Maximising Your Reach as a Social Media Content Creator: Tips and Tricks
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Maximising Your Reach as a Social Media Content Creator: Tips and Tricks

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Love it or loathe it, social media has become an integral part of many people’s life. There are more than 4.67 billion social media users, which equates to 59.4% of the global population. How to become a successful social media content creator in today’s digital space?

As a newbie influencer, a company or a personal brand, your focus on building a strong social media presence now can help you yield incredible benefits in the near future. And given there are billions of people on social media, making the right moves can open endless opportunities, especially in terms of influencing a large audience group, engaging with them and eventually making profits.


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But building a loyal cult following on various social media platforms is easier said than done. And as a novice, you perhaps may have limited knowledge of what to do and where to begin.

Well, fret not! Stick around till the end. We assure you will have gained enough knowledge on how to maximize your social media reach as a social media content creator by the time you complete reading this blog. We have included some proven tricks and tips in this blog.

1- Create High-Quality Content

In this digital age, the key to retaining a target audience for the long haul is excellent engagement. And what is better than using social media to do so? Social media, in fact, gives a variety of ways to interact with the target audience, share information and connect with them.

However, just because social media is accessible doesn’t mean using it to improve digital consumer acquisition and engagement rate with the niche audience is easy and straightforward. You’ll have to bend your back to create content that is engaging enough.

Here are some tips for producing high-quality content for social media that will work wonders for your brand –

1.1- Fewer texts, more visuals 

Have you ever stopped scrolling your social media page just to read a huge chunk of text? We don’t think so, even if the post belongs to the account you like and follow.

And even if you do, we are sure you will likely lose your interest or wonder, “will you get to the point already?”

Well, it is quite clear that digital users don’t entertain things that don’t entertain them. Hence, make it a rule to add a visual to everything you post online.

Also, post videos and photos that speak to your audience – something they will most likely pause to check out.

1.2- Understand your target audience 

Unless you know your audience’s persona, you cannot create content that is shareable, valuable or even saveable.

Hence, it is crucial to spend time determining who you are targeting. This will ensure the end result is compelling, convincing and tailored for the niche audience.

Perhaps start posting topics that you wish to be known for. From there, you can start experimenting and see what sticks and resonates with your audience.

1.3- Give the audience what they seek

To be known for what you are doing, you must deliver what people are expecting from you. Social media insights can come in handy here.

Navigate the metrics based on Reach, Saves, Impression, Shares and Plays to determine –

  • What is the most popular organic and paid content?
  • Are there any common trends in your threads?
  • Is the audience resonating with a particular topic or thread?

 Also, look for –

  • Least popular content
  • Caption lacking substance
  • Low-quality photos

This research will give you a clear idea of what your audience wants, assisting you to focus on it more.

 1.4- Consistency is the key

People tend to scroll through their social media accounts when they are free while travelling, working and even doing household chores.

Choose to post on a regular basis. Also, maintain consistency in the voice and message, thereby allowing the customers to know that it is you, irrespective of the platform they use.

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2- Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Social media is an engaging tool. It can assist you in engaging with the audience and building brand awareness, too.

But, the choice of platforms available can make it overwhelming to properly optimize all the social profiles for maximum engagement and driving digital consumer acquisition rate.

Here are some proven tips for effectively optimizing social media profiles

2.1- Add relevant profile photo and bio 

Since your profile photo is the first thing that people notice when visiting your page, it is crucial you add the right one to make a lasting first impression.

  • Always choose a high-quality image.
  • Use an image that represents yourself or your brand.
  • Use a visually appealing profile photo.

2.2- Post consistently 

On social media platforms, posting consistently is directly proportional to boosting visibility and engaging with the audience.

  • Use relevant tools to schedule Instagram stories and other social media posts in advance, thereby saving time.
  • Monitor the engagement to determine when the audience is most active and adjust the post schedule accordingly.

2.3- Use all the available features

Social media platforms evolve on a regular basis. New features and elements are added frequently to assist creators in engaging with the audience better. Use these features to your benefit.

For instance, add short videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc., to promote a full video, incorporate a link in your bio to direct the followers to your website, or create polls to encourage engagement.

2.4- Monitor and analyse

Monitoring and analysing social media performance is key to determining what is working and what isn’t.

Closely track metrics like shares, likes, comments, follower growth, etc., using tools like Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Hootsuite Insights and so on. These tools will assist in gaining a deeper understanding of your audience’s behaviour, interests and overall demographics.

The data gained through monitoring and analysing can be used to create content that reverberates with the audiences.

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3- Leverage Hashtags and SEO

Even though hashtags were first introduced on Twitter, they are now widely used across all social media platforms. Also, did you know using at least one hashtag can increase the engagement rate of the post by 12.6%?

But simply using a hashtag won’t result in the desired engagement rate. There are certain tricks and tips you must abide by.

