How Much Does It Cost to Create a Logo?

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Logo?


A logo is one of the essential components of every brand. It is what every customer will see of your company on social networks, your website, your premises, and your commercial proposals.

So you’ll understand: logos are real stakes for companies.

One of the main qualities of a logo is to be able to easily describe and identify your company and to stand out from your direct competitors.

Moreover, all companies tend to create their visual identity at the same time as their logo. This makes this step even more important in the creation of his company.

The creation of a minimalist logo design is a service offered by many freelancers and companies. There are very disparate prices: from $1,500 to several hundreds of thousands of dollars for the big brands.

We will see in this article the different solutions to create its logo:

  • Do it yourself,
  • call upon a graphic designer,
  • or a Junior-Enterprise for example.

In order to guide you through the jungle of logo prices, Sortlist reveals all its advice in this article!

Key Takeaways

  • Professional Agencies: Offer top-notch expertise and comprehensive service but come with varying costs depending on reputation and project scope.
  • Freelancers: Provide customisation and proximity with rates typically starting at $1,500, but prices vary based on complexity and experience.
  • Junior-Enterprises: Offer personalised support at lower prices (around $2,000 for a logo) but lack the expertise of agencies.
  • Crowdsourcing and DIY Tools: Provide economical solutions but come with risks; costs range from $300 to $1,500 for crowdsourcing and $30 to $50 for DIY tools.

Agency: Quality and Expertise

Calling on an agency is the assurance of having a logo that perfectly meets your expectations. Whether in terms of design, colours, adaptability …

Thanks to several years of experience and the integration of several specialised graphic designers, agencies are able to create a logo that will accurately reflect your company and its values.

The agencies work in most cases with carefully selected freelancers and employees.

Quality of Service

The main advantage of agencies is the quality of service and support.

Indeed, apart from a specification and a brief, you only have to follow the progress of the logo creation.

Moreover, the agencies ensure most of the time an after-sales service and remain available to answer your needs. In general, the customer relationship with an agency is very satisfactory.

Diverse Range of Skills

The other important advantage is the diverse range of skills.

Indeed, even if there are agencies specialised in a specific field, others have several strings to their bows. This allows you to call on their services on a regular basis, such as for the creation of your graphic charter and your communication strategy on social networks.

The prices charged by agencies for the creation of logos vary according to a multitude of parameters:

  • the reputation of the agency ;
  • the size of the client company;
  • the number of supports;
  • the incorporation of “options”, such as standard documents for example.

It is therefore difficult to determine the cost of a logo created by an agency.

For small companies with relatively simple design needs, the minimum cost is between $1,500 and $4,000.

On the other hand, for already developed companies wishing to completely redefine their brand image, more important amounts and sometimes more than $10,000 will be asked.

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Freelance : Proximity and Serious

Freelancers are independent professionals offering intellectual services. They offer services in :

Business Model of Freelancers

More and more designers and graphic artists offer their services as freelancers. They either work for an agency as a subcontractor or bill their clients directly without going through an agency.

The dominant business model in the freelance world is the day rate. Work by the hour is more rare, as it is often less profitable for freelancers.

However, some freelancers offer a fixed price per service with a price increase of +20% / +30% if the mission is longer and more complex than expected.

Calculate the Price of a Freelance

To estimate the cost of creating a logo by a freelancer, you must make the following calculation:

“Number of days worked” x “daily rate”

The daily rate of a freelancer depends on his experience. The portfolio is a good way to see the quality of work done by a freelancer. It is also a good way to negotiate the price.

As a general rule, the creation of a logo requires 3 or 4 days of work, depending on the complexity of your need.

The daily rate for a junior freelance designer is on average 350 to 400 dollars per day. A senior freelance designer will charge more between 500 to 600 dollars per day.

The price of a logo through a freelance graphic designer will be at least 1,500 dollars. The price may vary depending on the difficulty of the request, the experience of the designer …

For example, if your needs are complex and you call upon an experienced designer, the price of the logo will exceed 2,000 dollars.

