Working With a Web Agency: The Pros and Cons
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Working With a Web Agency: The Pros and Cons

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In an age of constant technological change and advancements, we understand the distress companies may face when deciding how best to move forwards with their digital strategy. When considering the creation of their website, many businesses consider the option of working with a professional web design agency (or web agency).

It is never easy to entrust big projects such as your company’s own website design, but in this article, we will try to ease this decision and share tips -making process by weighing out the pros and cons of a digital agency.

What is a web design agency?

Web design agencies appeared at the same time as the Internet became more democratic in the mid-1990s. Companies quickly understood the importance of making themselves known through what would become a real social phenomenon.

Web agencies, specialized in the development, communication, and promotion on the web, have made their place alongside traditional communication agencies that did not particularly master these new digital professions.

If originally, the web agency was confined to the “source code” aspect of site creation, today, it often has more than one string to its bow..:

  • Technical expertise
  • Web design
  • Web marketing

However, the fashion effect plays tricks on this industry. Web agencies appear and sometimes disappear in a dazzling way. Competition, sometimes deplorable or even non-existent quality of service, is often the cause. Making the right choice is therefore a necessity.

Nevertheless, it is no longer arguable that for a business to optimise its revenue, it must look into a digital marketing strategy as a part of its marketing campaign. Whether it be to create a new website or start advertising on a few social media platforms, in order to reach new clients, businesses are having to focus a lot of their marketing attention online.

Let’s drop the prejudices

Building a website is easy

With television and Internet ads that are so eye-catching, the message has got across and everyone is now convinced. Creating a site is within everyone’s reach. A mere 2-3 clicks, and it’s done.

Indeed, it is quite possible to build a website without knowing anything about computers. However, once it is online, you need to bring in traffic, convert visitors into buying clients, build relationships and retain customers, etc…

If your only goal is to create a website, you can surely do it yourself. If you have the ambition to develop your business, make sales and increase your turnover, you will probably have to opt for a more professional solution and think about hiring digital marketing services from a web design company. Before you start the process of hiring professionals, make sure to make an informed decision by checking website builder reviews that will suit your needs.

Paying more than 1000 € for an e-shop is a scam

Don’t make your choice based solely on the price of services offered.

Since most people are convinced that building a website is like assembling a Lego, with pre-existing modules, small ready-made animations, and generic programs, they often believe that they shouldn’t need to pay much money.

Your site is your business’s livelihood, or at least it will contribute greatly to it. Just like with any beginning of a project, you will have to invest yourself by giving a little of your time, but also money.

Web designers are just geeks typing codes and then that’s it.

In popular belief, web agency rhymes with website creation. This may indeed be at the heart of their business however, their field of action is much wider and the many services offered in addition to the creation part, are real added values, such as :

  • Create and develop the virtual image, personal brand, and online presence of a company (web design, graphic design, SEO, community management, website content)
  • Set up web marketing strategies (email marketing, advertising campaign, etc.)

To succeed in offering turnkey projects, a good agency brings together several talents: graphic designers, reference writers, writers, developers, etc…

A web design agency can get things done quickly

As much as some think that they are useless, others think that web designers have magical powers, like:

  • Get your web pages to rank on the first page of Google. Regarding SEO, a web designer will certainly do whatever it takes to optimize your pages. This does not guarantee that search engines will put your pages on page 1 every time.
  • Satisfy all of your business desires under the pretext that you are the client and that you are paying them to do a job. Remember that your satisfaction is creating a site that attracts and satisfies your own clients. At the end of the day, successful designers can create the optimal websites for businesses with your business needs in mind, however, if your goals aren’t clear, they can’t have a design process that will boost your sales. E.g. if you aren’t clear on who your target audience is, web developers can’t optimise their works to your prospective client.
  • Write beautiful texts about yourself and your business for you. First of all, it is impossible for a web agency to have an expert in every branch of activity that it has to meet. Second, you are the best person to talk about your business, your products, and your passion. Finally, the role of the provider is to bring its expertise in web marketing and SEO to enrich and propel your pages. It is therefore essential that anyone who wishes to have a site that stands out from the others actively participates in the development of the first contents.

Avoid any engagement with a web agency

You may not like contracts, subscriptions, long-term commitments, but it is, unfortunately, part of the job if you are lucky enough to have your own business.

Yes, there will always be fraudulent providers but if you work with a serious web agency, it is an asset to be able to spread the expenses. Rather than settle for a basic website paid in cash, think of the big picture. You can have a more elaborate website, personalised in the form of a subscription or rental. In addition, you have a long-term follow-up.

Advantages of working with a web design agency

Working with a specialised agency has many advantages. To give you an idea of these, here are the top 5 advantages we consider essential for your business:

  1. You invest in experience
  2. You keep enough flexibility
  3. Focus on your core business
  4. Access to new talent
  5. You stay at the cutting edge of technology

The different types of web agencies

Have you ever noticed that the more the digital market evolves, the more complex the web design business becomes? In any case, this is the impression that the majority of businesses shared with us. Faced with the emergence of new professions, it is necessary to list the type of agencies that are currently the most widespread:

  • Web design agency
  • Mobile Development Agency
  • Social networking agency
  • Natural referencing agency (SEO)
  • Graphic studio
  • Emailing agency
  • Online advertising agency (paid search, Adwords)

The price of your website

The price of a website is often an important criterion for the companies we meet. Although incredibly varied according to certain agencies, it really depends on the commercial result that you want to draw from it.

For example the importance of look & feel, ergonomics, desired performance, natural referencing, etc… As a base number, however, you can expect the price of a website to start at around 3,000€. After that, it can rise by hundreds of thousands of euros depending on the projects.

Secure your choice of a web agency in a changing environment

Choosing a web agency is more and more difficult in today’s environment. You should use the appropriate search tools that will help you find your ideal partner.

Be sure to have a list of potential partners according to your company size, sector, recommendations from your professional network, their client base, or the agency’s specific field of knowledge. You can even ask the agency for some work samples of some previous web design projects they had done.

Afterward, you should be well prepared for your first meeting with the agency and be precise in your briefing. This step should not be neglected and will help you maximize your chances of finding your “soul mate”.

During this first meeting, you will have to create a brief to present to the agency and if the web designer is on board with your project, they will present you with a quote.

Final thoughts

You may have been hesitant at the beginning of this article on whether or not you and your team would like to hire a web agency, but hopefully, you have now made your decision. Whether you have decided to pursue a web design business or decided to keep things inhouse, our best advice is that you dedicate time and money to your business’ online presence and web development.


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