The Future Of Digital Marketing: AI, Chatbots and Push Notifications
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The Future Of Digital Marketing: AI, Chatbots and Push Notifications


The future of digital marketing is near.

Digital marketing keeps changing rapidly, making it challenging for companies to manage the ever-shifting trends.

As digital marketing tools grow, companies adopt the latest ways of communicating and creating content.

For example, research shows that money utilized on email marketing, instream video, banner video, search marketing, and out-stream video will shift to around $150 billion by 2023.

Digital marketing keeps evolving from time to time to adapt to the ever-changing customers and brands’ needs.

Today’s innovations, technologies, and trends will play a critical role in shaping tomorrow’s digital marketing. Therefore, you’ll stand in a better position if you know tomorrow’s big digital marketing trends.

So, what are the big digital marketing trends you need to prepare for? Worry no more! Continue reading this enlightening post to get the answer.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence dominance is here. In the future, global businesses and industries will rely on artificial intelligence to operate.  Currently, industries and businesses use artificial intelligence on several simple tasks.

Uber and Microsoft are some of the companies already utilizing artificial intelligence. They use Knightscope K5 robots in large outdoor areas and parking lots to predict and avert crime.

These robots can report suspicious activity, read license plates and gather information to pass on to the business owners. You can hire these robots for seven dollars per hour – an amount that’s more affordable than what you pay human security guards.

Research shows that artificial intelligence will be an excellent commercial opportunity for any nation, industry, and company over the coming years.

Besides this, studies show that artificial intelligence will make GDP increase to 14 percent by 2030. Therefore, this illustrates that any latecomer will find themselves at stiff competition over the coming several years.

Most organizations adopt artificial intelligence to obtain/maintain a competitive advantage, open new businesses, and attract new companies using artificial intelligence.

Companies also adopt artificial intelligence to provide customers with AI-driven offerings, reduce costs, and more.

Artificial intelligence analyzes customer search patterns and behavior. It also uses blog posts and social media channels’ data to make it easy for companies to know the methods used by consumers to locate their desired products or services.

Chatbots are excellent examples of artificial intelligence in practice. Another artificial intelligence in action is the Facebook messenger bot created by Mastercard.

mastercard facebook, future of digital marketing
MasterCard chatbot on Facebook Messenger, from Newsroom

This bot utilizes the natural language processing tool to decipher the customer’s needs and answer them as an actual human being. Generally, this Facebook messenger automates handling payments.

Soon businesses will use artificial intelligence to drive many services. However, some companies have already implemented artificial intelligence.

Examples of these business areas include content creation, email personalization, essential communication, e-Commerce transactions, and product recommendations.

For example, top content teams depend on artificial intelligence to find the subtopics to include in an article. When you use artificial intelligence to find keywords and subtopics, it becomes easy to create detailed content and increase the chances of the article ranking on search engines’ page one.

Video Marketing 

Savvy marketers know the critical role video marketing has played for years. The Washington post anticipated in 2015 that video marketing would take around 80 percent of all internet content/materials by 2020.

We’re there, and we have seen the video to be a powerful marketing medium. Also, we have seen a rapid increase in live streaming videos over the last few years.

Therefore, video is a terrific and effective marketing method that can boost engagement levels. Also, research shows that the customer appetite for videos will keep increasing in the coming years.

YouTube is almost overtaking the Facebook platform as the second channel that people visit most. Google takes the first position, naturally.

Therefore, embracing video marketing 100% in your business marketing efforts is the path to follow if you don’t want to lag.

Augmented reality and live video have played a critical role in making it easy to do several exciting things. Also, note that innovative and unique videos will rule the market in the coming years.

Many businesses now turn to specialised video production agencies to help them out in this feat.

Voice Search 

Currently, your smart device can assist you in finding anything that you can pronounce. Besides this, the current market offers several options, such as Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa.

The voice search feature means you should not use complex terms that customers will find hard to pronounce. Customers can’t locate your business if you have words that customers can’t pronounce correctly.

It’s vital to go to your drawing board again because voice search is something most audiences will implement. But how can you implement voice search in your marketing efforts? Worry no more! Here is how to do it:

  • Curate content featuring a natural voice
  • Answer all the frequently asked questions to pick the responses to all customers applying the voice search option.
  • Use colloquial phrases/words because customers use them in their daily communication.

