. 

While you may have an extremely well-trained sales team, adding a specific video marketing strategy will help even more. 

Add Social Proof

When buying something online, be it a physical product or an online course, what is the first thing people do? They look for reviews. 

In fact, 91% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase!

Because they are based on trust, reviews are critical for any brand that operates in the digital space. 

How can you achieve this? Adding a 5-star rating system to product landing pages or incorporating customer testimonials in special form fields can influence user behavior, affect decision-making, and bring more conversions.

A large number of positive online reviews and ratings, both on and off your own site will build trust towards your brand, and people will feel more comfortable making a purchase. While selling online has its own benefits and advantages, you still need to put some effort in the form of reviews.

Send Email Reminders About The Abandoned Carts

If you have an online store, you are probably aware of the cart abandonment issue: people come to your site, browse the products, add them to the cart, and leave without making the purchase. This is common for most websites: the bounce rate is around 69% across all industries.

When designing your marketing campaigns, you shouldn’t forget these potential customers. Make sure to send them a cart abandonment email not long after they’ve left your site, ideally in 1-2 days.

You can even offer a small discount or a shipping fee reduction, whichever suits you to attract them back. In some cases, you can also offer free shipping to gain their trust even more. Because the customers initially found the product attractive, there is a high chance that they will come back and finalize the purchase.

Final Thoughts

The work towards boosting the sales of your brand is an ongoing and long process, during which you should keep on learning more about your customers. 

Take a step back and look at their brand from their point of view. What would keep website visitors attracted? 

Understand this, and you can then use some of the techniques we’ve discussed in this article to show them the benefits of your brand.


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