How to Make Money on Pinterest: A Step-by-Step Guide
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How to Make Money on Pinterest: A Step-by-Step Guide



With almost half a billion active users, Pinterest is one of the most preferred mediums for content creators looking for a viable monetisation avenue on social media. It is not just a creative haven for content creators but also a bustling marketplace for smart marketers

If you want to leverage this platform, then this post is just for you. By the end of the post, you will have a better idea of how to make money on Pinterest

Let us see how you can transition from pins into profits via smart and actionable insights. From understanding the vast potential of Pinterest to setting realistic goals via Pinterest accounts, we will guide you in empowering your entrepreneurial zeal to make money on Pinterest. 

How to make money on Pinterest

Understanding Pinterest for Profit

If you look from a business point of view, you will notice a particular aspect of this platform. Pinterest isn’t just an online collage of pretty pictures. It also doubles up as a treasure trove for entrepreneurs. To make money here, understanding your audience is key. 

Firstly, let’s meet Pinterest users. They’re a diverse bunch, ranging from craft enthusiasts to tech lovers. You need to know which group or segment to target out of this diverse collection. This helps tailor your content as per this group’s behaviour or preference when they use Pinterest. 

Next, it’s crucial to grasp the kinds of content that thrive here. Pinterest adores creativity, be it DIY crafts, fashion tips, or tech innovations. Your content must resonate with these themes. 

Lastly, setting realistic expectations is vital. While Pinterest can be a goldmine, success doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience and consistency.

Imagine Pinterest as a vast marketplace. Each user is a potential customer. Understanding who these users are and what content they love and embracing the reality of gradual growth are your pathways to profit when you create pins. This will help you arrive at an intersection where creativity meets commerce and help you make money on Pinterest. 

Remember that it’s not just about what you pin but how well you understand the hearts and minds of your audience. 

Setting Up Your Pinterest Business Account:

Now that you know the basics about how to make money on Pinterest, you can start with the first step in your journey to leveraging the social media platform via Pinterest accounts. In this section, we will see how to set up your Pinterest business account. 

Creating a Pinterest Business Account

If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for Pinterest Business. These Pinterest business accounts offer specialised tools and features tailored for entrepreneurs who want to make money with Pinterest.

Optimising Your Profile and Bio for Branding

Your profile is your digital storefront. Craft it thoughtfully. Use a professional logo, a clear profile picture, and a bio that succinctly tells your brand’s story. You can also use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

Linking Your Website or Blog to Pinterest

Think about getting affiliate links. When you link your site to the Pinterest account, you can build a direct bridge between your Pinterest content and your website or blog. Such affiliate links strengthen your online presence and seamlessly direct traffic to your blog.

Enabling Rich Pins for Increased Visibility

Focus on Rich Pins when you are on this platform. They are a Pinterest business owner’s best friend. They provide additional information directly on the Pin, enhancing your Pin’s appeal and credibility.

With these steps, your presence on Pinterest becomes more than just a Pinboard. Rather, the Pinterest business accounts become a dynamic business platform or even a search engine. This type of Pinterest strategy will make you ready to engage and captivate your audience. It will be a primary step to answer your query, “How to make money on Pinterest?”

Creating High-Quality Pins

When you set out to use Pinterest, you should know that idea pins are the foundational element that helps you engage your audience. Here are some good tips to create idea pins that take engagement to an altogether new level and help you make money on Pinterest. 

The Anatomy of an Effective Pin

Pins are visual stories. When users search for a topic on the Pinterest search bar, they come across a collection of pins centering around this theme. They should be vertical (ideally 1000×1500 pixels) for maximum visibility. Also, ensure that you craft compelling visuals that convey your message instantly. Vibrant colours, clear fonts, and eye-catching imagery are your allies to help you learn how to make money on Pinterest.

Design Tips for Eye-Catching Pins

Balance is key when using this social media platform to make pins using Pinterest accounts. Check that your pins aren’t cluttered but contain enough information to intrigue. This way, users will click on your pin when they find it using a query on the Pinterest search bar. You may consider using aesthetically pleasing fonts and colours that align with your brand. Consistency in design across your pins enhances brand recognition.

Tools and Resources for Professional Pins

Many content creators use third-party tools in their pin creation process for Pinterest marketing. You can leverage graphic design tools like Canva or Adobe Spark. These user-friendly platforms offer templates, stock images, and fonts. Hence, even non-designers are able to create stunning pins when using Pinterest.

The Importance of Keyword-Rich Descriptions

Pins need context. You can craft concise, keyword-rich descriptions that clearly convey what the pin is about. In this matter, you need to think exactly like your audience who use Pinterest. This will help you know what words they might use to search for content like yours. These descriptions not only inform but improve your pins’ discoverability on the social media platform.

When you set out to make money on Pinterest, you should know that each pin should tell a story, evoke emotion, and leave a lasting impression. Make sure to use captivating visuals and strategic descriptions. This way, your pins will become irresistible invitations, drawing users into your unique world of ideas and products.

