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Facebook Partner Directory: Should Your Agency Be Listed?


As an agency, you may be looking to be part of marketing directories online to increase your chances at visibility and leads. You may have stumbled on the Facebook Partner Directory but are unsure as to whether it is worth the investment…

Several substantial improvements have been made to the Facebook Partner Directory. These changes were aimed to make it easier for marketers to engage with Facebook Marketing Partners. While there are concerns over how fruitful it is to be featured on its Directory, one should understand the potential risks that come with doing so. 

The good news is, in partner profiles, the term “Badged for Programme” will no longer be displayed. Instead, they’ll provide a list of options that their badge supports.

For example, “Sell on Facebook” will be included as a solution category for Commerce Partners. When it comes to marketing your business, certain implications make it necessary for you to think beyond Facebook Partner Directory. Let’s begin:

Things You Need to Keep In Mind When Considering 

While we cannot claim that getting featured in the Facebook Partner Directory will give your business a significant boost, there are certain things that you need to consider. The privacy policy and user agreement have some potential setbacks, which we will study in more detail below:

  • Any violation of the Facebook Terms may result in suspension or removal from the Directory, as well as the termination of access to Facebook’s Platform(s), disabling of Facebook advertising accounts, revocation of previously issued qualifications, immediate and permanent removal from the Directory, and other actions as deemed appropriate by Facebook.
  • Facebook maintains the right to change or discontinue the Directory at any time and to give or deny access to the Directory at its sole discretion.
  • Facebook has the right to amend these conditions at any time and without notice. Acceptance of those modifications is implied by your continuing participation in the Directory (including any usage of the Ads API, Marketing Partner Portal, and so on). 

But the fact that the Facebook Partner Directory isn’t a mainstream search engine can be a little disheartening. Most people either do not know about its existence, while others may not put in the time to navigate it and learn its ins and outs. Despite Facebook’s enormous user base, this remains a setback for its partner directory.

Thus, we can say that getting listed on Facebook Partner Directory isn’t as beneficial as one may assume due to lack of awareness among the common masses, but in case of any unintended violation, you may have to lose out on the entire Meta platform.

This is a serious concern since your digital marketing efforts will directly or indirectly connect with Meta’s entities. 

Thinking Beyond Participation in the Facebook Partner Directory 

Your participation in the Facebook Partner Directory signifies your agreement to have your company name, contact information, and logo listed in the Directory, as well as the use of your company name and logo in Facebook, Instagram, and the Meta family of apps and services’ marketing and promotional materials. This can be helpful in many cases as it gives your branding a nice boost.

But the problem with the Facebook Partner Directory in terms of listings comes in terms of the traffic you can carry is very limited. In most cases, a normal person is likely not to find you on the Facebook partners directory. Also, you may not be able to display all of your USPs with your audience. 

Thus, you must develop a strategic approach that allows you to market your business fully without overly relying on any particular channel. It is in your best interest to register your business at different local directories and promote it on social networking groups apart from the standard digital marketing practices adopted by new businesses. 

Summing Up

Towards the end, we would like to tell our readers that registering themselves on Facebook Partner Directory requires one to weigh the pros and cons mindfully. Just make sure that you are in line with their policies and safeguarding your marketing interests on Meta platforms. 

It can be rewarding for your industry. If you play your cards well, it is a good avenue for promoting your business but don’t rely on it as the only listing channel as there can be better directories relevant to your business. You may want to get listed on Facebook’s Partner Directory for branding purposes and use it on other platforms as a part of your greater strategy.


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