5 Trends to Boost Your B2B Targeted Leads

5 Trends to Boost Your B2B Targeted Leads

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B2B lead generation is an important process when it comes to increasing your brand awareness and revenue. Here in this post, you will read about B2B lead generation, B2B targeted leads, and the trends to boost your B2B leads.

Eventually, the knowledge would help you generate more high-quality targeted leads with higher conversion potential. 

What is B2B Lead Generation?

The process of identifying and attracting the perfect clients for your goods or services and then luring them to make a purchase is known as B2B lead generation. It is a crucial task for teams working in B2B sales and marketing.

There are methods and strategies you can use to increase your B2B targeted lead generation. We will cover that after explaining more about B2B leads. 

What are B2B leads?

B2B leads, as used in B2B lead generation, refer to those who have been identified as possible clients for your company. You can classify them as people who would probably benefit from your products or services.

When it comes to B2B lead generation, there are two types of B2B leads:

Marketing-qualified leads (MQLs)

Marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) are targeted leads that are thought to be extremely likely to become paying customers.

The qualification is based on the level of involvement the MQL has had with the marketing initiatives of your company.

They may visit a page on your website multiple times, subscribe to your newsletter, attend your webinars, download a series of content from your website, etc.

Sales-qualified leads (SQLs)

Sales-qualified leads (SQLs) are the MQLs who have advanced through the funnel and are regarded as prepared for interaction with your sales team.

The lead must have demonstrated a desire to purchase your business’s goods or services in order to qualify as a SQL.

They may reach out to you via various channels for sales negotiations or ask you for more information on your products or services.

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Now, you know about the B2B targeted lead generation and B2B high quality leads. Generating targeted leads is a challenging task for B2B marketers and salespeople.

However, we will now walk you through learning how to generate more targeted leads based on the latest trends. Nobody knows where their leads come from, not even the major players in the industry.

Still, in a survey of B2B marketing experts done globally and published in March 2022, 45% of participants said webinars were the most efficient channel for creating top-of-the-funnel demand.

With 35% of respondents citing them, virtual events and digital experiences came in second, and videos comprised the top three with 27%.

Most effective top-of-the-funnel demand generation tactics
Source: Statista

So, it can be drawn that while it is hard to specifically say where the B2B leads come from, it can be webinars, virtual events, and video marketing that can attract the leads among your target audience.

Therefore, it is smart if you change the focus of your efforts to these strategies. In addition, here are some digital lead generation trends to implement in your B2B business:

1. Advanced Voice Search

Voice search is already getting popular due to the growth of digital transformation and the inevitable change in people’s preferences.

People use the voice search feature to search for their favorite song, ask questions, ask for funny jokes, ask the name of a song that is being played in a bar, get directions, etc. 

Anyone has a phone or a laptop which means they have access to Siri or Alexa or whatever voice search assistants.

Since talking to these assistants is much easier and less time-consuming than typing their queries, people prefer to get what they need by a simple voice search.

In such a new circumstance, what would happen if your website is not optimized for voice search, you think? True. All your efforts for B2B lead generation will be in vain. 

Just as optimizing text search results is important, optimizing voice search results is crucial as well. As a result, voice search optimization can play a major role in your B2B lead generation strategy.

Here are two SEO strategies you can adopt to optimize your website for voice search:

  • Add Alt Text for Images: Google can only read texts now and cannot recognize your images if you do not add Alt Texts for them. Adding Alt Text can make your images readable which means the post that contains the image can pop up in the search results when someone looks for something using voice search. 
  • Use Long-Tail Keywords: people do not usually say mere words to their voice search assistants if they want to search for it. Instead, they use sentences and questions. Therefore, it is better if you use long-tail keywords as focus keywords in your website content. Plus, you can also change some of your blog post headings into questions.

2. Real-Time Support

One trending strategy of marketing and B2B targeted lead generation is conversational marketing or conversational commerce. And, one awesome way to do conversational marketing is via live chat.

