Top 10 Blog Trends in 2023 – Make Sure You Don’t Miss Out!
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Top 10 Blog Trends in 2023 – Make Sure You Don’t Miss Out!


Content marketing in the form of blog posts continues to be one of the most important tools this year for increasing the reach of one’s own company and products and, accordingly, increasing sales.

The different forms of blogging, whether on the company’s own website or through posts, guest posts, and blogs on social media, are crucial to keeping the target group up to date.

Every year, a few trends emerge that are currently particularly popular with customers. Video content and leveraging social media platforms like Instagram continue to be high on the list.

With some new features and tools, you can publish content even more effectively and attract attention.

But some trends have also emerged in blog posts themselves, such as long-form content or listicle blog posts. We’ll show you which other trends you can integrate into your website’s content management system or use on your social media channel in a moment.

We have compiled the 10 most important trends in 2023 that you should definitely keep an eye on in your content marketing strategy.

Almost all companies are currently using some form of content marketing to increase brand awareness and reach. The battle for customers is getting tougher with each passing year, as more and more companies and service providers are making their way into entrepreneurship.

It is becoming more and more important to stay updated and to bind customers to one’s own company with high-quality content.

In doing so, there are now a number of different formats that have proven to be very useful. In addition to blogs and affiliate marketing, social media continues to grow in popularity. More and more companies are taking advantage of the enormous numbers of members on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter to reach specific target groups.

Experts like Neil Patel are primarily concerned with content marketing and blogging strategy, publishing tutorials, tips, and trends on their own blog pages and thus helping advertisers to stay up-to-date.

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Neil Patel

You can always ask for some help from a qualified content marketing agency in London or in your region to help you incorporate these trends!

What is recommended for the blogging scene this year and what blog trends exist? We will highlight it all in today’s blog post.

Let’s take a look at the trends that will stand out the most in 2023 and help you survive in the fast-paced online market landscape.

Branding with Clubhouse

If TikTok was the runaway winner in 2020, this year is looking very good for audio content service Clubhouse.

The provider has already been present since the first weeks of January this year. Although it had to put up with some criticism, especially with regard to data protection, availability only for iOS devices, and sometimes very questionable conversation rounds, the service is continuously gaining new fans.

Here you can listen to wine tastings, get tips on being an entrepreneur, or even listen to experts who want to share their knowledge.

You can find topics on entertainment and shows as well as tech talks or marketing roundtables. Those interested in personal branding and employer branding will find what they are looking for here.

Similar to other social media networks, the material is also streamed here via a channel. The special feature is that many discussion rounds take place in real-time.

High Quality Content Is Crucial

Every single day of the year, a vast amount of content is published. If you want to stand out in this flood of content, you need to focus on high-quality content. One of the most important blog trends will continue this year.

“Quality over quantity!”

So check carefully how many blog posts you can publish on a regular basis. Make a list of possible topics. Plan topics for the next nine months. This will give you a good overview of how many texts need to be written and how much time needs to be allocated to them.

It Can Be Longer

While a length of 1,000 words was still preferred for blog posts in 2020, the current situation is somewhat different. Long, high-quality content is preferred by many readers. Google also notices this trend and ranks websites with long good blog posts higher.

Add Alt Text to Images

If you use images in posts and blogs, then the descriptions must not be missing. Alt texts for images used are a trend this year that can lead to higher search engine ranking.

Don’t forget about cover images and possible graphics when describing images, they should also have alt text.

Focus on Headlines

Meaningful headlines attract readers. Consequently, they should be designed to be as interesting as possible. Three ways to do this are:

  • Use numbers: “The 10 blog trends …”
  • Bring a solution to the reader: “The best form of storytelling”
  • Surprise readers with absurd headlines: “What does Superman have to do with the choice of images?”

Complex Topics Come In Multipart Series

Extensive topics can also be tackled in a multi-part series. This is especially worthwhile if, for example, several new products are to be presented or different topics about the company are to be covered.

At the end of the blog, a teaser for the upcoming article must be brought, so that the readers know that it will continue and also click in at the next publication. This would also be a great position for links to the newsletter so your target audience doesn’t miss out on any content.

Take Advantage of Instagram and Social Media Formats

When it comes to social media, while there are always new features to get content to your target audience, there are some features that are evergreen and are always listed in blog trends.

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms in the world, and it’s opening up more and more to entrepreneurial content. Especially here, there are many blogging features that have been very popular for quite some time to get maximum reach and visibility. These are:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Classic feed posts
  • Reels
  • IGTV
  • Instagram Shops
  • Instagram Live

Of these features, the Reels stand out the most. These short videos with funny edited content generate attention and are a great eye-catcher on your channel.

This type of video content is also considered positive by the Instagram algorithm and gives your content the most attention possible.

Listicle Blog Posts

Another blog trend in 2023 is listicle articles. Here, blogs are also allowed to be a bit longer. Although other blog formats such as advice texts, whitepapers, or even e-books are still current, the trend this year is clearly listed.

The special thing about a listicle post is the way the content is reproduced. The headline already makes it clear what readers can expect. Typical headlines sound like this, for example:

“The 10 best programs for photomontages” or “These 8 steps will help you create a successful blog post”.

Listicles reduce the content to the essentials. You don’t want to go into a lot of detail as you do with corporate storytelling; instead, you package the content in easily digestible chunks.

Storytelling Remains at the Forefront

SEO is, of course, important and crucial to any content marketing strategy. Nevertheless, storytelling is far ahead when it comes to the type of posts or long-form content.

Here, it’s a matter of finding a good connection between SEO and writing for people. Build keywords into your posts but write emotionally for readers. With compelling stories, you can engage your target audience much better and keep them coming back.

Audiovisual Themes & Subtitles

Another blogging trend this year is audiovisual formats, better known as videos. No matter how long or in what form they are integrated into your blog, they should definitely not be missing. What is new are subtitles, because you should not do without them.

Especially people who are on the go sometimes turn off the sound. This is where the extra work you do with subtitle integration comes in handy. By now, there are some programs that support this blogging trend and can easily add subtitles to video content. However, check the automated subtitles anyway. Errors can pop up every now and then.

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Once all the topics are used up, you can play the ace. Invite experts from the scene and publish guest blogs. In this way, you illuminate already used topics from another side. Readers will get a new perspective.

You can also pitch interviews on social media posts that look at certain aspects in more detail. In this way, you also get new readers who come along as fans of the guest writer. Both you and the invited guest will benefit from a jointly written blog post.

If you want to bypass email marketing and paid ads, you can also resort to affiliate marketing. Here, bloggers and influencers do a very good groundwork because there is already a large following. With targeted blogs that contain affiliate links to your company website or product pages, you improve reach and sales.

Nano & Micro Influencers

For your first steps in influencer marketing, you don’t necessarily always have to work with influencers who have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Content marketing trends are moving towards nano & micro-influencers. These usually have a following of 1,000 to 10,000 followers and are characterized by a very high level of authenticity. These Instagram influencers possess a high level of approachability, giving their followers the feeling of being a good friend.

If these people take a look at your products and publish corresponding content on their channels, you can certainly win new customers, because the followers trust the micro- & nano-influencers.

As you can see, there are some interesting blogging trends that you should try. No matter in which way you communicate with your target audience, the most crucial trend is and remains the quality of the content. If it’s not right, it doesn’t matter if you use newsletters, social media channels, or company blogs, your target audience will probably be disappointed and look for another source.


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