What Is the Price of a Communication Agency? 👀
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What Is the Price of a Communication Agency? 👀


Any company, whatever its size and sector of activity, needs to deploy a communication strategy to gain visibility, popularity, and notoriety.

Communication agencies are there to accompany you in this quest and to help you reach your sales objective. But what are the rates of these agencies and how to choose your provider?

What Is a Communication Agency?

There are so many agencies that offer support with various and in some cases slightly similar services.

A communication agency is a service company that helps companies, associations, and communities to establish their communication strategy.

These agencies offer a communication plan for the media, including:

  • Television,
  • Radio,
  • The written press,
  • The web,
  • The print and,
  • Cinema.

These major media each have their own type of audience. The role of the communication agency is to study the most relevant media to the least relevant to your field of activity.

The goal is not to multiply vainly the broadcasts, but to make an excellent targeting to concentrate your forces on the most carrying media of your sector.

The services of communication agencies are always tailored to meet the needs of each company.

Companies do not have the same approach to communication. Large groups are more active than small and medium-sized companies in marketing, communication, and advertising. However, the latter represent 99.9% of companies in France. The figures are alarming:

  • 60% of VSEs/SMEs have not yet tested online visibility tools.
  • 30% of them do not have a company website.
  • 20% do not even advertise their brand.

If you want to stand out from the competition, it’s time to launch a real communication plan. Let a communication agency accompany you to write your specifications with the current state of your company, the objectives to be reached, the main lines to follow, and the strategies to apply.

The price of a communication agency will depend on these different points.

What Are the Different Types of Marketing and Communication Agencies?

You want to boost your business, but don’t know which professional to turn to?

There is the communication agency, the digital communication agency, the advertising agency, the events agency, and the press relations agency.

The communication agency: it deals with your communication strategy to help you define :

In short, all the elements will give life to your brand. This will allow you to communicate in a coherent and efficient way.

The advertising agency: it will use the different elements characterizing your brand, following the studies conducted by the communication agency, to create advertising media for the brand or for a particular offer.

It can design traditional or print supports such as :

  • Double-sided leaflets,
  • Magazines,
  • Roll-up or,
  • Commercial brochures.

And digital supports like :

  • Pop-ups,
  • Banners and,
  • Videos.

The event agency: its role is to design, organize and manage all your professional events. Whether it is within the company as team building or to meet outside people (partners, suppliers, customers) as exhibitions, exhibitions, and conferences.

The agency is able to define the scope of each event and the resources required for each of them, whether they are for informational or promotional purposes.

The press relations agency: it also takes care of the visibility and the notoriety of your company. This agency works within a network of journalists to obtain a presence in the TV news, a publication on media sites, or a forum of press articles for your brand.

It intervenes particularly during the strong moments of your company by speaking mainly about current events.

All communication agencies, whatever their sector of intervention and their services, have the same goal: to create a strong brand and value.

The Advantages of Communication Agencies

Whether it’s at the creation of your company, a period of redesign, or even a period of strong growth, you always need the support of an agency to better define your action plans.

At each stage of your company’s life, the web agency helps you define or redefine your targets, their expectations, and your objectives in order to harmonize your communication strategy.

Calling upon a web agency brings you many advantages. First of all, communication agencies always have a diversified, experienced, and specialized team, to offer you 360° support.

Sometimes, when you decide to internalize your communication, you have the same look at any period of the existence of your company. A digital communication agency brings you an external and fresh look to help you put your communication strategy in perspective.

In the same way, you are obliged to invest in equipment and software to concretize and launch your projects. If you contact a digital agency, you only buy their services. All necessary hardware and software are already included in the price of the communication agency.

The web agency offers a flexible and tailored offer according to the needs of each company.

The tariff of the communication agency can then change according to various parameters: the requested services, the seasonality in your sector since the market can evolve at an almost precise rhythm according to the periods of the year.

Finally, communication agencies always guarantee the quality of their deliverables and the results they promise. You have nothing to lose by calling on an agency to give your company a boost.

Because of their experience and client portfolio, they have typical company profiles and know in advance what strategies will work for your company. Moreover, we can launch an A/B test to ensure the effectiveness of each communication medium.

How to Elaborate My Budget?

The price of a communication agency’s services will depend on your needs and your budget. So, before asking about the different rates applied on the market, you have to start by defining your budget.