The support system of your website can be the way you can generate a prospect and start a client journey for them. An efficient support system can be one of the components of effective landing pages that can bring potential customers.

Imagine that your website presents your products and services well enough but still there are people who need more information. The thing that they do is reach out to you via live chat.

And there, it is you or your support expert who should solve their problems and answer their questions in a proper communicational way that catches their eye and engages them.

And real-time support doesn’t have to be limited to live chat. With a business phone system, you can let your website visitors call you directly. This will boost your B2B leads and also fast-track the sales process so you can close deals faster.

3. Data Analysis

Again, we are living in the digital transformation era and there are many new technologies to use. One of these technologies is machine learning which helps you with conducting a predictive analysis of historical data relevant to your target audience.

It can also help you with demographic segmentation as you can get valuable information using machine learning. Machine learning works with statistical modeling and data analysis based on the data that is driven from the past in order to predict the future behavior of your targeted prospects. Dealfront’s GTM solution is a perfect example of a tool that can locate your ideal customer quickly, thanks to aggregate data.

Let’s clear the air with an example. It definitely has happened to you that you search for a particular product from a particular brand and later on you see relevant ads of the same product all over your social media, YouTube, and any online space that you do an activity.

That is how machine learning works. The data of your online behavior is saved, analyzed, and then perceived to be your interests. So, you keep seeing things relevant to that data in the online world. 

You can make perfect use of this technology when generating B2B target leads. Remember to have a chat with your IT team about this and use the data of your audience when launching your next marketing campaign.

The point here is to make sure to stay on the same page with every team member both in the IT and marketing teams. Needless to say, the easiest way to do so is to use a project management tool

4. Podcasts

Targeted leads from podcasts

Podcasting is another new trend to boost your B2B leads. Podcasts are generally getting very popular these days. Podcasts are popular because they are great ways to build relationships even though there is actually no dialogue between the podcast producer and the audience.

If your company has not started creating podcasts yet, perhaps it is time now if you want to have more leads. Brands that produce their own podcasts have a great chance of engaging with their audience more deeply and getting more qualified leads.

Clients can learn more about the personalities of the individuals behind their favorite businesses by listening to podcasts, which are typically more relaxed and straightforward than traditional content marketing activities.

You can use a variety of marketing strategies to draw attention to your podcast. By including your brand’s content, listeners may learn more about your services and goods.

Accomplishing this integration can be made easy by working together, making references, or sharing episodes across many platforms. Prior to developing your podcast’s content, it is advisable to name your podcast after the keywords for which you want to be known.

And always use a content calendar software tool that offers features such as collaboration, automation, workflow visualization, advanced analytics, etc. 

5. Social Media

What social media platform can you think of when creating strategies for B2B lead generation? True. LinkedIn is the most popular platform for B2B marketers and can bring many B2B leads to your business.

Targeted leads from LinkedIn

Statistics show that LinkedIn generates nearly seven times as many B2B leads as any other platform, at over 80%.

Furthermore, LinkedIn is used to promote excellent professional content by over 91% of marketing executives. A recent study revealed that amongst small business B2B marketers, 63% post content on LinkedIn at least weekly.

Therefore, you really should consider LinkedIn for your B2B lead generation strategies. Create good quality content for your LinkedIn channel, and share the latest updates of your business with your connections.

You can also use Linkedin ads to generate targeted leads.

This would make potential B2B leads interested in your business so that they will probably reach out to you for further collaborations. This is how you can easily generate targeted leads using Linkedin.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we covered 5 trends to boost your B2B leads and you can choose any of them that you think can be successful regarding your business. Or, if you are already trying them, you can consider optimizing them and making them more effective and efficient.

Consider how you are generating leads and make sure your objectives reflect this as you adjust your B2B marketing plan in light of the aforementioned digital trends.

Then, based on current and past performance, you may use these benchmarks and statistics to create a written marketing plan. Wish you the best of luck!


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