Building Your Pinterest Presence:

Building followers on your Pinterest business account is crucial to make money on Pinterest. More followers mean more eyes on your products or services, leading to increased engagement and potential sales. 

Additionally, a larger follower base enhances your credibility and trustworthiness. This way, users would be more likely to interact with your content and boost your business’s online presence.

Here is how you can build your presence with a Pinterest account:

Creating and Organising Boards Around Your Niche

Boards are your thematic collections. You need to curate boards that align with your brand or interests. Each board should tell a story. You need to offer a diverse yet cohesive range of content related to your niche.

Pinning Consistently and Strategically

Pinterest rewards consistency. You can create multiple pins to engage better. Take the time out to create pins regularly, preferably daily or once every two days. This will help keep your profile active. Timing matters a lot in Pinterest affiliate marketing. You should analyse when your audience is most active and schedule pins accordingly. Also, try to balance your content with original and shared content. A mix of your own pins and relevant content from others fosters a community vibe.

Engaging with the Pinterest Community

Interaction via your Pinterest account amplifies your reach and helps you make money on Pinterest. Engage with others’ idea pins – like, comment, and repin content that resonates with your brand. Respond to comments on your pins promptly. Being an active member of the Pinterest community boosts your visibility and credibility.

Collaborating with Other Pinners and Group Boards

Collaborative boards are powerhouses when you set out to make money on Pinterest. As a savvy content creator, you can think of grouping boards in your niche. Another option is to create pins on your own. They expand the reach of your content beyond your followers, connecting you with a broader audience. Such well-thought collaborations give rise to networking opportunities when you use Pinterest.

Pinterest Strategy for Monetisation

The right monetisation strategy on the Pinterest accounts will help you answer the query, “How to make money on Pinterest?”. Here are some good tactics to earn money on Pinterest.

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest affiliate marketing involves promoting products. Doing so will help you earn a commission for every time the Pinterest users make a purchase through your referral. You can pick affiliates that are relevant to your niche for better relevance. You can create multiple pins that seamlessly integrate affiliate products and attach the affiliate link. 

Authenticity is key when creating affiliate links to make money on Pinterest. You should take care to recommend products you genuinely trust. This effort will let your followers trust your opinions and suggestions.

Selling Products or Services Through Pins

One of the best things about Pinterest is that it allows direct selling. For this, you can use Buyable Pins to showcase your products on Pinterest. Keep in mind that high-quality images, clear descriptions, and easy purchase options are key to success on this social media platform. Pinterest’s seamless shopping experience transforms browsers into buyers. Regularly update your product pins when you manage Pinterest accounts. This step will entice repeat customers and attract new ones.

Promoted Pins and Advertising Opportunities

Consider boosting your pins’ visibility through promoted pins. These paid advertisements target specific demographics, expanding your reach beyond followers. You need to customise your audience, budget, and duration to optimise results. You can also experiment with different idea pins to identify the most engaging ones. Pinterest’s advertising platform offers in-depth analytics, enabling data-driven decisions for future campaigns for creating pins.

Driving Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Pinterest strategies act as a traffic magnet. You should pin blog posts, articles, or landing pages with visually appealing idea pins and compelling descriptions. For this, you can use enticing Call-to-Actions (CTAs) to encourage users to visit your website. Ensure your website is optimised for conversions. This will guide Pinterest traffic seamlessly through the sales funnel.


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Tracking and Analytics

“How to make money on Pinterest?” – this question cannot be answered if you don’t have a firm grip over campaign performance. For this, you need to utilise Pinterest Analytics. Such monitoring empowers you to transform raw data into actionable strategies. After all, it’s not just about numbers; it’s about understanding your audience deeply. Here are some ways to use tracking and analytics effectively as one of the effective ways to make money:

Monitoring the Performance of Your Pins

You should regularly track the performance of your pins using Pinterest Analytics. Under this, you can look at metrics like impressions, clicks, saves, and engagement rates. This way, you can identify top-performing idea pins and understand what makes them successful. 

Monitoring pin performance allows you to refine your Pinterest strategies. You can narrow your focus on what resonates most with your Pinterest users.

Using Pinterest Analytics to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Pinterest Analytics offers insights into audience behaviour to help you know how to make money on Pinterest. Understand which idea pins are driving the most traffic and conversions. You can also analyse the interests and demographics of your audience. 

Make sure to also pinpoint trends and patterns to refine your content strategy. This way, your efforts will align with audience preferences, maximising engagement and conversion rates.

Adjusting Your Pinterest Strategy Based on Insights

Data analysis is a continuous process. Regularly review analytics to identify changing trends and audience preferences. If a particular type of pin is consistently outperforming others, create similar content to capitalise on its success. 

Pinterest’s dynamic landscape requires adaptable strategies. By staying vigilant and responsive to insights, you can refine your content, ensuring it remains relevant and compelling to your audience.

