Smart Targeting: Reach Your Target Audience Effectively with This Tool
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Smart Targeting: Reach Your Target Audience Effectively with This Tool


How does it feel when a website or a page interacts with you on an individual level

Let’s say you visited a page, and the first thing that pops up is a greeting with your name. Or Facebook display ads that specifically target your recent browsing history. It’s like, wow! I have been looking for this all over the web. 

Overall, smart targeting predicts what site visitors want and display relevant content tailored to them. This is possible thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive algorithms.

When done right, it will help you improve ROI and conversions. In addition, it will also helo you develop an enhanced customer experience for your audience. 

Today, we will help you understand this crucial tool to effectively reach the right customer in a more digital facing world we live today. First, let’s start by understanding the meaning of smart marketing followed by some awesome examples. 

What Is Smart Targeting? 

Smart marketing is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to identify customers requirements or preferences based on their previous actions.

Furthermore, it runs on the agenda of impacting future decisions based on historical data. Every bit of collected internet users information helps in sending out a personalized message.

Similarly, people are more likely to respond to messages specifically suiting their requirements. 

Next, let’s say you shop quite frequently on Amazon. In this sense, Amazon will provide you an option to order again right after you open the app.

Surprisingly, the platform lures you in by offering a more streamlined process for re-ordering. Additionally, Amazon includes smart targeting as you are instantly bombarded with suggestions based on your order history. 

Examples of Smart Targeting 

Here are some clever smart targeting tactics that assure results.

#1 Notifying inactive customers – Revolve 

Revolve is a clothing brand that initiated reaching out to inactive customers with a discount coupon. They keep tabs on how frequently a person makes a purchase.

Naturally, your regular customers sometimes need a reminder to get back. In this situation, a personalized message with a discount coupon for their most-loved products is the perfect example to regaining engagement

smart targeting revolve

#2 Humor-based marketing 

Here is a great example of using humor-based on collected data. First, Sabri noticed people were visiting the page but not purchasing his book.

For this reason, he established a level of comfort and familiarity that triggers action. Finally, the tactic worked remarkably well if the trust was a primary reason behind not buying the book. 

smart targeting sabri suby

#3 Creating a sense of urgency 

Creating urgency is the best way to deal with abandoned carts. Try using ads along with conveying the same message through emails.

Undeniably, people who don’t open your emails will likely come across the ad. In this case, staying safe from both ends ensures you receive results. 

smart targeting j crew

#4 Show that you care

An excellent example is how Amazon keeps track of customers’ shopping trends. For example, people love discounts, but specifically on items they have an interest in.

Certainly, it’s a great tactic to show them the discounted rates of things they have browsed or purchased in the past.

Simply tracking the browser history is not enough. Therefore, keep check of the shopping trends and bring forward smart content accordingly. 

Inspired by your shopping trends suggestion

Smart Targeting Process: How Does It Work? 

Smart targeting initiates with collecting relevant user information and storing it in a database. Consequently, the collected data is then categorized using widely tested algorithms.

Then, the concerned individuals’ habits, interests, actions, etc., trigger relevant modifications and personalized messaging.

It further analyzes the results of every triggered action to modify the entire process for enhanced results. Here are some identification criteria used in smart targeting: 


Users’ location helps understand their cultural norms, widely popular brands in the area, and the timezone affecting conversions. 

Device type

The device used for accessing information helps in providing visual consistency and neatness. 


Understanding the source that helped them identify your website helps modify the web page content accordingly. 

Peak time

Analyzing the time when the users are highly active helps deliver messages that trigger responses. 

Preferred language

Matching the content language to the user’s browser language.


Changing the tone or the entire content based on the age range of users. Your conveyed message will vary based on students and homemakers. 

Recent purchase

Identifying purchase history to understand the trends and user interests.  

Browser history

Tracking user’s browser history to access relevant past searches on search engines and social media platforms. 

Number of visits

Tracking the number of times a user visits your website in a day. 

Tools for Smart Targeting Analyzing

A relevant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool will help you cover all the above-mentioned areas without hassle.

