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We Just Raised 11 Million Euros to Give Agencies the Visibility They Deserve


Running and growing an agency is hard. You start by doing what you love – helping clients with their challenges – but you quickly end up having to fight fires in many places: HR, finance, legal, hiring, and staffing. Why is it important to give agencies visibility?

More people on the team also means more salaries to pay, which means larger monthly spending, that needs to still be lower than your monthly revenue in order for the business to survive.  

At Sortlist, we want to help unleash talented creatives around the globe and help them in their quest for growth.

We plan to do this by helping agencies like yours find the clients who need you, by providing exclusive market insights, and by building a thriving community of like-minded change-makers.

A Helping Hand Amongst AI

Agencies are always having a hard time working on their own marketing and sales. We want to be the partner, the right hand of your team, to help you on these fronts so that you can focus your attention on your clients.

By using the endless technological advancements inherent in systems such as AI, we can better help businesses in the B2B world, forever.  

But technology alone will not be the secret to unlocking the potential of this ecosystem.

Never disregard the need for an actual helping hand. 

With the perfect mix of data and human touch, Sortlist paves the way for all agencies, large and small, to have their chance at helping those who require their expertise.  

With these new funds, we can continue to change the world of B2B collaborations and not only take on our newest challenge of conquering the UK and US markets, but most of all, continue to improve our product by expanding our team to give our agencies the best possible visibility and collaborations they deserve.  

A Helping Hand for Your Expertise to Receive the Recognition it Deserves

At Sortlist, we are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our members. More than screens and pixels, we want to offer them a return on investment and a sort of assurance to help them grow their agency.

We want to do this in a human way, fueled by the ideas, pains, and challenges that they have communicated to us because our aim is not to be a faceless platform ruled by algorithms, but instead, by your wishes, the people behind the agencies who deserve a chance at visibility.

Helping agencies get a return on investment also means respecting their most precious resource: their time. We’re taking drastic measures to guarantee that they don’t waste any effort on non-committed clients. We want to help them start meaningful conversations with people who are looking for help and have the means to do so, and we want to do the same for you.  

[We want to] give the chance to small structures, both clients and agencies […] The success of this increase in capital will allow us to develop more clearly what we can offer to both providers and companies. To create success. – Sortlist CEO, Thibaut Vanderhofstadt

“I’m Missing the Expert Community, the Market Data and Human Interactions”

On our quest to becoming the Amazon of B2B services, from the 11 million euros we have recently received for our current and new investors, we now have the financial capabilities of focusing down on our three major goals to get closer to our agencies and clients:

Bring In More Human Advisors

The time has come for us to create not only a better dialogue between us and our member agencies but also between themselves and the clients to ensure a smooth and profitable matchmaking experience.  

By expanding our team of account managers, we will have the opportunity to spend more time with you on a human level and ensure a certain level of guarantee on potential leads.  

A Better Product and a Long-Term Partner

Sortlist is here as a partner you rely on in the long-term, long after you find that first perfect match to give you opportunities beyond a simple service.

With already 30,000 agencies using our product, we want to create a meritocracy, ensuring that each of these agencies has equal opportunities of receiving qualified leads well beyond their first 12 months of engagement.  

Every agency that works with us has a talent that we want our clients to explore, and we will continue to build our product in a way that gives each one of these talents to shine on a regular basis to increase your ROI.  

We want you to follow in the footsteps of fruitful collaborations such as Altics & Renault, Duck Motion & Huawei, or BBS & Balenciaga. 

Expansion into the UK and US

Lastly, our biggest feat will be our much-anticipated expansion to the UK and the US.  Despite already having our services running in both these English-speaking markets, we plan on settling there in a more focused manner.  

Building Trust, Commitment, and Boosting ROI for a Long Term Relationship

You have not yet embarked on a journey with Sortlist, but we-re still here to give your business more visibility and opportunities for growth. Our mission is to build better trust and commitment between us, and capture more value while saving your most precious resource: time. 

We also want to make sure that your collaboration with us is worth your while and that we are providing you with the right amount of visibility and ROI for your business to grow.  

Our quest of reinventing the future of B2B starts with you, our agencies, and making sure that we build a fruitful and trustworthy partnership to ensure your success.  


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