25 Free Photography Blog Post Ideas Guaranteed To Inspire You
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25 Free Photography Blog Post Ideas Guaranteed To Inspire You


If you run your own photography website, you already know about planning content versus randomly posting. Your photography blog needs a purpose and a plan to stick out against your competition.

A photography business can benefit from organic traffic to its website because it will bring in potential clients looking for a photoshoot.

But, what are some good blog topics?

The best way to brainstorm topics is to think of creative ways to write about things related to the perfect photo, behind-the-scenes, or about the best locations.

This article will take you a few of our favorite ideas for your next photography blog post. Enjoy and be inspired by these free post ideas for your photography blog.

If you don’t have a blog, the bottom section will help you with ideas on how to create one.

Photography Blog Post Ideas

Consider your target audience. If you’re looking to write for other photographers, consider writing about photography equipment or the editing process. Your content ideas can range from types of cameras to the best locations to rent a studio.

You can even meta-blog and write about the best post ideas for photographers.

No two photographers are the same, your great ideas turn into great photos, so why not great content for your blog?

By writing content for other photographers like you, you can share your experience and even learn from your fellow peers.

Here are some examples to get you to start blogging:

  • The Best Lens for Your Next Wedding Shoot
  • How to Reduce or Fix Red Eye
  • How to Get Clients as a New Photographer
  • My Favorite Photographers and How They Inspired Me
  • Tips and Tricks for Mobile Editing

Take a look at Richard Bernabe‘s blog. He incorporates a mix of content from promoting his product to “how to” articles and basic tips and guides for photographers.

Richard Bernabe Photography Blog
Richard Bernabe

Newborn Photography

If you are a photographer that focuses on newborn babies, your target audience will be new families looking to get that first photograph of their new family member.

Your blog should speak to those families and let them know what they can expect in their newborn session.

You can offer up fun ideas in your blog posts like what to dress your baby up as or which props work best. You want your blog to show up when people type photographer for newborns into search engines, so make sure your topics have strong focus keywords and a great title.

Here are some post ideas for blogging about newborn photo sessions to get you inspired:

  • The Cutest Babies Photos From This Past Year
  • Behind the Scenes of a Newborn Shoot
  • Props That Pop in Your Newborn Photos
  • The Best Way to Prepare Your Baby for Their First Photo
  • Ways to Calm Your Baby Down During Your Photo Session

Bella Baby is a worldwide newborn photography company that offers photography services solely for families with newborn babies. Here is a glimpse of their blog.

Bella Baby photography blog
Bella Baby Photography

Family Photography

Blog readers love a good story, and family photo sessions are a wholesome one to tell.

Every family is unique and as a family photographer, you can show even the funniest family in a serious light. Family photo recreations once kids grow up have become popular, don’t be afraid to invite readers to contact you with their old photos.

It’s a great way for portrait photographers to engage readers and get more clients!

Here are some great ideas for blog posts about family photos:

  • Preparing for Your Next Family Portrait Session
  • Getting Your Kids Dressed for Family Portraits
  • Top Family Photo Sessions of 2021
  • Should You Include Your Pets in Your Family Portraits?
  • Classic Family Photo Reshoots – Then and Now

Family photographer, Helen Bartlett, regularly posts family photography posts that range from mere galleries of her recent photo shoots (because after all, a picture is worth a thousand words) to new creative ideas to add into your portraits.

Helen Bartlett

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography clients can be a tough crowd, but with the stress of a wedding day and finding the perfect portrait photographer, who can blame them?

Planners will be looking for wedding photographers to book for more than just the big day. They will need bridal session photos, engagement photos, and much more from you. Let your wedding photos stand out on your blog, and make sure your clients know who to book for their engagement session and wedding day.

Feel free to use these content ideas about wedding photography in your next blog post:

  • The Most Beautiful Wedding Venues for Your Big Day
  • Wedding Planning 101: Choosing the Best Wedding Photographer
  • How Wedding Photographers Prepare for Your Engagement Shoot
  • Wedding Photography for a Virtual Wedding
  • Engagement Rings That Make Your Friends Jealous

But blog posts don’t always have to be paragraphs of text. At the end of the day, photography is about photos, and the best way to engage with those who are passionate about the practice, is via photos themselves. Fearless is a group of talented photographers who create blog posts based solely on images but who give valuable and creative insights into wedding photography techniques.