Determine Your Needs

Ask yourself the question, why do you need a digital communication agency? At what stage of your project are you? The agency can intervene from the very conception of your project for the creation of your website, your showcase site, or your merchant site.

It can also take care of your visibility and your notoriety offline or online: design of paper supports, launch of advertising on traditional media, SEO natural referencing, SEA paid referencing, or social referencing on social networks.

communication agency price

When choosing your service provider, pay attention to the triangle of quality, cost, and deadlines to make your project a success.

Define the Type of Relationship

The communication agency, as well as your company, must be involved in the project. A regular exchange is more than recommended so that you can lead the project together towards success. When requesting a quote, do not hesitate to include in the service regular meetings to evaluate the progress of the project together.

But to be able to talk systematically with your agency, you must have a minimum of knowledge in the subjects to be approached:

  • Creation of a website,
  • Choice of CMS WordPress, Wix, Prestashop or other,
  • SEO audit of an existing website,
  • Creation of the graphic charter,
  • Content creation for your website, this includes blog posts, sales pages, home pages, and product sheets for an e-commerce site
  • Design of the illustration for each text,
  • The layout,
  • The web design of your site,
  • Etc.

The communication agency rate is then defined according to the number of services to be performed and the frequency of intervention of the agency. In any case, choose a responsive agency that will be able to give you advice at the slightest concern.

Set the ROI to Be Reached

The services of a communication agency represent an investment for your company. You can set your own ROI (Return On Investment) or ask for advice from the agency to determine together the measurable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to be achieved with the actions you are going to take.

The Performance

A web agency is committed to bringing you visibility and/or notoriety through a well-defined strategy. To know if the project has been a success, it is necessary to measure precise KPI according to your objectives:

  • The number of visits to your web page,
  • The number of views of a video,
  • The traffic on your showcase site,
  • The number of orders on your e-commerce site,
  • The number of downloads of your ebook in pdf format,
  • The volume of traffic coming from your social networks.


To stand out from your competitors, creativity is a must. Although this indicator is very subjective, the goal is to reach only your target, the one who would share the same value references as your brand.

Evaluate the agency’s creative flair through its own communication materials to see if it will be able to create materials that will reflect your brand image. It is also important to remember that creativity is at the service of performance.

The Accompaniment

The communication agency is not a simple executor. It must be a true partner on which you can count at any time. You must feel confident to talk openly with the agency about your smallest and largest objectives, your concerns, and your obstacles.

This is how your investment will pay off.

The Communication Agency Price List

The communication agency price list depends on three specific areas. Please consider them before defining your budget.

Communication Actions

This is the very source of your strategy. Before launching an advertisement or organizing an event, you must first determine your brand identity.

The project then consists in writing your story through storytelling and creating your visual identity so that your brand is easily recognizable among many others. This implies the creation of your graphic charter and your logo that you will use in all your communication.


Communication has different purposes, including advertising your company. This can be done through traditional advertising and digital advertising, all of which require a more or less high cost.

Advertising is essential to promote your company, your brand, your services and/or your products.

Time Spent on the Project

The communication agency that takes care of your brand spends time in the study, design, launch and follow-up of your strategy.

The rate of the communication agency then depends in part on the time it takes to realize your projects.

The Expertise Required by the Project

Digital agencies sometimes present their clients with a rather high quote. Don’t be mistaken. The work of an agency is not only the work of one person.

An agency brings together several experts at once to ensure the success of your project:

  • Strategy direction,
  • Web project manager,
  • Print project manager,
  • Art director,
  • Illustrator,
  • Web designer,
  • Developer,
  • Webmaster,
  • Designer,
  • Copywriter,
  • Etc.

The Price List According to the Actions to Be Carried Out

Today, a winning strategy is a strategy that mixes non-digital and digital communication. Consumers follow the market trend and opt more and more for digital for its accessibility and convenience.

This does not mean that they have completely abandoned print, because nothing can replace the palpability and human dimension of print.

What Are the Unavoidable Costs?

You have to find an agreement between the rate of a communication agency and the budget allocated to your communication for the year. You must also take into account the main investment periods. In the end, the budget represents 5 to 20% of your turnover.

The Creation or Redesign of a Website

To develop your visibility, you must start by creating or redesigning your website. The rates can vary from one agency to another. But this project implies a study of your brand, a market study and an analysis of the competition.

A follow-up must be set up and for that, agencies use powerful tools like Google Analytics.

Content Writing

You communicate with your targets and customers through content that you share on your websites/blogs and that you relay on social networks. You need to create optimized content with high added value to attract customers.

