10 Drool-Worthy Restaurant Advertisement Examples to Follow

10 Drool-Worthy Restaurant Advertisement Examples to Follow


Your restaurant’s advertising mix will be determined by your company objectives. Whether you’re just starting, want to rebrand, or want to establish yourself as the go-to spot for a specific sort of cuisine, a strong marketing campaign may help you achieve your goals. Read more to find out some go-to restaurant advertisement examples.

Restaurant advertising has always attempted to arouse the senses by emphasising the food itself. While food photography is still important, storytelling, good branding, and connection with a certain lifestyle are becoming increasingly important.

Of course, who your target customers are and where they can be discovered should dictate the advertising tactics you use. Keep up with the most up-to-date restaurant marketing concepts and trends.

We’re looking at some of the finest restaurant advertising efforts of recent years and what your business can learn from them, from evoking a little FOMO on social media platforms to craft genuinely remarkable restaurant advertisements.

Key Takeaways

  • Align advertising with company objectives, emphasising storytelling, branding, and lifestyle connections alongside food photography.
  • Utilise geo-targeted ads, engaging social media content, and eye-catching digital signage to attract local customers.
  • Learn from successful restaurant ads to effectively communicate brand values and identity.
  • Experiment with unconventional ads and quirky social media presence to resonate with younger audiences while considering traditional and seasonal advertising methods.

Types Of Restaurant Ads

You may develop strong and appealing advertising campaigns for your restaurants in a variety of methods. To assist you, here are some suggestions for making your restaurant stand out and attracting customers:

1. Geo-targeted ads: You may ensure that only residents in your city or geographical area view your advertisements by using geo-targeted marketing.

McDonalds Geotargeting Ad From Latest Free Stuff

2. Social Media ads: To entice consumers, use visually appealing, high-quality, appetising photographs to promote your restaurant’s food on such social platforms.

Kanes Donuts on Instagram From Medium

3. YouTube & Display ads: Instead of traditional billboards and magazine advertisements, use eye-catching digital signs to promote your business. It is less expensive than traditional advertisements and may be used to market anything, including menu items, promotions, and events.

Open Table on Youtube from Reddit

If you own or work in a restaurant and are looking for some help in your next advertising campaign, try working with a qualified advertising agency to help you find and create the best marketing strategy.

Best Restaurant Advertisement Examples

Take inspiration from these restaurant commercials that have successfully communicated their restaurant branding, distinctive values, and identity to their target audience.

A good ad has the power to transform something old into something fresh. Take Legal Sea Foods as an example. It has a retro vibe to it and repurposes an old proverb that we’ve all heard before.

This commercial is not only a sharply designed ad, but it also makes us laugh. While the commercial looks shabby chic, the punchline is the most important part.

The crude marketing message (“make reservations”) gains the depth of a classic adage, takes on the depth of a classic proverb, reminding us that it is for those special occasions in our lives.

legal sea foods restaurant advertisement examples
Legal Sea Foods From Upserve

Panda Express

Panda express launched an advertisement featuring a little girl spreading joy by handing out fortune cookies around her school and town. The slogan reads, “Where good fortune smiles.”

The 2-minute video makes you want to cry. Food and family will always go together, as this advertisement demonstrates.

Domino’s Pizza

In the UK, the major demographic target audience for Domino’s fast-food franchise is between the ages of 25 and 45.

The majority of individuals who would end up buying a pizza for whatever reason are the target demographic for Domino’s impactful advertising.


Burger King

What about Burger King’s “Always Better With Fire Ad”? The brand decided to use the epitome of fire, a volcano, to remind customers that all of their burger meat is cooked on a flaming grill.

Bruger king volcano example
Burger King From Candybar

Daring Restaurant Advertisement Examples

Here are some restaurant advertisement examples that were weird but remained in people’s minds for a long time. 

Burger King 2.0

Yes, we’re looking at Burger King again. They’re just that good.

The Subservient Chicken was odd, to say the least. In 2004, he initially appeared, and then in 2014, he reappeared. However, this is still regarded as one of the finest restaurant advertisement examples of all time.

Burger king have you seen this chicken
Burger King from Time

Less established chains may not be able to pull it off. Subservient Chicken, on the other hand, was just weird and hilarious enough to become iconic ad moments.

Also, Burger King understands how nostalgic millennials are, and what better way to tap into that sentiment than by reintroducing their iconic chicken fries.


Enter Denny’s Twitter account, which is full of strange restaurant commercial samples and funny tweets. Of all, when it comes to advertisements, social media is a whole new different ball game. Denny’s, on the other hand, sends out off-kilter, amusing tweets like these ones below. They make sense at times. They don’t always work.

