The Little Words That 10X Your Social Reach: Quotes and Social Media
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The Little Words That 10X Your Social Reach: Quotes and Social Media


Social media is about building a relationship, creating a bond with your followers and maintaining it. Nowadays, social media is ever more business as well – for to build a community, to promote your product, your brand, or to position yourself as a thought leader with these quotes for business.

Given the amount of time we spend on them, it goes without saying that what started as a means of communication and social entertainment has become one of the most profitable forms of business growth. To do this, it is important to address your target audience with the right content – and above all to promote engagement.

There’s one simple hack that so many top influencers use to do this. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Quotes.

Why Do Quotes Work? 

Publishing quotes has several advantages

  • Easily feed your social network algorithm.
  • Generate interest, create interaction on the post between users, offer visibility.
  • Posting content that is easy to consume, high quality and visually appealing.
  • It provides a welcome break between different posts.
  • Be a source of inspiration for your followers.

With these, you can easily convey your values to your audience or support an opinion. And in some cases, you can also put forward the words of a well-known person with whom you agree – all the while positioning the two of you side by side for added value!

Here is an example of a rather famous quote from Steve Jobs, probably already (re)posted by hundreds of internet users: 

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition: they somehow know what you truly want to become”. – Steve Jobs

Boost Your Engagement 

Using quotes on your social networks can boost the engagement of your followers. 

For several years now, the number of active users on social networks has only increased. Online presence for businesses is therefore absolutely essential. But as we know, all these social networks are algorithmically based and promotes above all the accounts that are known for receiving likes and comments.

So effective method for businesses is to engage and post engaging content on a regular basis and over time. It is essential to generate content regularly.

The 4 advantages of this strategy:

  • Stand out from the masses of information
  • Feed your social networks with contents 
  • Increase your visibility and notoriety
  • Develop and maintain a relationship with your followers 

Social networks are a very effective marketing tool. But you need to know how to use it. That’s why posting regular content on your social networks is essetial. 

Examples of quotes

Here is a selection of examples of famous people, influencers, and organisations that use quotes correctly: 

linkedin quote
linkedin quote
quotes for business
quotes for business
instagram quote

We can see that in the fourth example, the quote helped to generate reactions. But above all it created interactions with influencers. 

These interactions allow you to gain visibility in the community of the well-known person and to develop your reputation. 

We have also made a small selection of quotes that we find inspiring, you can find them here.

quotes for business

Ready to take advantage of them? 

We’ve found the most motivating and inspiring business quotes for you to download and post directly to your networks. 

Just enter your email and click on the link to access over 20 inspirational and motivational quote templates suitable for business posts. With different formats for posting on Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook. 

Ready to go, you can schedule them and watch the interactions roll in, feed the algorithm and increase your business reach.

To facilitate regularity of posts, you can use the Buffer tool. Create and schedule your posts for free. 

Once your posts are published, don’t forget to analyse your engagement rate.

All that’s left is to take advantage of the quote templates to feed your content and boost your engagement! 


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