Fearless photography blog

General Photography

Whether you’re a wedding photographer sharing photos from engagement shoots or showcasing a wedding dress, or one of the many portrait photographers sharing this month’s pictures, your blog needs to have a variety of content to bring in organic traffic to your blog.

Not all photography blog post ideas need to be about photography, some can be related to it and include links to retailers who may sell clothes or locations for rent.

These blog post ideas are perfect for getting clients to book their next photo session with you:

  • 10 Spots to Visit for Your Photography Bucket List
  • Highlights From My Senior Session Shoot That Show Love Is Forever
  • Highlights From Social Media – The Best Shots Taken on Mobile
  • How Much Do Photo Shoots Cost?
  • Hairstyles for a Stunning Shoot

Paula Brennan is an Australian based branding photographer whose blog posts are reflections on her experiences with her various clients. By doing so, not only does she give her audience an insight into the type of photography that she does, she also demonstrates the human connection she creates with them which may in turn attract more clients who are looking for a human experience through photography.

Paula Brennan photography blog
Paula Brennan

If you too are looking for a photographer, don’t hesitate to look at qualified photography studios for your next photo shoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even seasoned professional photographers have questions on how to improve their blogs. If you’re still left with questions after this article’s blog post ideas, check out these commonly asked questions on how to improve your photography blog.

What Makes A Good Photography Blog?

The most powerful tool for a professional photographer is not your camera; it’s your portfolio. Your blog should showcase your best photos that will attract clients or talent agencies to book a photo shoot with you.

A good blog will post regularly and share content that engages readers. Posting regularly may seem like an impossible chore, but a great blogger will brainstorm their blog post ideas in advance, organizing them on a content calendar.

How Do I Promote My Photography Blog?

Photography is a medium that shines on social media platforms and blogs. By using SEO in your blog posts, future brides or new clients looking for a photography studio may come across your blog articles.

Encourage former clients to offer referrals to your blogs and photography portfolio. You can also send email updates whenever you post, add your site to your business card, or enter contests to get your name out there.

Create Your Blog

If you’ve gotten ahead of yourself by thinking of what content to produce but don’t have a blog yet, this section will give you a brief rundown of what you need to start your blog.

Once finished, you can go right into planning your content with the free blog ideas for your photography blog.

Pick A Name

You’ll want a catch and descriptive name for your blog. Include words like photography, photos, or other words related to your profession. It should tell readers immediately what you and your blog are all about.

Find A Hosting Site

Now that you have a name, you need a home. There are many platforms, like WordPress, Blogger or Wix that can help you host your blog. Pick the one that best fits your needs and you are ready for the next step.

Customize Your Blog

Most sites have free templates available to choose from, but you can also make your own blog template. Make your blog visually pleasing, yet professional but also user-friendly.

Plan Your Content

When creating your blog, always consider who you’re trying to reach. If you specialize in one area of photography, like weddings or newborns, make sure your content ties into your specialty.

People use search engines to find content related to what they’re looking for, so your content niche matters.

You wouldn’t want to write about weddings if you only photograph sports right? Plan your content in advance and know what and who you are writing for.

Promote Your Business

Your business and blog can work hand in hand to promote your photography skills. The more people who read your blog, the more people know exactly what you can do for them.

You can also make money on your blog by hosting affiliate products that tie into your business, like newborn clothes for a baby shoot, or costumes for a fun family portrait.

Don’t Stop Here, There Are Many More Ideas

You can write a blog post about anything and relate it back to a photo. There are so many elements to professional photography there was no way we could include so many ideas in just one post.

These inspiring blog post ideas should help you start planning your next month of photography content. Don’t limit yourself to just these ideas, brainstorm some yourself using your own experiences and photography portfolio – the ideas will be endless!


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