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Digitalizing Your Business: 3 Tips and 6 Tools to Get There!


Let’s start with good news: digital is a much simpler concept than it seems.

However, for many companies, digitalizing their processes is a complex process that requires the mastery of certain techniques that are difficult to access.

How to digitalizeyour company in a simple and accessible way? Let us explain everything!

Three Tools to Create Your Online Site

We can’t say it enough: being present on the web is a must for any company.

Would you like to know the most common tools for creating a website?

The specialized agency Let’s Clic presents you three of them below.


WordPress is the best-known CMS (website creation tool). Easy to use and powerful, it allows you to create a website from scratch in a short time.

It requires a little time to get the hang of it but opens up a lot of possibilities. However, beware, WordPress requires a certain technical mastery when you want to integrate particular functionalities or have a “custom” site that really sets you apart from your competitors.

You’ve got it: if you want to go further in the design of your site, you’ll need to hire an agency for this first step in digitalizing your company!


To create an online store, PrestaShop remains the reference.

In a few clicks :

  • create your e-shop,
  • put forward your key products,
  • follow your orders,
  • and keep an eye on your stocks.

Here again, for more advanced features and to fully optimize the tool, it is preferable to delegate the design of the site to an agency specialized in digitalizing a business.


Wix, the reference website creator, is also efficient and intuitive. It is used by business creators who are looking to create a simple and low-volume site.

Be careful, whatever tool you feel most comfortable with, it is strongly advised to be accompanied by an agency specialized in website creation, from the beginning of your project.

You will then be surrounded by real professionals to carry out your project. In a digital marketing agency, everyone will put their expertise at the service of your website:

  • web designers,
  • writers,
  • graphic designers…

will unite their skills to create a site that reflects your image.

The opportunity to guarantee an up-to-date, efficient and effective site, in the shortest possible time and for a reasonable budget.

Three Tools to Be Visible on the Internet

You have put your website online? Great!

Now you have to make it visible on the web. This is what we call SEO: if you create a site that is compatible with the expectations of search engine robots, there is a good chance that Google will position it correctly.

Are you ready to compete with the giants of the sector and to take the first positions on the web? Let’s get started!

Here are some tools that will help you spice up your site to make it irresistible to Google.

Screaming Frog

This software screens your site using the same criteria as Google. Just enter your site’s URL and let it do the work: it will clearly indicate the blocking points that prevent your site from being technically impeccable.

A must to track down 404 pages or duplicate pages for example.

Compressor i-o

This software allows you to reduce the size of your images. An essential tool to accelerate the loading speed of your site, and to make your site more popular with Google.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

This tool allows you to test if your site is compatible with a cell phone.

Despite your efforts, your site is not positioned as you would like? If you are beyond the first page of Google on the strategic keywords of your business sector, it’s time to react.

As soon as you have passed the fateful 10th position, you are in the situation of a store located in a place with very little traffic. Even if your site proposes very interesting products at competitive prices, your sales will not take off because the Internet users will not see you.

It’s time to contact an agency specialized in SEO!

Three Tips to Optimize Your Content

Never lose sight of the fact that, even if your site is technically impeccable, Google will not put it forward if it does not provide its readers with quality content.

It’s up to you!

  • Write regularly: it is recommended to post one article per week on your blog! Prepare a solid editorial calendar, and stick to the rhythm you have set for yourself!
  • 90% of Internet users’ requests are informative. Answer the questions they have about your core business! Find topic ideas and enrich your articles with selected keywords thanks to tools like Ubersuggest, and give your readers the content they expect.
  • Organize and structure your articles. Titles and subtitles are elements that Google will analyze rigorously. It’s up to you to explain to Google what you’re talking about!

It seems complex and time-consuming? Web agencies often offer content writing in their SEO services. Trust them and delegate them the content of your site.

For a few dozen euros per month, they will put an optimized article on your site, meeting the expectations of your target.


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