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Why Outsourcing Content Marketing is Essential for Your Business


Successful content creation is at the core when it comes to marketing your business to the ideal target audience. It may seem easier, quicker, and more affordable to invest in establishing an in-house marketing team to create all your content marketing.

However, ensuring that high-quality content is achieved within your marketing strategy, outsourcing content marketing can offer you the experts to produce higher quality content than your in-house marketing department ever will.

You may be eager to do your own content creation because who knows your brand better than you, right? Well, in actual fact, many companies don’t have the time to create successful content that will align with their company’s goals.

Investing in an outsourced content marketing agency or expert will ensure that your business puts out quality content that expands your business. Ultimately, content should:

  • attract your target audience
  • generate leads and conversions
  • call people to act
  • and increase revenue.

What Does It Mean to Outsource Content Marketing?

Outsource content marketing is hiring an external marketing agency or a freelancer to execute specific elements of your company’s content marketing. There are various communication and media channels to reach your target audience, and having one person complete all the tasks is unrealistic.

If you need animations, blog posts, video content, or social media management, a professional animator, expert content writer, or social media manager will help you efficiently and effectively put out the important content.

Outsourcing these marketing tasks to experts will help your business achieve optimal outreach and brand awareness. Depending on your business, industry, and marketing strategy, the type of outsourced content marketing will be different.

How Many Companies Outsource Their Marketing?

According to a survey conducted by Semrush, 30% of B2B companies outsource the components of their content marketing. According to the same survey, most businesses outsource content writing more than any other content.

Outsource copywriting services are so popular because many businesses find that employing an in-house copywriter isn’t worth it. Why? Many businesses only need a small amount of written content for their marketing strategy, like blog posts for their websites or social media written content.

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Fortunately, outsourced content writers or freelancers usually charge an hourly rate or a rate per word. Initially, the amount may seem excessive, but it will save the business money while ensuring high-quality content is published in the long run.

According to CMI, around 70% of brands are hiring outsourced content marketing to accomplish first-rate content that precisely aligns with the company’s goals.

By outsourcing content writers or freelancers, businesses can minimize their marketing budget while collaborating with writers who have the experience and skills to write content that will achieve your marketing strategy and goals.

When Do You Outsource Content Creation?

As a business owner, you are responsible for ensuring that the company is producing successful content marketing.

Depending on your marketing plan, you may need a video editor or a copywriter to work on a campaign or marketing strategy now and then. Still, perhaps you don’t have internal employees who can accomplish your content marketing needs. So, you invest in outsourcing your content creation.

Perhaps, you don’t have the budget to employ a full-time employee to create content. Fortunately, outsourcing a content marketing agency can offer you expert content creators such as freelance writers to produce quality content quickly and professionally.

This saves you money compared to employed full-time writers for only needing content weekly or monthly.

The main reason for outsourcing content marketing is that you don’t have enough time to create content. Time is precious, and in the business world, time is money.

When you outsource content marketing services, you allow your employees to allocate time for other important duties. Your in-house team can then focus on the marketing strategy and core activities that are required to operate your business.

How Do You Outsource Content Production?

Before you decide on what marketing activities your business will outsource to a marketing agency, you need to create a comprehensive content marketing strategy to find out what you need to outsource.

By developing a marketing strategy, you can assess what can be done internally and what aspects would be better executed by an outsourced content creation platform.

There are various aspects of digital marketing content that you may want to outsource, such as written content for social media posts, copywriting for search engine optimization (SEO) and regular blog posts, content ideation, video creation, and editing, or illustrations and animations.

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An effective way to assess the components of your content marketing is an ROI (return on investment) analysis. Based on each tasks’ ROI, you can determine what digital marketing aspects are worth investing in. If there are low ROI tasks, you should probably eliminate them from your strategy. High ROI tasks should be your main focus.

Suppose there are marketing tasks that your internal employees cannot do effectively or cost you unnecessary money and time. In that case, you can outsource these marketing tasks to a marketing agency.

The Process of Outsourcing Content Marketing

Once you have deliberated what marketing tasks should be outsourced and your dedicated budget, you can research for an expert freelancer.

Most businesses need an outsourced writer to produce content that will achieve optimal marketing goals such as SEO, experience writing style, and expert writing skills.

Choose a few different outsourced writers that have experience in your specific industry and a portfolio that aligns with the objectives of your marketing plan.

Then ask for a written sample from the potential writers so that you can assess their style and skills before deciding to invest in their services. Make sure that the sample is something you would publish as a blog post or a social media post.

Create a Company Style Guide

It is crucial to compile a style guide to send to the freelance content writer before completing their sample. A company style guide includes all the essential elements in your written pieces.

This includes the tone of the text, the grammar used, the purpose of the piece, any keywords, and sentence length. Add any style elements the content writer needs to execute an accurate sample.

A style guide ensures that the outsourced content writing correlates with the rest of your brand’s identity and correlates with the overall company’s unified marketing voice.

Even if you don’t like the sample, you should always pay your freelance writer for their effort and time spent to work on the sample.

When you find the ideal writer for your content creation, you can determine how often you would need their services, set out a realistic timeframe, and sign a freelance contract with the writer.

Should You Outsource Content Writing?

Outsourcing content writing can positively impact your overall content output by bringing new ideas, attracting new customers, and completing writing tasks quickly. Plus, outsourcing content writing is more cost-effective for your business than offering a writer a full-time job.

If you want to save time to focus on other core business goals, have a comprehensive content strategy, and an effective content process, then an outsourced writer is the way to go.

The Benefits of Outsourced Copywriting

Many benefits come when you outsource your content marketing, especially outsourced copywriting. Outsourcing content writing can bring your business a new perspective and a professional set of skills to your content marketing strategy.

Professional writers have powerful ideas

Freelance writers have worked with many different brands and businesses, giving them a unique set of skills that can improve your overall marketing campaigns and goals.

These writers have the expertise of your specific industry that can bring new ideas and goals for improved promotional content, brand awareness, and driving more traffic to your business.

Content writers can help you publish more content

Content writers write content every single day. Having an outsourced content writer will only focus on one marketing function for your business – writing. This means that your business can publish more content depending on your marketing strategy.

Outsourcing copywriting offers more flexibility

Depending on your marketing plan or campaigns, you can hire a copywriting agency to produce quality content when you need to create high volumes of content.

By hiring an agency, you can have the flexibility to have multiple people working on different content writing needs according to the subject matter expertise of the projects.

Outsourcing copywriting minimizes your marketing budget

If you had to hire a full-time writer, you would have to pay a salary with benefits and invest time and money into training the writer, increasing your marketing budget.

You only need to pay for their services when your business needs content by hiring a freelance content writer. Fortunately, most writers charge per word, which means you can budget for what you need.

Final Thoughts About Outsourced Content Marketing

Overall, in the business world of digital marketing, producing quality content is an essential core part of your business goals and objectives. Outsourcing marketing offers you expert services and powerful ideas to successfully execute content marketing.

Many marketing agencies offer freelance content creators such as copywriters for your business to achieve your marketing strategy efficiently and effectively.


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