Marketing Portfolio: 10 Outstanding Examples to Get You Started
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Marketing Portfolio: 10 Outstanding Examples to Get You Started

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A marketing portfolio is typically associated with creative professions, such as designer, writer, painter, etc., but today representatives of other spheres can’t do without a good portfolio either.

We are here to help you understand how to properly arrange your works into a collection and make all the needed adjustments. Besides, we have selected the top website portfolio examples and tools to inspire and help you.

What is a Marketing Portfolio?

Talking about a marketing portfolio, we mean a well-structured collection of your previous works that display your prowess.

When it comes to digital marketing, a portfolio is a compilation of the best projects a person participated in, something that certifies his/her qualifications, training, and overall experience.

A marketing portfolio should include images, videos, testimonials, and case studies. If you are just learning how to compose a good portfolio, you may need expert recommendations.

Examples of Marketing Portfolios

 1. Charlie Waite

Example of marketing portfolio: Charlie Waite

Key features of the website include: Top-quality cases in a minimalistic style.

If you opt for a strong digital marketing portfolio, it is paramount to highlight your individuality instead of presenting yourself as a part of a team. Focus attention on your professional skills, interests, and traits, as well as touch upon your present-day projects.

One of the best samples of such a site is the platform created by Charlie Waite. He is engaged in design and decided to describe his personality as a “Designer. Thinker. Husband & Father.”

This graphic designer created a sleek portfolio that clearly lists his achievement, and contains high-quality cases. Another advantage is that all social media platform links are arranged in one place (on the left middle side) and are instantly noticeable.

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2. Thai Pham Photography

Example of Thai Pham

Key features of the website include: Rough block design.

This is one of the most off-kilter digital marketing portfolio examples. Though Thai Pham has lots of fantastic images, he selected just one photo for his main page.

It is a shimmering, mysterious portrait that immediately spikes visitors’ curiosity. Wide white margins serve as a specific border and make people focus even more on what is depicted.

 Scrolling down the page, you will see lots of wedding and glamour photographs, all of which share a unique shooting style.

It is rather interesting that Thai opted for a rough block design to arrange his photos and present them to the audience. Such a layout noticeably contrasts with the minimalistic aesthetics of the page. 

3. Emma Jane

Key features of the website include: An abundance of project types and formats.

Emma Jane decided to derive benefit from social networks and built her social media marketing portfolio on Behance.

The platform is best suited for sharing visual projects. It is very easy to use for such a task but you may feel disappointed with a limited range of customization options.

This creative marketer toils to find her place in the chosen sphere. She is most known for her skilled mixing of real-world and mock projects into vivid, scrollable formats.

In fact, her effort didn’t go unnoticed. For today, she has over 800 appreciations and almost 25K project views.

4. Studio Schurk

Example of Studio Schurk

Key features of the website include: It is possible to play the animation.

Studio Schurk offers professional animation and illustration services. You can immediately evaluate the quality of their works as the main website contains several projects displayed as the backdrop.

If you scroll a bit lower, you will see their animation examples, as well as projects and a portfolio. The company was founded by Miriam Knijff, an illustrator, and Wendy Van Veen, an animator.

If you also participate in similar niches and ponder on how to properly demonstrate your works, try adding them to the start page of your site. Thus, clients can see your level and creativity from the get-go.

 5. Wendy Ju

Example of marketing portfolio from Wendy Ju

Key features of the website include: Eye-pleasing beige colors.

This marketing portfolio immediately attracts attention with a fluid and beautiful animation that affects all other components of a website.

The design resembles a book or a fan that is being opened, while there appears the word “Hello” in English and Chinese. The composition is captivating and exquisite, being a perfect match for a neat website design.

 Another interesting feature of a site is an animated cursor. It adds special interest to website navigation and helps focus viewers’ attention on a specific item. Besides, it complements a relatively neutral color palette with a bright accent.

6. Branex

Example of Branex

Key features of the website include: Every service is displayed as an animated icon.

The digital marketing company chose bright colors for its web design. The platform instantly amazes with fantastic mixes of all imaginable colors, which radiate some positive vibes.

In the middle of such colorful splashes, you will see a marketing portfolio with an in-depth description of different cases. Each case study contains info about a brand, overall campaign, and the outcome of cooperation with Branex.

They also added the rolling statistic so that prospects can see how efficient the offered strategy was, as well as screenshots, images, and background details to simplify the comprehension of the data. All these elements constitute a wonderful marketing portfolio.

