3 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Brand for Voice Search Development
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3 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Brand for Voice Search Development 🗣

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Do you remember the time when the use of Bluetooth headsets became popular? Practically everybody was wearing one. Seeing people who seem to talk to themselves in public without visibly using their phones became the new normal. And with the development of voice search, other than calls, it will be much more convenient to surf the web just by using voice commands. 

At the start of the Bluetooth technology, people who used it often felt embarrassed in public. The least that they wanted to be was for others to think that they were talking to themselves. Or much worse, some would think that they would be ranting about business figures without anyone to talk to. 

Today, the use of the voice search app is suffering from the same kind of stigma attached to its usage. However, with more people discovering the beauty of the voice command, the stigma is slowly fading, and more people are embracing another new normal.

Tech experts believe that in no time, everyone would be searching on “how to turn on voice search” on the web. There will be others who will Google voice search or turn on their voice search. In an instant, everyone will be hooked online using various Google voice search commands.

What is Voice Search?

The giant company in the tech world, Google, has been working on this extra special feature. As a search engine, they had to be innovative to cater to the needs and demands of their public. 

This is why they have spent a lot of time developing their voice search command. The continuous rise in mobile usage has inspired them to continue providing technological advancements that would make the experience better. 

However, it has led the queries in Google Search to be interpreted differently. These significant changes have brought about a drastic change in how people are able to find what they need. 

In 2016 alone, Google has made an official announcement that the number of users who have opted for the voice search command has increased. In fact, the searches using voice commands have completed more actions than those that were typed. 

The percentage of people who use voice search is only expected to rise in the coming months. The experts predict that it would be the members of the younger generations who will be more apt to doing searches through the voice command. 

Google search via voice search

How Do People Make Use Of The Voice App Search?

When you’re a business owner, you cannot wait for everyone to use something before you even learn how to adapt to it for your business. Learning more abouthow to use Google voice search should be of interest to you at this moment.

Not only will it help in making your overall business plan, but it is about learning how the voice command will impact how searches are done through Google. Being on top of the most relevant searches in your field of business should always be the goal. 

After all, when you think about it, there is no point in advertising in the digital market if you won’t be able to get the results that you want. When everyone is trying to access information about how to get voice search on Chrome, you should be at least a step ahead of your target market. 

What is voice search, and how does it change the name of the game? When it comes to digital marketing, the goal should always be to understand how things work. It is through this that you will be able to realise what you need to do for your business. 

What can I do with a Google Voice Search? This is the question asked during the survey for research on the functionality of the Google Voice search command. Surprisingly, these results are fascinating. 


The results show that most people use the voice search command while they are at home alone. The findings also showed that people who were at home with family and friends also felt free to use the voice command app.

Those who were in the office alone also found it convenient to use Google voice search. These results show that there is one thing that is common to all those who are doing searches using the voice command. 

Most of them were doing it in the comforts of their own home. The majority of those who are using the voice app only do so when they are on their own. Some others use the voice app when they are in the company of those they feel comfortable around. 

Level Of Comfort

While the number of those pioneers in the use of the voice search command was a bit lacking in number, they still show that a significant portion of the population has already adapted to the new norm. These are the people who felt comfortable using the voice search no matter where they were or who was around them. 

The data showed that more than one-fifth of all those who were asked expressed their level of comfort in using a voice command in more public situations. They didn’t mind if they were amongst co-workers, at a party, or even in public transportation. 

The survey also showed that a smaller number of people were okay with the use of the voice command in a number of public places, including the gym or while in a public bathroom. It was naturally understandable for the situation to be awkward if you were to give voice commands while one is using the toilet. 

More than thirteen percent also expressed that they were comfortable with speaking to their phones in doing searches. 


On the other hand, the gender of phone users also played a significant margin in whether or not they liked using the Google voice search app in public or not. Men were more likely to use the voice search app even while in public places than of women. 

The survey also showed that it is okay for men to use the voice search app even while in the restroom. It was also apparent in the survey results that men were more likely to use the voice search app while in the theatre compared to women users. 


The age of the person who has access to the Chrome voice searchalso showed a significant difference as to how a person is able to adapt to this new technology. The survey results show that people who belong to Generation Z or those who are 24 and below are more likely to risk using the voice command app. 

They showed a thirty-three percent likelihood of using the voice command app even in public settings considered as “taboo” areas. Those who are older than 24 are more cautious in the use of the voice command app. 