Denny's restaurant advertisement example

Denny has developed a distinct social media voice and niche. And that’s not easy. They understand that to be relevant, they need a younger crowd to discover the brand. Every tweet may be shared, keeping the brand in front of your thoughts as you read through your stream.

What Methods Do Restaurants Use to Promote Themselves?

There are several ways to operate an advertising campaign, ranging from traditional advertising to social media. One that aims to reach out to your target demographic and promote the food and values of your business.

The type of restaurant advertising you choose will be influenced by your tastes, marketing budget, and target demographic.

Traditional Advertising

Traditional marketing like billboards and newspaper ads, which are frequently employed by large restaurants with large budgets, might be pricey, but they allow your restaurant to stand out boldly and attract consumers.

When customers are looking for a new restaurant, your eye-catching restaurant marketing might be the determining factor in whether or not they try your place.

If you create an appealing advertisement, you’ll most likely persuade people to sample your meal and tell others about their positive experiences at your establishment.

These ads also appeal to a somewhat older client group who reads newspapers, magazines and watches television daily. With that in mind, create material that is appropriate for this demographic, relevant, and not too next-gen.

Social Media Ads

Social media advertising is sometimes less expensive than traditional ad methods and helps you to establish and build a strong online presence for your business and reach your target audience.

Customers that utilise social media often benefit the most from this type of advertising. It will help your restaurant advertisement expand its reach beyond more traditional campaign tactics, attracting new consumers and building brand loyalty among existing customers.

You may create an online identity for your restaurant using platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Yelp, Flickr, Instagram, and Foursquare. You can grow your presence initially by purchasing Instagram followers.

Zedric restaurant facebook
Zedric Facebook Ad From Business 2 Community

Advertising for a New Restaurant (To Launch a Brand)

When it comes to advertising your new restaurant, timing is crucial to a successful restaurant marketing strategy. People like to be the first to explore new things and locations, so take advantage of the FOMO effect and create large and exciting initial marketing campaigns.

Knowing who your target demographic is and how much money you have to spend helps you to tailor your marketing strategy.

For advertisement examples, you might use Facebook Ads to send out announcements about restaurant events, new menus, and other information to target audiences who are interested in your restaurant’s cuisine or who may even reside nearby.

By partnering with online ordering/ delivery services, you can reach out to a larger number of prospective consumers and increase awareness of your new business. Online ordering of food has a lot of scopes nowadays taking into consideration the covid 19 days.

Seasonal Advertisement

Tailoring your restaurant advertisements to special occasions, changing seasons, seasonal holidays, and sporting events help you to reach out to your consumers and catch their attention.

Throughout the year, you should advertise your restaurant to maintain consistency and stay relevant to your consumers.

User-Generated Content (UGC) like competitions and discounts may help you build interest and engage your consumers, whether it’s during the holidays or sluggish seasons.

This promotional content makes your customers feel important, and as a result, they will return to your restaurant regularly and tell their friends about it. Seasonal advertising also helps your business stay current and connected to clients by strengthening top-of-mindshare.

Mcdonalds restaurant advertisement examples
McDonalds Christmas Ad From Webneel

Seasonal restaurant ads, for example, may look like this:

  • Saint Patrick’s Day is on March 17th (Buy 3 beers get 1 free)
  • Valentine’s Day is on February 14th this year (Meal for 2 deals)
  • Christmas vacations (Christmas dishes with free drinks)

What Is the Reason Behind Restaurant Ads?

Obtaining a great restaurant site, delivering outstanding cuisine, and conducting a typical marketing campaign no longer seem to cut it in a saturated food sector.

So, to stand out, restaurant operators have turned to the internet. Thousands of banner advertising are shown online each month, making life difficult for any aspiring or up-and-coming establishments.

So, how can you stand out in such a crowded field? By placing restaurant advertisements

Restaurant advertisements that entice people to visit your restaurant and make your business stand out among the sea of competitors. Restaurant advertising can only encourage consumers to attend if they first catch their attention and then resonate with them.

Summing Up

By now, your mind is most likely working on some fantastic, if not outlandish, ad ideas for your business.

But, before you get too excited, pay attention that a scattergun strategy may dilute your chances of success. As a reminder, while developing your advertising strategy, aim for a balance that is focused on both your company’s goals and potential customers.

After your ads have gone live, be sure to evaluate their success and use what you’ve learned in your future campaigns.

Creative restaurant ads might help you reach more loyal customers than ever before. Simply by adopting an interactive and innovative restaurant ads campaign, such as the ones shown above, you will quickly engage more consumers than you ever imagined. Always remember that good ad stick. So try using every possible way to make it new and remain relevant.


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