Scaling Your Pinterest Income

You are halfway there in your quest to make money on Pinterest. The next part would be to grow your Pinterest revenues. Scaling your Pinterest income will need strategic diversification among Pinterest users. 

When you inculcate these practices in Pinterest marketing, you create a robust and adaptable Pinterest monetisation strategy. This can be a viable answer to your query, “How to make money on Pinterest?”. Let us explore these 3 areas of scaling up your ability to make money on Pinterest.

Expanding Your Reach and Follower Base

As your Pinterest presence matures, you need to make the smart move and focus on expanding your reach. You can think about engaging with similar niche communities via Pinterest marketing. This could also entail collaborating with influencers and participating in group boards. 

You can also utilise Pinterest’s advertising options to boost visibility via affiliate links on Pinterest. For this, you need to make compelling, shareable content. Such quality content will encourage Pinterest users to spread the word. This step will help to organically broaden your audience on the Pinterest app. 

Additionally, you can carry out consistent interactions with followers when you manage a Pinterest account. This helps to build a loyal community and boost your influence over time.

Diversifying Your Income Streams

Remember this when thinking about how to make money on Pinterest – don’t rely solely on one source of income, as it can be limiting. You need to explore various monetisation avenues, like affiliate marketing when you want to know how to make money on Pinterest. 

One avenue would be to introduce exclusive products or services catering to your target audience who use Pinterest. Embrace affiliate marketing for a passive income stream. You can also write blog posts. Other avenues would be to write e-books, conduct webinars, or offer online courses. Each income stream adds stability and resilience to your revenue, ensuring sustainability and growth.

Outsourcing Tasks to Streamline Your Efforts

As your Pinterest endeavours expand, your workload can become overwhelming. You can manage this by outsourcing tasks like content creation, scheduling, or analytics to professionals or specialised agencies

Delegating routine tasks allows you to focus on strategic Pinterest marketing activities. It makes certain that your Pinterest presence remains dynamic and responsive while saving you time and effort to make money when you create pins.

Compliance with legal and ethical guidelines gives you a chance to bolster your Pinterest monetisation efforts.

Adhering to Pinterest’s Policies and Guidelines

Pinterest has specific rules regarding content, promotion, and user engagement. Check if you use Pinterest by aligning with their policies. This will help you avoid account suspension or bans.

You should regularly review the guidelines for using Pinterest. This is especially true if you’re engaging in affiliate marketing or promoting products via direct affiliate links.

Disclosure Requirements for Affiliate Marketing

Do you engage in affiliate marketing on Pinterest? Then honesty is crucial when you try to use Pinterest and connect with another asset like your blog post. You should clearly disclose your affiliate relationships in your pins and descriptions.

Transparent communication builds trust with your audience. Pinterest users appreciate authenticity, and transparent disclosures help a lot.

Check if you abide by the copyright laws and intellectual property rights when sharing content on Pinterest. Avoid using copyrighted images or materials without proper authorisation or attribution when you use Pinterest. Remember to use royalty-free images. Alternatively, you can create your own visual content in your effort to make money with Pinterest.

These steps prevent legal issues and let you build a positive online reputation when you use Pinterest.

Case studies and success stories for Pinterest marketing

Sarah Long from Sarah Catherine Creative is a good example of leveraging the Pinterest Business account for maximising revenue generation potential. Within 3 months of posting her first pin on Pinterest, she was able to get 1000 clicks a month. With concerted efforts, she was able to double this number within the next 30 days. This shows the massive power of Pinterest in generating sustained interest in her web design brand.  

Troubleshooting and Common Pitfalls

Addressing Common Challenges and Obstacles

Pinterest, like any digital platform, can present challenges. As a marketer or content creator, you should be ready to look for issues like:

  • fluctuations in engagement,
  • sudden drops in website traffic, or
  • difficulties in understanding analytics.

There are some avenues to address these challenges. You can stay informed through Pinterest’s help center. Even community forums like Reddit and social media groups will provide help when creating pins. Engage with other Pinterest marketers; often, collective knowledge can provide solutions.

Tips for Overcoming Difficulties in Pinterest Monetisation:

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, monetisation might not go as expected. If you face obstacles, it is wise to consider revisiting your content strategy. You can analyse high-performing pins and replicate their elements into new content when you use Pinterest. Experiment with new content formats, such as story pins or video pins, to capture the audience’s attention.

Moreover, focus on user interaction when creating pins. Engage with your audience, respond to comments, and participate in group boards. Remember that persistent troubleshooting and adaptability are key. When you identify these obstacles to success and overcome them, you can maintain a thriving presence on Pinterest. Doing so will allow you to continue your monetisation journey successfully.

To conclude

Pinterest has emerged as one of the most lucrative platforms for savvy marketers. It provides a wealth of opportunities for content creators to engage with a specific audience segment. You can utilise this blog post to get an idea of using a Pinterest business account and fulfil your monetisation goals.

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