Is The Voice Search Feature Here To Stay?

Will the voice search command feature of Google be here to stay? The survey shows the level of comfort that people feel in the use of this new voice control feature. Because the results show that its usage is significantly higher among the younger generation, it only proves reasonable that the use of the voice command feature will grow over time. 

There are other reasons for which the usage of this new feature can only be expected to improve. Its adoption in the community will be born out of improving technology. This is revealed in the Internet Trends Report

voice search traffic sources overview

Different users have also grown a certain kind of preference for the voice searches that they make. Those who already have an iPhone may have discovered how Siri can be of big help to them. 

They already like Siri and so they become dedicated users of the services that Siri offers. They no longer bother opening another browser or even a dedicated app solely for voice commands. 

The Internet Trends Report showed the great number of voice commands that Siri has processed in the first few months of this year alone. Indeed, the use of voice command has increased over time, and it looks like it is growing. 

What is also interesting about the data gathered is that the forecast for the use of voice search only shows its growth in the coming months. 

Is your business ready for this? Are you searchable using the voice command app?

How Should Your Business Prepare?

The browsers and search boxes will still be a part of searches in the foreseeable future; there is no doubt about that. However, as a business owner, you must look into the importance of recognising the significant decline of its usage in the next decade. 

The Strategy Analytics report shows that in the next five years, devices connected to the internet won’t be limited to the PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. More of these devices will be developed, including those wearables that people take with them. 

What will these other devices be? This could include Smart televisions, cars, game consoles, thermostats, watches, and so many other devices that can be connected to the internet. 

The digital personal assistant, similar to that of Siri, will be the main tissue that will connect all these devices together. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and a lot of other tools will prove to be helpful to those whose lives are always on the go. 

Is your business ready to be found in searches through these new devices? The optimization efforts of your company should be directed to these digital personal assistants.

For example, when someone tells their personal assistant, “Find a French restaurant for me,” you will have to make sure that you take the right steps so that your business can be included in the search list. 

Business innovation illustration

How can you make your business part of the shortlist of French restaurants that the digital personal assistant will give its owner? Some of the steps that you need to take may be similar to what you are already taking for searches made through the search bar option. 

However, the process only gets more complicated than that. For example, if the query command is this, “How do I change the tire of my car?” it is likely that the personal assistant will only come up with one result. 

This result may come from what Google considers a “featured snippet.” These are the direct answers that the search engine gives to queries that are not like the regular search results. 

Here are some ideas to help you plan for the future of your business, especially concerning how the digital personal assistance could find and recommend you:

The great thing about learning more about it is that it teaches you how it can be done, but it also prepares you for future challenges that may come your way. More than that, this strategy could also help you increase the traffic to your site, no matter how tight the competition may be.

Look into the most common questions that your potential customers ask. 

How they frame and structure their questions should be of interest to you. The best thing to do is to get out there to learn more about what they already know. Then, begin working on building high-quality content that will answer those queries. The goal is to be the source of the best information in the market. Achieving that is critical in thriving amid the competition.

Go ahead and experiment with various conversational interfaces.

Remember that these interfaces are different from that of the traditional web search interface. For example, people who are looking for a new pair of sneakers would most likely go for a step-by-step process. 

In particular, they might navigate through the site using “sneakers” as their keyword, but then go more specific like using “running shoes”. You have to know how your target market will start their search and navigate through the data provided. This will help you plan your strategy to make sure your target market will find you.

How Will Your Business Adapt?

Imagine if people could say what they want and get it in an instant? For example, a person can say to his watch, “Give me a list of all Air Jordan designs for men size 12,” and they actually get that list. Wouldn’t it be nice to get what you want when you want it?

People will skip steps if they have to just to get what they want. This may not be the world that people have right now, but it won’t be too long anymore. Eventually, people will get there, and there is no better time to learn more about this technology than now. 

What can I do with Google’s voice search? This should be in the list of questions you ask yourself. And when you learn how to turn on voice search, make sure that your business can actually be found through voice search. 

The world is changing, and it is changing fast. Unless you want to be left behind, you better start learning how this major disruption in the current industry is going to affect you and your business. The thought of it can be very frightening, but it can be very exciting too. 

One thing remains true: this is the best time to grab this opportunity to grow your business. Start exploring the many ways you can set yourself up for business success. Put yourself in a better business position to do well as things begin to unfold.

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