In brief, they collect, store, and use pertinent information while taking user privacy into account to avoid any violation. It’s essential to create and maintain a lasting client-to-business relationship. 

Additionally, having effective communication channels also play a major role in improving customer retention. A VoIP telephony can help handle customers’ calls efficiently, irrespective of the device used for contact.

In fact, it reduces costs and doesn’t require any specific hardware or frequent maintenance. Solutions like this are essential to maintain a strong customer base and gradually grow. 

Don’t feel confident enough to do it yourself? In this case, we strongly recommend working with marketing experts. They can prove valuable as they have experience and resources to help you achieve your goals faster with less efforts.

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Benefits of Smart Targeting 

Personalization is the key reason behind the increased requirement for smart targeting. Website visitors will likely interact with content that speaks with them.

Let’s look at a few more benefits of smart targeting: 

Generating and converting leads

Ads play an important role in generating and converting leads into paying customers. Certainly, online advertising that resonates with a person’s interests will likely trigger an action.

In this case, smart targeting assists in targeting those interests and creating ads that ensure maximum conversions.

Furthermore, running advertisements that prove effective and provide results helps save money.

Developing lasting relationships with customers

Personalization plays a crucial role in developing lasting relations with customers. It ensures their screens are filled with value-enriched content that assists decision-making.

Definitely, people will likely become repeat customers when you offer value instead of spam messages. 

Higher return on investment (ROI)

Enjoy a higher return on investment (ROI) by targeting the right areas that provide results effectively. In fact, investing wisely also opens the door to better opportunities leading to a higher success rate. 


Smart targeting is versatile and can be used on websites, social platforms, and search engines to provide effective results. It also proves helpful irrespective of the industry you belong to. 

How to Use Smart Targeting for An Enhanced User Experience?

Smart targeting doesn’t remain limited to suggesting products based on purchase history. Let’s look at various areas where you can implement smart targeting immediately. 

how to use smart targeting

#1 Website forms 

People are quick at ditching long forms asking for the same details multiple times. Smart targeting will ensure common details like name, number, addresses, etc., are filled immediately.

CRMs like Hubspot help you set up smart forms that ensure a low abandonment rate. 

Asking the right questions is another great feature of smart form. A person is least likely to respond to questions they can hardly resonate with.

Having enough information to provide personalized forms for every user is crucial to generating more qualified leads. Implementing smart forms will ensure a better completion and conversion rate

#2 Displayed content 

Will people go the extra mile to search for content satisfying their specific requirements? 

You will be surprised at how quickly they leave. It takes a few seconds to jump to other websites that utilize smart targeting.

Let’s say your website is filled with rich content for people in various segments. Display relevant content based on region, interests, etc., will ensure you reduce your bounce rate.

Furthermore, you will likely increase your conversion rate

  • The language barrier is another crucial aspect one must consider. The content should appear in the language suited by the user. Smart targeting will ensure languages are immediately modified based on the one set in the browser by the concerned individual. 
  • The referral source is another core aspect of content targeting. What made the user jump to your website? The source that triggered an action will help determine the content that must appear. Giving them what they need initially will make them stay long enough to take action.  
  • Let’s say you have an abundant database of contacts categorized in multiple lists. You can set a smart rule for displaying content based on specific lists. It will save time and display content suiting specific requirements. 

#3 Devices used 

Your website has a neat appearance when operated using a desktop. But, what about mobiles and tablets? Most people make a quick google search using their mobile devices.

A congested website appeals neither to users nor search engines. Many CRMs allow you to set up specific smart rules.

Previewing website displays on varied devices is one such feature. Thus, ensure you provide an exceptional first experience, irrespective of the device used by users. 

Key Takeaways 

Make sure to include smart targeting in your digital strategy. It allows you to convey to users a personalizedexperience that triggers an instant response. 

Additionally, smart targeting offers many benefits such as increasing conversions, improving ROI, and developing lasting relationships with customers. 

Start developing your smart targeting strategy with an expert. Contact one of our agencies that will guide you through this process.


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