Note: if you find graphic designers who break the prices, consider that in general: low price = low quality.

Using a freelancer has two disadvantages:

  • There is always the risk of getting a poor quality service, which does not meet your expectations. That’s why it’s important to select your freelancer carefully by looking at their profile. Elements such as his education, his experience, his references (via his portfolio), are good indicators of the quality of work of a freelancer.
  • Secondly, a freelancer who sets his prices per mission can pose a problem in terms of follow-up and availability. Therefore, prefer freelancers working on a daily basis, in order to be sure of the freelancer’s availability if the mission is going to last longer.
advantages and disadvantages of hiring a freelancer logo cost

Junior-Enterprise: Between Quality and Savings

Junior Enterprises are perfect for tight budgets, or even intermediate budgets, who are looking for personalised support and a logo that differentiates them.

What is a Junior Enterprise?

Junior-Enterprises are student associations that function as real small companies.

They are located in schools and universities. They offer services called studies to companies (of any size) and public administrations.

The Junior Enterprises allow students to put into practice the theoretical teaching they have received, by carrying out studies corresponding to the fields of competence of their school.

Most of the time, these associations operate on the model of consulting firms. They provide their members with practical training in business management and team management as well as a first concrete professional experience.

Juniors-Enterprises allow hundreds of thousands of students in France and around the world to put their courses into practice.

The Advantage of Working With a Junior Enterprise

The advantage of working with a Junior-Enterprise is the price. It is often 3 times cheaper than an agency or a freelance.

Where you would pay $6,000 (HT) for a logo and a graphic identity, a Junior-Enterprise will only charge $2,000 (HT).

Note that many Junior-Enterprises are also competent to create a visual identity or websites for example.

However, even if the Junior-Enterprises take the time to understand your request and do everything to satisfy your expectations, they do not have the same level of expertise as an agency or a senior freelance.

junior enterprise advantages and disadvatages

Crowdsourcing: Risky but Economical

A design contest is an excellent way to create the logo of your company.

Thus, several graphic designers will send you their proposals according to the needs of your company.

The duration of the contests is variable, they can last one to two weeks for the shortest, and one month and more for the biggest contests.

During this period, you have the opportunity to exchange with the graphic designers and give your opinion on the different versions of their designs in order to arrive at the ideal logo.

The big advantage of logo design competitions is the price. It is often low compared to the prices of freelance designers or agencies for example.

Creating a logo by crowdsourcing costs at least $300 and it can go up to about $1,000 or $1,500 for large competitions.

However, organising a contest can be risky. It is possible that nobody or almost nobody sees your contest and participates.

The risk is that nobody participates in your contest or worse, that only a few people participate, but that none of the logo proposals suit you.

The latter case could be a hindrance for your company. You would be “forced” to choose a winner.

But to attract the best designers, it is possible to offer a more substantial prize.


Homemade Logo: The Economical Solution

To create your own logo, you will need to use “pro” or “semi-pro” DTP solutions.


The web solution “Canva” offers many logo templates (free or paid) customisable at will.

The advantages of Canva are its ease of use and its price.

However, Canva is widely used in France and around the world. This is why your company will not stand out from the others with the use of pre-made or slightly modified templates.


Illustrator, is one of the favorite tools of graphic designers to create logos and visual graphics.

The huge advantage of Illustrator is the infinite customisation. This software has a lot of features.

For the price of the Adobe license, you have the choice to pay the license monthly ($20.99 for the Illustrator formula or $52.99 for the whole Adobe suite – creative cloud) or annually ($239.88 / year for the Illustrator formula or $599.88 for the whole Adobe suite – creative cloud).

However, creating a logo on Illustrator requires solid skills. That’s why this option is not recommended for novices.

logo cost advantages and disadvantages adobe

Automatically Generated Logos

It is also possible to create your own logo without using a graphic design software. This is what logo generators offer!

You can use platforms like Vistaprint which allow you to “create” a logo quickly and at low prices.