Virtual Reality

Marketing managers play a critical role in evaluating tools that can deliver more personal, engaging, and interactive experiences to their existing and potential consumers. And this is the point where virtual reality comes in and offers outstanding benefits.

Virtual reality emerged a few years ago, but it has proven to be a competent and efficient solution for offering more personal, engaging, and interactive customer experiences.

Research shows that virtual reality will significantly impact marketing efforts by 2025 because its market keeps increasing to around $54 billion by 2025.

Virtual reality involves the corporate storytelling procedure, enabling the customers to go for a brand/business with an unthinkable emotional strategy compared to the conventional promotion modes.

Automobile makers and smartphone makers are excellent examples of companies that use virtual reality to deliver 360-degrees interactive adventures.

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing refers to word-of-mouth marketing, focusing on amplifying the brand message to the larger market using key leaders.

Most people take influencers to be highly-known celebrities. However, this term goes mostly to YouTuber personalities or Instagram personalities with many followers who can promote your products/services via their social media channels.

Generally, influencer marketing is the most preferred to corporate advertising because it’s more authentic.

  • Fifty-eight percent of customers have purchased new products in the last few months because of the recommendation they got from an influencer.
  • Sixty-three percent of customers trust product opinions shared by influencers much more than the information displayed by the company.

Don’t consider influencer marketing as only a digital marketing trend. Research shows that the amount spent on influencer marketing ads could increase to around $10 billion by 2022.

Besides this, artificial intelligence will also affect influencer marketing. With each year, artificial intelligence makes finding reliable influencers to collaborate with faster and hassle-free.

Artificial intelligence makes it easy to identify influencers with fewer fake followers, better engagement, and higher chances of bringing positive ROI. Besides this, artificial intelligence transforms influencer marketing by:

  • Predicting an incentive with ANN
  • Determining the influencer’s influence
  • Determining influencer performances with Natural Language Processing
  • Recognizing image with Artificial Neural Networks
  • Flagging a post that does adhere to the disclosure guidelines
  • Eliminating spam bots and fake engagements

Augmented Reality

Can you recall the 2016 Pokemon Go craze? This mobile game is an excellent example showing how augmented reality works in video games.

Also, this game shows how augmented reality is a marketing opportunity because businesses came in and sold to shoppers trying to catch two Pokemons or one on their doorsteps.

Besides being an exciting gimmick for gamers, brands can also use augmented reality more and more to access their customers.

Some fashion brands use augmented reality to make it easy for their shoppers to test outfits virtually from any place. Apart from this, expect more brands to put augmented reality to maximum use over the coming years.

Advanced Chatbots

As artificial intelligence technology continues to develop, chatbots will play a critical role as marketing channels and customer support tools.

In the past years, many audiences have rated chatbots as disruptive, inauthentic, and annoying.

However, as machine learning and artificial intelligence keep improving, chatbots also continue to grow better at delivering reliable solutions to specific individual needs.

The latest statistics from the Facebook channel show that 56 percent of customers prefer to send instant messages to calling a support line.

Most customers will leave your site and never consider the option of calling you if you don’t provide faster responses to their questions.

With a chatbot, it means you’ll have a reliable way to offer faster responses to customers’ and potential audiences’ questions. As a result, chatbots will help you in generating more sales.

Browser Push Notifications

Browser push notifications keep rising from one day to another.

Statistics show that many people prefer signing up for website push notifications to signing up for newsletters.

Besides this, research shows that only 10 percent of professional email marketers can get the newsletter signup rates matching the web push performance.

Apart from this, statistics show that an average of 6.4 hours pass before the potential audience opens the newsletter. Web push notifications allow the customer to see the message instantly.

Expect to see many brands adopting browser push notifications over the coming years. Many businesses prefer browser push notifications because of their ability to increase conversions.

Final Thoughts

Generally, digital marketing refers to an evergreen field with change as the only constant. Every marketer and entrepreneur needs to implement the above digital marketing trends. You can adapt your digital marketing strategies by implementing tomorrow’s tactics and technologies as you phase out the duds.


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