Redesign Your Site: 7 Reasons Why You Need a Website Revamp
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Redesign Your Site: 7 Reasons Why You Need a Website Revamp

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Your website represents your brand. It should make an impression on its visitors, be easy to use, hold their interest, and entice them to return. 

Your website needs to attract new customers, keep them on your site, and convince them to trust your brand.

An inferior website can cost you customers and sales in the highly competitive online market. If your website isn’t up to par, it might be time to do a website revamp.

Why Is Having a Website Important in the First Place?

Whether you’re a corporate business, a retail shop, a service provider, a non-profit institution, or have something to share with the public; a great website is your key to success

Your own website is your face to the world and serves the following purposes:

General information 

Your company website provides crucial information to your customers. It tells them about the services your business offers, your location, hours of operation, and contact information. 

You can also use it to educate your users about the areas of your business and related subjects through blogs and videos. Users searching for resources may be directed to your site’s blog, which will increase your site’s traffic and conversion rates.


Take advantage of the internet’s global reach to market your business. Your website is your best marketing tool. 

Implement a smart digital marketing strategy to drive new customers to your site, and build your revamped website to impress them and draw them in.

Tout your accomplishments on your site. Tell prospective customers about your quality products, describe your excellent customer service, and post your satisfied clients’ customer feedback and testimonials.

Write a background and history of your business to personalize your company to possible customers. 

Offer promotions and discount codes on your sites to new customers, or entice website visitors to sign up for a free trial of your service. 

Post photos and videos of your products and services to show customers what you offer. Write blogs about topics that would interest visitors in your site and the industry.

Customer service

Responsive and timely customer service is crucial to most customers. With a FAQ page and detailed information about your company and products, you can answer customers’ questions without manning the phone lines.

Consider using Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as a chatbot to help customers in real-time. Good customer service can increase your conversion rate, which equals more sales.

Make sales

Of course, your current website is also a platform to make money! If you have a product to sell, make it easy and convenient for customers to shop directly from your website.

Even better, make sure your site is compatible with mobile devices so customers can shop anytime and from anywhere! If you don’t have programming experience, you can hire an expert. Here’s a list of the top web design agencies in London.

You can make sales outside of usual business hours by having your business on a website. Think of your entire website as a sales employee working for you 24/7 – no sales pitch needed. 

When Should You Redesign a Website?

Having a website isn’t enough. Your business website needs to be up-to-date, useful to customers, and bring in sales. 

Website revamp
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How do you know if your website needs a makeover?

If you aren’t getting the results you want

If your website is not meeting its goals, whether the number of sales, client leads or converting users into customer rate is too low, it may be time for a website redesign project. It’s also possible you haven’t properly researched your audience’s profile and you’re not quite sure who they are. 

You may want to bring in an expert to give you specific pointers on what areas your site needs to improve. If you ignore the problem, your site will continue, website performance will be low, and you risk losing customers.

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There has been a change in the purpose of your website

Businesses evolve and grow, and yours may no longer be in sync with your site. Make sure your site meets your vision for the company. 

For example, you may have created your site to provide information about your company, and now you’re ready to launch online sales. Or your site may have started as an educational tool, but you now provide services.

If your site does not represent the current goal of your business, you will not attract the customers you want and will have a dismal customer conversion rate. 

The user experience of your existing website is bad

If you’ve received complaints or negative reviews, and you are providing an abysmal user experience on your site, it’s time to start the website redesign process. Your site should be easy to navigate and enable users to find the information they need quickly. 

Customers get turned off by poorly designed or hard-to-use websites, and they most likely won’t revisit your site. 

Measure the success of your existing website and the user experience with third-party online analytic tools and reporting programs (google analytics is a good option). Review your site’s bounce rate—the percentage of users who view one page of your site and leave without navigating to another page.

Your website looks tired and outdated

With the speed that technology advances, websites created just a few years ago can already look outdated. Visitors may turn away from a site, concluding that the company itself is as obsolete as its online presence.

Your website represents your company, and viewers judge your business by what they see on your site. They expect a professional company to have a website that projects that image. 

When customers see an old, outdated website, they conclude the company is out-of-touch and will turn away from it just because the site looks old.  

Research the latest trends in websites, make a website redesign plan, and update your site regularly, both aesthetically and technologically.

Make functional modifications on your site to please the algorithms of search engines and to make the best impression on potential customers.

Your Website isn’t Designed for Mobile Compatibility

More and more people are using their phones as their primary internet devices. 

Mobile users look up information, compare prices, and shop online from their phones. Soon, nearly 75% of people will use their mobile devices to visit your site! 

If your website isn’t mobile compatible, you may risk losing up to 75% of customers! 

