The 8 Best Ways to Rank Better With SEO for Architects

The 8 Best Ways to Rank Better With SEO for Architects

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Almost every architect thinks that a website is a place to showcase their portfolio, which isn’t a wrong assumption. 

But, only uploading the photos of your project won’t help you accomplish the expected success online. Of course, your website might look pretty, but that’s it! And we don’t think “pretty” or “aesthetically appealing” are the only things you wish to accomplish.

And therefore, you need SEO or search engine optimization. 

SEO services allow you to transform your architect’s website into a treasured asset that helps in demonstrating your expertise to your target audience as well as building brand prestige to new heights. 

To help you grasp the concept of SEO for architects, we are drafting this blog with some valuable insights. Sit back and exalt your awareness through these SEO tips. 

What can SEO do for an architect’s website?

Before we comprehend the various SEO practices that help in boosting the ranking of your site, it is imperative to determine why it is at all useful for your architectural firm. 

Here is an overview of the benefits associated with search engine optimization for your existing website–

Help your website get found digitally 

Do you ever wonder why every other digital business competes to be on the top of the search engine ranking page? 

It is estimated that 63,000 search queries are processed by Google every second, which translates to 5.6 billion searches per day. On average, a person conducts anywhere between three and four searches every day, which explains the need for SEO gurus. 

The average monthly search for the keyword “architect” is 135,000. Without SEO, none of the searchers using such specific keywords will know that your business exists, leading to you losing many prospective clients. 

If you want your architecture business to get found digitally on search results, investment in SEO for architects should be your priority.

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Build your brand’s prestige

Customers don’t prefer working with nobodies, especially when the service they wish to acquire costs them money. Therefore, prestige is crucial to run successful architecture firms.

An established branding for architects helps in boosting trust and loyalty among digital users, thereby enticing them to choose you over others. 

Add proper meta descriptions and other meta tags along with quality content, to hook searchers. Once people start seeing your firm as an industry expert, you are bound to acquire a bunch of new projects. 

While you might think having a well-designed website is enough, without SEO, there is only so much your website can do to drive website traffic and generate revenue. SEO helps your architectural firm’s website to appear on top of search engines, thereby giving your brand a big boost. 

Untap new markets

Are you looking forward to tapping into the new markets? Perhaps you wish to expand your brand from one specialization to another. SEO for architects can help!

Even if your portfolio is empty, you can demonstrate your expertise and skills through written digital content like blogs, articles, website’s content, and so on. 

For instance, an article on “home designing tips” or “budget renovation ideas” can help you keep your knowledge in front of digital users and help digital users determine you know all there is no know about designing schools. 

8 best SEO practices for architects 

Whether you own a well-established architectural firm or are just getting started in the industry, digital marketing, and SEO for architects are all it takes to make the difference between being known and being invisible to the prospective audience. 

With the myriad of effective digital marketing strategies like those suggested below, you can improve your brand’s position on the search results and even boost conversion rates. 

Target the right SEO keywords and use them strategically

The first step to the digital success of your architecture business is targeting relevant keywords – those that resonate with your niche and your potential clients are actively using for searching.

Of course, you will require brainstorming to determine terms that best describe your industry, but you can rely on the expertise of keyword research tools, too, such as Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Search Console, and so on.


Another way to conduct relevant keyword research is by looking at the “search results related,” section on the search engines. 

seo for architects

Remember that many of the keywords for architecture firms will have a locational element, meaning there will be city/region/area names included in the keywords. If you are interested in being established as a local business, you will require focusing on local SEO and include these location terms in your keywords, too. 

Once you create a list of SEO keywords for your architecture firm, you need to focus on creating web pages based on each keyword. For instance, if your chosen keywords are “restaurant architects near me” or “interior design business nearby,” you can create a page for each keyword to offer vital details about these local businesses. 

To ensure this page shows up in search results for that term, you will require strategically placing the keyword throughout the website architecture of the webpage. You can use the keyword in –

  • Meta Title tags
  • Meta description tags
  • Headings
  • And URL of the page

Ensure the keyword fits into your copies naturally and doesn’t look forcefully stuffed. Do not sacrifice the readability of your copies just for the sake of using keywords because that is an unethical practice termed keyword stuffing and will hurt your search engine rankings substantially.

You can use various variations of your primary keyword or even closely related keywords to prevent stuffing.

And don’t forget to utilize long-tail keywords like “prices of architecture services near me,” etc., because they have low competition but high search intent. 

Build creative and unique landing pages

Every part of your site that has a unique URL is considered a landing page. For instance, if you have a single home page that offers details with a simple scroll-down, then you have one landing page.

However, if your users can click, access, and navigate multiple pages, then you have multiple landing pages on your website. 

It is time to use your landing pages to your architecture firm’s advantage. 

