Is SEO Worth It In 2023? 8 Reasons Why It's Still Essential
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Is SEO Worth It In 2023? 8 Reasons Why It’s Still Essential


In a world where 68% of the experience online starts with a search engine, knowing how to maximize your business website to generatemore organic traffic is a priority. With various options for digital marketing out there, it can be tough to see why SEO is worth it for your business to use.

Many businesses are sceptical about allocating their marketing budget to an SEO campaign.

Investing in SEO should be a decision your company makes after evaluating the SEO cost and benefits versus the cost and benefits of traditional marketing.

One of the most important tools a business owner should consider when deciding to invest in SEO efforts is the data.

Understanding how the SEO industry drives qualified traffic to your websiteis important in determining if employing an SEO strategy is worth it.

What Is Search Engine Optimization, And How Is It Done?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is part of a digital marketing strategy that seeks to improve the number of website visitors and the quality of traffic through organic search results.

People use search engines daily, and local businesses should aim to have anonline presence that gets their content on the first page.

SEO Strategies For Success

If you have ever asked yourself, “Does SEO really work?” then this will answer that question for you.

seo strategies

Let’s take a look at some of the techniques that good SEOuses. The better we understand how SEO works, the better we can see how useful it is to use it in social media channels and businesses.

Know Your Keywords

Keyword research is the basis for SEO. By identifying the words or phrases, searchers put into their google search, and you can optimize your existing content and create new content that will rank high in search results.

Pay attention to keyword density to know where your SEO stands against competitors; keyword stuffing will negatively impact your content and ranking.

Link Building That Increases Your Rank

Backlinks are one of the major ranking factors in google’s search results. These links from external websites link back to your website and increase your ranking.

But be careful; poorly optimized this can also create spammy backlinks that lower your ranking on a search results page.

Read our full netlinking guide to get a better understanding of how to build the perfect internal linking strategy.

Optimizing The Page Structure For Search Engines

There are many options available to the webmaster that can impact and improve SEO. Optimize your URL to include keywords and include a meta description.

Meta tags won’t impact your ranking but impact how your link appears on a search engine results page, influencing who is likely to click on them.

8 Essential Reasons To Use SEO

Digital marketing companies always get asked “Is SEO a waste of money?” or “Is SEO still relevant in 2023?“.

The costs associated with marketing campaigns and reaching a target market with paid ads can be costly. It is only natural to question the value of different strategies.

Google Adwords offers options for paid website traffic via PPC. Advertisers only pay when consumers click on their ads, meaning that the customers you attract are the ones interested in your product or services.

Data reports show that SEO generates 100% more traffic than paid traffic.

The traffic generated from good SEO is free. So if the choice is between SEO and PPC – the winner is clear.

An SEO investment will pay for itself, so don’t think SEO is dead for 2023 marketing, and here are 8 reasons to prove it.

It Is Your Primary Source of Traffic

We talked about keywords and link building earlier, so you know what organic rankings can do for your website or blog post visibility.

web traffic

Google has a market share of 69% and has more than 90% of the web search volume. Using SEO will generate traffic from customers already in your marketing funnel – potential customers are searching for stuff every day.

Mobile phone searches that include words like “where to buy” and “near me” have increased by over 200% over the last couple of years. With search engine optimization, your website can be the first one they see.

Good SEO Means More Engagement, Conversions, And Traffic

SEO services know how to optimize a brand’s content and website with backlinks and local listings relevant to the searcher’s location.

A focus on good reviews and social media profiles helps people quickly find your business as well. This brings potential closers closer to a shopping cart on your website.

You Will Provide A Positive User Experience With It

An experienced employee of an SEO company knows that SEO is worth it because it provides the user with a positive user experience.

Customers already know what they want before they search for it. If they can’t find your product when they want it, it creates a negative experience.

SEO Will Build Trust and Credibility

When you invest in an SEO service as a local business, you make it easier for your customers to find you and your brand online.

Clean and organized websites with proper content optimization will save you money in the long run. By having a strong brand authority and presence, your customers will know they can rely on you.

It Increases Your Brand Authority

Your brand is how your customers recognize your products or services. The more a customer is acquainted with it, the more trust is built in your brand.

You want to have a brand that is recognized by your customers and one that they trust. Optimizing your content helps increase your brand visibility and builds that trust.

Working hand in hand with the previous point, organic results don’t just lead to free traffic to your site. The Google algorithm is designed to bring up the best results to match the user’s search intent.

While not everyone will click your links, they will still increase your brand visibility on the first results page.

SEO Services Are A Low-Cost Investment

Paying for SEO services is an investment in your business, not a marketing cost. Comparing SEO use to a PPC campaign, the strategy turns out to be cheaper in the long run.

The payoff for SEO far benefits both your brand and your bottom line for a long time. That makes the costs associated with SEO agencies well worth the initial investment.

There are plenty of SEO audit agencies in the United Kingdom and in your area that are qualified to help businesses with their SEO strategies.

You could also save more costs and take advantage of a free tool Google offers: page insights. These insights provide data that helps you understand the needs and trends of your audience, allowing you to optimize your content.

Optimizing content to reach your intended audience cuts down wasted marketing costs.

It Is A Measurable Strategy

Understanding SEO and how it affects growth and performance is something that any SEO provider proficient in technical SEO will do for your business.

While it isn’t as easy as measuring clicks generated from campaigns done in Google ads or Facebook ads, data can still be tracked and followed.

Everything comes down to the data, and SEO can provide data for search results, paid traffic, ranking, and other marketing metrics.

This strategy has long-term equity with very little maintenance, keep up on current updates to the technique and adjust your content accordingly.

SEO Will Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Think of your company name and how your customers will reach your website. Wouldn’t you want customers searching for you to see your website as the first link?

Landing that website ranking high up on that front page search is a necessity to your brand’s visibility. SEO is about taking you from those later pages and increasing your ranking in organic search results.

Is SEO Worth It in 2023?

This is the big question, and it is a definitive yes.

SEO done right will generate additional traffic to a website or blog, which offers you several benefits. It is a long-term strategy, and it may be hard to see benefits right away but trust in the data.

Statistics show that 64% of markets say growing their organic presence and improving upon SEO is one of their top priorities. So why shouldn’t it be yours too? This strategy is still relevant in marketing in 2023 because it is still the primary way people find information online.

You have plenty of options when considering strategies that work for your brand. With SEO, you can accomplish all the things you want your business to do. Create content optimized for your audience, increase your brand visibility, and be number one in search engine rankings. This strategy pays off for many years to come.


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