 7. Erik Andersson Architects

Example of Erik Andersson

Key features of the website include: Quick preview of completed projects.

Eric Andersson Architects is a Stockholm-based studio that has a very broad scope of activities. The team has created projects for infrastructure, furniture design, and everything in between.

They were invited to several Swedish and international design competitions and received different reputable awards. Their marketing portfolio website is designed with minimalism and tidiness in mind.

Besides, it has very convenient navigation. Visitors can easily find the needed work samples as all projects are located in a specific library with thematic sections. So, choose the needed category and examine their proficiency.

8. Dennis Krawec

Key features of the website include: Vibrant design in the style of the 80s.

Dennis totally neglected tenderness and delicacy while creating his digital marketing portfolio online and that was a smart thing to do. His site catches an eye right after you open it.

The photographer and designer combined the aesthetics of the 80s with pop culture elements and crazy GIFs from the 2000s. Thus, he received a very memorable website.

 In fact, such a portfolio page resembles a cork mood board with varied images, texts, and GIFs overlapping in a hectic yet interesting manner. So, to locate specific info, you need to scroll the page in a slow tempo.

However, the site isn’t really that chaotic. Piles of provocative elements make up a coherent story that sheds light on the personality of the artist and his works. Looking at such site components you can better understand his style.

 9. Incast

Example of marketing portfolio from Incast

Key features of the website include: Information is presented in a succinct way.

Incast is a high-profile marketing agency that helps brands and social media influencers find a common ground for fruitful cooperation. Experts didn’t allocate a separate page for their portfolio because they think it is too trivial.

Instead, they distributed their projects on the homepage, so you need to scroll to see them. By moving down the page halfway, you will bump into samples of their pet videos aimed at social media users.

They skillfully combine arresting photos and reliable data to show their understanding of the market. Such an approach works great for organizing a portfolio. The main thing is to deliver information without occupying too much screen space.

 10. Christina Vanessa

Example of Christina Vanessa

Key features of the website include: Full-screen video about the author’s projects.

Christina Vanessa is a graphic designer and an expert on visual communication, so she knows how a good website should look. Frankly speaking, this is one of the most captivating online marketing portfolio examples due to its expressive aesthetics.

The first page of a portfolio site is a full-screen video about the author and her creative projects. The text part contains only the main info – name and position of the designer, as well as the “Explore” option. Such an intro is sure to spur interest in visitors.

The main page is no less spectacular considering the variety of visual effects presented there. The color scheme is an important part of corporate storytelling – delicate creamy, beige, and light grey shades create the atmosphere of serenity, and harmoniously complement the main animation and work samples.

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What to Include in a Marketing Portfolio

If you want to create a marketing portfolio that will present your services and products in the best light, make sure to include all the elements listed below:

Short bio

It seems logical to include your concise professional bio at the very beginning of a marketing portfolio.

In this part, you should highlight your interests, skills, and achievements. Besides, make sure to explain to your audience why you think your activity is important and how you can help them.


The next section is actually your CV. It serves for adding some strong pieces of evidence of your professionalism.

If you aren’t sure what are the obligatory elements of a CV, you can search the web. However, including employment history and academic background may be enough.

Contact details 

If you are building your own digital marketing portfolio to expand client list, you should definitely specify how people can get in touch with you.

This may be an email address, a phone number, as well as links to social networks. Enumerate only those channels that you use regularly when developing your digital marketing career.

Samples of the best projects

Every person has something he/she is proud of when it comes to work. So, adding such project samples is a must.

This section will become the centerpiece of a portfolio. In addition to finished projects, you should tell the audience a short story of how it was created, what methods you used, etc.

Besides, it is crucial to include some data-driven metrics to accentuate the importance of your participation.

Client testimonials

For your words not to sound baseless, you should complement every work sample with customer feedback. This helps build trustworthy relationships with prospects quicker.

Cover page and table of contents

This can be a wonderful way to arrange a menu and then summarize what you can offer to clients. You can use a pre-designed template and adjust it in accordance with your needs.

Final Thoughts

Having a great marketing portfolio is key to attract potential clients and showcase your products, services or skills. A carefully created portfolio will allow you to build credibility and ensure you that first meeting with a client.

Likewise, a great portfolio should include great examples of client work, stunning visuals, high quality images, relevant statistics and testimonials.

If you are just learning how to compose a good portfolio, you may need expert recommendations. With the help of an agency, you can create a successful online portfolio with little effort.


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