3.1- Use hashtags effectively

  • Being careful while incorporating hashtags is key. Avoid using #likeforlike or #followforfollow or something similar. These hashtags will bring you followers and likes, but they will most likely be spammers.
  • Add hashtags that represent your content. But avoid something that is too generic. For instance, #finance #YouTube #Fashion, etc. Such hashtags will make your post disappear.
  • Use trendy hashtags only if they are relevant to your industry niche. You can use relevant hashtag analytics tools to identify hashtags that relate to your brand. And if you come across a relevant hashtag, ensure to use it effectively to make your post engaging.
  • Don’t forget to create a branded hashtag – one that features both your brand name as well as the content you represent digitally. Such hashtags are extremely useful when running giveaways or contests to collect the entries and showcase them together. The more your branded hashtag gets used, the higher the reach of your profile will be.
  • Lastly, avoid using the same hashtags in every post and avoid overusing hashtags, as that will do more harm than good to your brand.

3.2- Tips to optimize the content for search engines 

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a marketing technique that assists in boosting the site or brand’s visibility on search engines. It helps in bringing the brand or site to the top of the search engines to gain more exposure, bring more traffic and turn the audience into paying customers.

If you search for a particular brand or content creator on search engines, you will also be provided with social media details. What does this tell? Choosing to optimize your social media profiles can bag you a follower and like counts from search engines, too.

Besides, social media and SEO have an indirect relationship. They end up leveraging each other, thereby helping your brand in growing.

To optimize your social media profiles –

  • Ensure to add relevant profile photos across the platforms.
  • Optimize your bio, and incorporate a link or two to assist people in jumping directly to your website or commercial site.
  • Use hashtags wherever and whenever required.
  • Craft engaging captions
  • Post consistently

4- Collaborate with Other Content Creators

Social media collaboration is when multiple brands, content creators or social media influencers come together to create and share content on their respective channels.

This collaboration can either focus on giveaways, sponsored posts or other similar content that helps all the parties involved.

Social media collaborations are crucial, given they –

  • Grow the reach
  • Boosts engagement
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Creates valuable relationships
  •  And drive sales

Besides, such collaborations are key to fostering relationships with other brands and eventually expanding your customer base.

4.1- Partner with the right creators

Since social media collaboration focuses on expanding your reach and helping you acquire more followers, it is crucial to partner with creators who will care for your brand.

Look for a social media content creator who speaks to your target audience and even has the credibility required for pursuing the audience you wish to reach.

Ensure the social media content creator has a large enough following to make a difference.

4.2- Set clear primary goals

For any social media content strategy to work, having goals is crucial. Hence, before you work with your collaborator to brainstorm an idea, consider setting clear primary goals that can be measured and tracked.

Set tangible goals like increasing the sale of the featured product or driving traffic for a certain page. If possible, avoid quantifiable goals that focus on increasing the follower count. Keep in mind increase in follower count doesn’t necessarily mean additional profits.

4.3- Develop a framework

When pursuing social media collaborations, setting clear expectations, objectives, and deadlines should be the priority.

Being direct and detailed is key to effective and efficient collaboration.

For the success of the collaboration, you must maintain good communication and check in regularly. Schedule meetings to discuss objectives, progress, and resolve any problem that may come up and then set new goals.

4.4- Cross-promote for each other

One of the greatest benefits of social media collaborations is that it allows you to tap into the existing follower list. But, to be successful in this collaboration, promoting the content on your own social media channel is crucial, too.

Plan an effective cross-promotion by coordinating with the partners and determining who will post what and when. Also, don’t forget to add relevant links to each other’s posts, social media profiles and websites.

Important note – always announce collaborations beforehand to get the audience excited.

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5- Engage with Your Audience

For years now, social media has been used on a regular basis to assist businesses in breaking through the crowd and reaching customers effectively.

Listed below are some recommendations for improving engagement with the audience using social media channels –

5.1- Encourage sharing

One effective way of building an audience that engages directly with your brand is encouraging them to share their experience.

Host live events that allow you to engage with the customers directly. This opportunity can be used to discuss with the followers what they like and dislike.

Livecube, for instance, is an excellent tool that makes social media sharing both entertaining and rewarding for customers.

5.2- Listen and be responsive

Gone are the days when people would offer you 24 hours to respond to their request.

In this digital age, people expect an immediate response from social media content creators. Hence, you should plan to respond to the requests and needs of your audience. You will likely lose your followers if you don’t.

Also, don’t forget to thank users who repost, like or comment on your post.

Recognizing the followers publicly will make them your biggest cheerleaders down the line. 

5.3- Appear inviting 

Give reason to the people so they can follow you across platforms.

Ensure to customize the information on social media profiles so it matches the users of that channel. This is because sending the same automated message to everyone is not a feasible decision.

5.4- Create interactive content

Last but not the least, be an entertaining social media content creator by adding interactive content to your social media pages.

This could mean adding –

  • Quizzes
  • Interactive infographics
  • Image sliders
  • Games
  • Interactive maps/webinars
  • Interactive films or videos

Our parting thoughts

Although it takes just one post to become viral on social media, you certainly cannot predict which post will help you in doing so. Hence, until then, adding effort and investing time and money in all the right places is crucial.

Focus on building a strong and loyal following by –

  • Prioritizing high-quality content creation
  • Optimizing all your social media sites
  • Using hashtags responsibly
  • Focusing on SEO to ensure your posts are visible even on search engines.
  • Collaborating with a social media content creator who can help you grow.
  • And regularly engaging with the target audience.

All of these efforts will assist you, as a social media content creator, in creating a social media presence that reverberates with your target audience while driving engagement. And remember, the world of social media is dynamic, meaning your efforts must be continuous yet evolving.

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