Be aware that Internet users are more and more interested in visual content than in textual content.


This involves both on-site and off-site referencing: choosing relevant keywords to appear in the first pages of search engines and using netlinking to obtain incoming links to your site.

All this allows you to increase the visibility and the notoriety of your site with the Internet users and with the search engines at the same time.


SEO takes time to operate, and it aims particularly a perennial result on the long term. To accelerate your ascent, it is recommended to go through paid referencing, or SEA, to make your site appear in the “ads” section of the first page of Google and obtain sponsored links.

It brings quick results in the short term. Choose to collaborate with a communication agency specialized in AdWords to find the relevant keywords on which to invest.

Price List of a Communication Agency

The price of a communication agency depends on the services it offers. There are specialized agencies and there are multi-faceted agencies that can handle your digital and/or non-digital strategy. For non-digital communication, there are for example:

  • The design of printed materials such as flyers, brochures and business cards;
  • Press relations and writing press releases;
  • The organization of events and trade shows;
  • The creation of outdoor displays and advertising objects.

For digital communication, we can mention :

  • The natural referencing;
  • The paid referencing;
  • Social networks;
  • Affiliation;
  • Email marketing;
  • Podcasts and videos.

Here are some examples of agency rates to help you establish your budget according to your needs.

Communication Agency Rates

MR Strategies in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin in France is a global communication agency and can help you to :

  • Analyze your brand,
  • Create your website and,
  • Launch your advertising campaigns.

This 360° agency can handle your advertising campaign from €1000 per project. It applies the same pricing grid for your brand image and your positioning on the web.

Almond Services is a communication and print agency located in Senegal (Dakar). It offers many services including :

  • The hiring of advertising spaces,
  • The creation of communication supports,
  • Digital printing in large format such as tarpaulins and vinyls,
  • The creation of advertising spot and institutional film,
  • The graphic decoration on your stands, your cars or on the screen printing.

The rate of this communication agency starts at €1000 per project for advertising.

Digital Communication Agency Rates

ELYUM based in Paris is a web and digital agency that offers mainly innovative digital solutions.

The agency is composed, among others, of a team of specialists:

  • Web designer,
  • Engineer developer,
  • Graphic designer
  • SEO consultant

Rates start at :

pricing expertise

The Hatchi agency is located on the Bassin d’Arcachon. We help you define your persona as well as a communication message to deliver the right message, at the right time and to the right person. This will allow you to increase your sales.

It does not promise you an optimal visibility to all Internet users, but a targeted visibility according to your buyer persona. Its rates start at €1000 per project to launch a digital strategy or to create an e-commerce website.

Press Relations Agency Rates

AGM is a press and public relations agency based in Lyon. We offer three main services:

  • The relationship with the press: detect opportunities to speak in the media, define the formats of speaking, identify the targets, make a contextual watch, prepare the intervention and analyze the fallout.
  • Crisis management
  • Production of editorial content

Edifice communication offers a rate starting at €3000 for the management of your public relations and €1000 for an editorial strategy.

Edifice communication is an agency located in Paris that aims to make you visible and legitimate on the market. The agency helps you define your positioning, establish your marketing strategy and structure your speech through all communication channels. Its rates start at €1000 for both digital strategy and public relations.

Advertising Agency Rates

BETC is an advertising agency based in Schiltigheim, France. It is composed of an experienced team that knows all the tricks of the trade. The agency can take care of the creation of your website, your digital strategy, your advertising, and your brand image from €1000 each project.

Elvexima advertising agency in Toulouse is specialized in Facebook Ads for your e-commerce brand. If you want to boost your sales via this social network, Elvexima is the partner you need. It can take care of your social media strategy from €4000.

Event Agency Rates

Weevup is an event agency based in Paris and can organize your professional events from A to Z. Weevup can propose to you the ideal place, the adequate activities, and the providers you need for each type of event. Weevup can then organize your team building, your seminar, or your corporate cocktail. The price of each project starts at €1000 like event, branding, motion design, and gaming.

Moon event located in Paris is an agency specialising in corporate events to organize your conferences, your convention, your internal parties, etc. It will take care of your public or private events from A to Z starting from €10000 per project. It intervenes from the conception of the said project to the management of the D-day.

You now have all the information you need to find your communication agency, the one that will guarantee the success of each of your projects. From the creation of your brand to the design of your communication strategy, including your press relations.


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