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What Are the Criteria for Choosing the Best Google Ads Agency?


To generate sales, a company needs to optimize its online presence. Good referencing is indeed the guarantee of better visibility and more important traffic on your website.

Referencing your website can be done through the implementation of a search engine optimization (SEO) or through the creation of advertising campaigns (for example on Google Ads)

A Google Ads agency will create, optimize and manage your campaigns.

How to choose the right partner for your business? Here are the 6 criteria you should take into account to find a good Google Ads agency.

A Google Partner Agency

By choosing a Google Ads-certified agency such as YATEO, you are choosing security. You can rest assured that our employees have the necessary knowledge and skills.

Google’s program is designed to ensure the expertise and professionalism of digital advertising agencies.

The Reputation

The performance of an SEA agency can also be evaluated through the reputation of its clients and their numbers. If you want to go further, contact the clients directly, in order to get their opinion on the service provided.

Also consider monitoring what is being said about them on the web. The agency’s e-reputation should be impeccable.

Sincerity and Transparency

Digital advertising is one of the keys to your business success. In order to place the future of your business in the hands of a provider, you need to trust them.

A transparent and honest Google Ads agency will tell you that the first results may not be visible for three to six months.

Operation Based on the Principle of Performance-Based Compensation

Paid search engine advertising is at the heart of your marketing strategy. If the campaigns created and managed by the agency do not produce any results, you should not have to pay your provider.

YATEO uses a pay-for-performance model: either the campaigns become more profitable or the agency is not paid.

In other words, YATEO will only be paid on the incremental profitability generated.

A Campaign Manager Who Listens, is Available, and Competent

A company spends a lot of money on the creation and management of its advertising campaigns.

In return, you expect to be able to interact with a competent and expert person who will take into account your business objectives, your needs, and your expectations.

Your manager must be easily reachable.

A Regular Follow-up

In addition to their availability, your manager must offer you regular feedback on your advertising campaigns. It is a question of seeing with you what works, but also what remains to be improved.

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