The degree of customisation can be satisfactory if you do not have big needs and if you do not want to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Indeed, the possibilities are not infinite. On the other hand, the handling is very simple. The interface is designed to create your logo step by step following a logical path:

  • Choice of the icon,
  • Choice of the font,
  • Definition of the style,
  • Choice of the colour

Technically, with this type of platform, it is possible to create a logo in just a few minutes.

However, using this type of tool is not the ideal solution. As explained in the introduction of this article, the reputation of your company depends in part on the quality of your logo.

The use of these tools remains very inexpensive, which is what makes them widely used.

You will have to pay between $30 and $50 depending on the tools to download and use your logo. This remains a very economical solution.

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List of Online Logo Generators

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is an online logo builder that helps you design your own professional logo in just a few clicks. Without having any design skills.

This tool works through an algorithm that creates logos based on the given information.

After that, all you have to do is select your shape preferences.

The prices of this tool:

  • $2.99 per month to download your logo in .png and .jpg as well as access the graphic design and website creation tools,
  • $4.99 per month to download your logo in .png, .jpg and EPS vector files, as well as access the business card and personalised stationery creation tools, get a free 1-year domain name for your site,
  • $10.99 per month to download your logo in all formats, to manage your social networks as well as to create an online store.


This free logo generator is very easy to use and allows you to choose from over 1000 templates.

All you have to do is enter the name of your company and indicate its field of activity.

After that, all you have to do is choose the template you like and if you want, you can customise it with your company colors.

Once finished, you will be directed to a page where you can choose the resolution of the logo.

FreeLogoDesign pricing:

  • The free option provides files of 200 by 200 pixels.
  • The paid option goes up to roughly $34 with a high resolution of 5000 by 5000 pixels. You get a .png and .jpg file as well as a vector file in .svg format.


DesignEvo is a logo generator that has many predefined templates.

When you click on a logo, you can either :

  • view similar logos and then customise one;
  • directly customise the one you prefer.

The customisation is done according to many criteria such as the font, the shapes, the colors used…

To download your logo, you can click on the “download” button which will take you to a page to download a logo in low or high resolution.

DesignEvo prices

  • High resolution logo in Basic layout: $24.99 ;
  • High resolution logo in the Plus plan: $9.99.

With the Plus plan, you get:

  • transparent PNG files;
  • Lifetime support for the Basic plan,
  • vector files in SVG format
  • copyright ownership of the logo.

Designhill Logo Maker

Designhill is a leading online logo maker DIY tool that anyone— pro or novice designer, can use efficiently to create a logo to stand out. Powered by AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning), this intelligent software makes logo design fun.

Its editor is simple and interactive, allowing users to design logos easily. You just need a little idea about your business and creativity to have a unique and memorable logo in a few minutes. 

This online logo creator comes equipped with an extensive library of pre-created templates, icons, colors, layouts, fonts, etc. So you get the widest range of templates for every industry.

Key features:    

  • FREE AI Logo Maker
  • Served 10 M+ Clients
  • 2.1M+ Logo Created
  • Served 1M+ Clients
  • 99.87% Customer Satisfaction
  • Intelligent & Interactive Editor
  • Supports PNG, JPG, PDF & EPS


Designhill logo maker is entirely free to use. Still, when you download your logo design files, you’ll have to buy a package from Basic, Premium, and Enterprise, depending on your business needs. 

Basic: INR 500 one-time payment, under which you get a low-resolution file. This plan is best for startups with a limited budget.

Premium: INR 1499 one-time payment, under which you get high-resolution files for website, social media, print, packaging & branding.

Enterprise: INR 3,699 one-time payment. This plan is for those looking for a custom-designed solution created by an expert logo designer.


Discover the most relevant agencies for your project based on your own specific requirements.

Find an agency!


There are several ways to make the logo of his company, and this, for different budgets.

  • If you want optimal work and follow-up, it will be interesting to turn to a graphic design and logo creation agency.
  • With a reduced budget, you can turn to a freelance or a Junior-Enterprise.
  • If you have confidence in your creative talents, you can also make your logo yourself on easy to use tools like Canva.

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