The 7 Advantages of Redesigning Your Website

An updated or new website offers so many advantages and benefits. Here are seven ways an updated website will help your business:

Attract more customers with an up-to-date website and an enticing visual appeal that makes great first impressions. Utilize new technology, updated photos, and trending design elements and styles to stay on top of the competitive market. 

Many customers equate a modern and on-trend site with higher quality and professional company. While this doesn’t mean it’s true, a current site will make a more favorable impression on prospective clients.

Upgrade your photos to enhance your site. Consider using your own custom images instead of using stock photos, which can be cliche and overused. The investment can be worth the impression they’ll make on your viewers.

2. Increase the functionality 

Customers get turned off by slow sites, bugs, and cumbersome navigation. Redesign your site to ensure that it gives its users the best customer experience. Iron out any potential pain points.

Your site should load quickly, be intuitive to navigate through, and have a search to help your customers find what they need. 

Go through every page and field on your site to ensure that they are each working as they should—or better. Research the latest technology to increase your site’s functionality. 

Slow-loading websites
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3. You can improve its responsiveness

Expand your website’s customer base by making it compatible with many devices. A responsive website design will adjust its views so that users can view it on their phones, tablets, and computers. 

As many people browse and shop online from their mobile devices, a responsive site is a necessity. The better you configure your site to adjust itself to different devices and screen sizes, the more views and customer conversions you can expect.

4. Create a more user-friendly interface 

Apply a major website redesign to make your site easy to use and intuitive for users to navigate. Keep these tips in mind when redesigning your website:

  • Use easy-to-read colors and images. Avoid bright and clashing colors and flashing graphics which can be jarring and overwhelming for some users and makes it hard to read.
  • Organize your site so that the pages are in a logical order and are easy to find. Include a sitemap to make it even easier for users to find the information they need.
  • Configure your site to be compatible with screen readers and make it accessible to blind and visually impaired users.
  • Optimize the speed so the pages load quickly, and users aren’t turned off by the wait time.
  • Ensure that your site redesign is compatible with a variety of browsers. Pages can display differently depending on the website browser, and you want your viewers on every browser and platform to be able to use your site. 

5. Increase website traffic and leads

To generate sales on your site, you need first to attract the visitors to your page—but not just any visitor. You want to attract leads who have the potential to turn into customers.

Update your site’s keywords to draw the right clientele to your pages. Also, consider adding informative and relevant blogs to your site, which will draw interest to your valuable web content.

Email blasts are another effective way to draw traffic to your site. Maintaining a list of customers, potential clients, and leads’ email addresses is crucial. 

Schedule regular emails to send to your lists. Include sales or discount codes to generate interest and persuade the recipients to click on the link to your site.

Also, consider sending a weekly newsletter to your email lists, informing them of company updates, new products, and features, and links to them on your site.

Once you’ve gotten the clicks, you need to be able to keep the visitors on your site. This means making sure your site is user-friendly and interesting. 

Finally, and most importantly, monetize your site by turning your visitors into paying customers. Depending on the nature of your business and your site, this may mean having an online shopping cart, sign-ups for your service, or getting them to subscribe to your business.

6. Integrate your new social media channels 

Update your site with your social media handles to link all of your online presence together.

If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media site, include the links on your site and the link to your site on your social media profiles. 

Direct your social media followers to your new site by including links to products and blogs on your posts. 

7. Increase SEO capabilities

Attract your target audience to your site by using the right keywords so your site will come up in their search engine results. When you redesign your website, update your keywords and boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Website revamp: SEO
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Sites with a good SEO will come up higher in the search engine results list and make it more likely that users will click on the link to bring them to your site.

You’ll need to keep updating your SEO as algorithms and keywords constantly change. Show the browsers your site is worthy of its ranking by publishing new posts, improving your site’s speed, and optimizing the site.

Keep your website content relevant and make sure your writing is high quality to raise your ranking on the search engines. Hiring a content writer to write informative and pertinent information and blogs for your site may be a worthwhile investment. 

To Sum Up Website Revamp Strategy

Website redesigns can help attract more leads, bring in new customers, establish your new brand identity, make it easy for existing site visitors to use, and result in more sales and revenue for your company.

Get your web designer to implement effective SEO practices to maintain a high ranking on search results and improve your site’s speed to raise its rank. 

Additional updates you can make on your site include making it more secure against being hacked, adding links to related sites in return for them linking to yours, and enabling integration to software solutions your customers might use.

Redesigning your website is only half the battle, you have to keep updating it. Keep your content marketing relevant and interesting and make your site a place customers and potential customers will enjoy visiting again and again.

If you need the help of experts to revamp your website, here’s a list of the top web design agencies.


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