The more landing pages your website has, the better its digital reach will be. This is because each page on your website puts you in the position of being ranked. But, you need to be mindful. Ensure to customize all the URLs you have on your domain. 

It is best to utilize keywords instead of symbols and a bunch of letters to name each of your website’s landing pages. This is a form of keyword optimization that helps search engine bots and digital audiences comprehend your website. 

Also, avoid creating landing pages just so you can have another URL on your website; instead, create one to meet a certain purpose. 

Start blogging

If your idea is to expand the number of landing pages on your website, then start blogging regularly. This effective on-page SEO strategy will create a never-ending stream of fresh, high-quality content that will help in boosting your search engine results pages’ rankings.

Regular blogging creates a regular flow of information that search engines consider a positive signal. Besides, blogs make it possible to include a mixture of different high-ranking keywords that best reflects your architecture industry. 

What’s more? A blog post can help establish authority – not just in terms of SEO but also among your ideal audiences. With better digital authority comes a better SEO position, followed by a boosted level of brand recognition and loyalty. 

Focus on responsive design 

No matter how many landing pages you create for your website or how regularly you blog, without mobile-responsive design, your website is no good. 

It isn’t possible that all of your target audience might use computer systems to access your website; they might use mobile, tabs, etc., to know about your architect firm, too. If your website doesn’t fit these devices, you probably are losing immense opportunities.

Besides, search engines like Google and Bing give preferences to websites that have mobile-responsive designs. This means your google rankings are bound to fall. 

By focusing on responsive design, you can make your website accessible from almost any device. This means your website visitors will be able to navigate, read, click through, fill forms and contact you easily from any device. 

More so, responsive design is one of the factors that help determine a website’s SEO position.

A picture says a thousand words

While too many images on the website can prove overwhelming for the users and search engine bots, using relevant images in the right places can make a huge difference. 

Visuals play a key role in sharing the story of your architecture firm. They showcase your work and present your team in the right light. These same visuals have a huge impact on the SEO content creation process, too. 

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Besides keeping the customers engaged, high-resolution photos and images showcase your professionalism, thereby invoking a sense of reliability in customers’ minds in regard to your brand. Custom-made logos and graphics have the same impact, too. 

Ensure to name images, irrespective of where they are used. Also, don’t forget to add captions wherever required – perhaps a specific keyword. This will help in gaining added SEO exposure and can add up more than you imagine.

Backlinks are one of the crucial off-page SEO strategies that search engines like Google and other search engines evaluate to determine the authoritativeness and reliability of a website. The quality and quantity of the links that point back to your website matter a lot during the evaluation.

There are various ways to internal linking strategy. Creating content is one of the straightforward and ethical ways of doing so. Part of this process is simply creating high-quality content.

You can put together a variety of content that helps in earning a lot of links, including statistics roundups, infographics, original research, and so on. 

Outreach can also help in obtaining internal links. This method requires you to contact publishers like bloggers and ask them for links. However, spend time determining whether or not you are working with reliable content creators to ensure your links are useful.  

For instance, if you have created a statistics roundup that matches someone’s post, perhaps invite them to update their post with your stats. You can even check for any website’s pages with broken links and provide one of your links as a fix. 

Improve your brand’s social media presence

Social media is something you should never overlook when building an SEO marketing strategy

Social media for architects helps in connecting with followers and fans of your architectural firm on a more personal level. It is a platform that allows you to share behind the scenes of your design process. It also helps in giving your followers a sneak peek into something new. 

By engaging with the followers through DMs, comments and stories, etc., you expand your online reach and build a lasting relationship with the customers. 

Regular blogging can help generate fresh posts for social media platforms, which in turn can help drive organic search traffic from your social media pages to your website. 

Make your website faster and secure 

Not many website owners give site speed and security any priority which, in the long term, can massively harm your website traffic.  

Tell us, would you like to visit a website that takes too long to open? Or will you visit a website that doesn’t promise a secure and safe browsing experience? We don’t think so! Then why would you expect the same from your digital audience?

It is time to make your architecture website both faster and more secure for your audience by taking relevant actions. 

For site speed

  • If your website features high-quality images, try compressing them to reduce the page’s size by 30% to 40%. 
  • Get rid of unnecessary items that add to the website’s loading speed.
  • Enable browser caching
  • Use the content delivery network or CDN
  • Reduce add-ons

For site security

  • Change your location for HTTP to HTTPS – a more secure version of the web protocol.

To summarize 

With these eight digital marketing and search engine optimization tips and practices, you should be able to create a highly convenient website for your digital audience and search engines alike.

Remember, SEO is an ongoing process, meaning you will require adding continuous efforts to yield its many benefits stated in “What can SEO do for an architect’s website?” Plus, SEO is a time-consuming affair. 

If you need assistance with online architecture marketing, why not partner with Sortlist? With the right skills and knowledge, our specialized SEO agencies are completely capable of obtaining relevant results reliably and quickly.


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