6 Ways to Reach Your Audience With a Tech PR Strategy
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6 Ways to Reach Your Audience With a Tech PR Strategy


You may be wondering, “Why do tech companies need PR?” and “Why does PR matter?”

Companies use public relations to build their reputations with their target audience. A well-run PR campaign can send a positive message and create emotional stories that consumers relate to.

So why don’t more tech companies use the public relations industry? Any business can use PR, yet many tech startups tend to oversimplify or overcomplicate the process.

This guide will walk you through what tech PR is, why you need it, and how to start using it to reach your potential customers today.

What Is Tech PR?

Let’s start with defining PR first and answering the question, “What are the four types of PR?”.

Two-way symmetrical model: Creates mutually beneficial relationships between the company and its stakeholders.

Two-way asymmetrical model: Advocates a two-way persuasive communication

Publica information model: Uses media relation techniques to release information into news stories

Press agentry model: Uses publicity and press releases to gain attention for the company

Marketing professionals use this process because it is a strategy that builds relationships between consumers and companies. Specialists in the field can create a positive public image, which shapes the business narrative in a favorable light.

How does this apply to your tech company? With tech PR, you cultivate and nurture your technology brand. This can be all handled by a tech PR agency.

What Do Tech PR Agencies Do?

Tech PR agencies will comment on and generate storylines that highlight your tech PR brand as the champion in its field.

Their primary goals are to foster and promote positive initiatives and create good stories aligned with your business strategy. They specialize in turning highly technical and dry niche topics into engaging and creative content.

Consider an agency’s size as well. A smaller firm may not have the connections you need to get your message out, but a more prominent firm may not care as much about your goals. The best firms will include executives on all accounts; the attention from senior executives helps guide a smart strategy.

Using a Specialist Tech PR Agency

Your tech PR agency needs to be more than just proficient in types of technology, but also have an understanding of the industry you are prominent in.

Using a specialist helps communicate your story and further your reputation in the sector as a key player.

The more information they have about your industry, the more proactive their activity can be. PR firms specialize in various areas like education or the finance sector.

A professional who specializes in finance, for example, would be able to engage your customers in the investment community and provide interesting advice due to their expanded knowledge of the industry.

Take a look at some qualified public relations agencies that can offer you a specialist hand.

6 Ways to Reach Your Audience With Tech PR Strategy

There are many ways for a tech startup to get its latest news into major publications. Tech journalists can generate PR activity in many different ways. We will discuss them here for you in this article.

News and Press Releases

This is the simplest way to get your information into media coverage. When your startup has newsworthy information, don’t send it to your blog; get big media publishers involved, and write a news release.

Let’s go over the difference between a news release versus a press release.

Functionally, they are the same: newsworthy information about a relevant topic that is intended to get customers’ attention and generate publicity.

  • Press release tends to convey an old and outdated method of sending news to the media press.
  • A news release is a term that better reflects the current media and marketing trends, including the internet and digital platforms.

Influencers and Bloggers

Let’s get one thing straight here, and influencers are incredibly valuable to your tech startup. This is a relatively new marketing strategy, but if your tech PR strategy involves a blogger or influence, your future success and reputation will greatly benefit from it.

Influencers have over 10,000 followers and can engage with their fans about popular brands or products they love. They are experts in their field. Whether they run a social media page or write for popular blogs, getting them to talk about your brand will help your story reach your market.

Crisis Management PR

This type of PR requires a tech PR specialist and should be a professional with a lot of knowledge in this sector. Every company has needed crisis or issue management, no matter what their business goals or reputation are.

The best strategy here is to be proactive as well as reactive. Tech startups are just as vulnerable as any other firm to bad media and need a strong voice to guide the public narrative in their favor.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership yields the best results for tech PR. Your tech PR agency can use thought leadership to create feature articles that explain how technology is applicable in a real-world situation. Thought leaders are people who are experts and have a great reputation in their field.

A thought leadership campaign will post articles that fit the news agenda. It is possible to do this alone, but a tech PR agency will have great success using their existing media relations.

Internal Communications

Your tech PR agency isn’t there to highlight your story to the media. They exist to promote communications between employer and employee.

This type of tech PR is often overlooked because it isn’t outward-facing. Internal communications are about communicating your brand message among your own team internally.

When done correctly, internal communications is a key investment that should not be overlooked when the money runs right. Your employees are one of your most significant resources, and they are the best talent you can have when it comes to brand communications.

They are the ones who are interacting face-to-face with your customers and the people you want on your side.

Broadcast Media

Broadcast tech PR is no different than your standard news outreach. TV spots are highly coveted by marketers seeking to voice their brand’s communications.

For example, think about Super Bowl Half-Time commercials. They often are talked about by everyone – even non-sports fans. You will want a strong and emotive story that highlights your technology and your business innovation provides solutions to real-world issues.

How to Get Started With Tech PR

You will want to get started with a tech PR agency to help manage your public relations for you. Your PR agency should have a comprehensive toolkit to provide strategy and content like news releases, articles, or even network with influencers.

Finding the best tech PR agency can be easy. Plan a project and post it on Sortlist. We’ll provide you with a list of qualified agencies within your geographical location and who are willing to do the work within your budget.

Is PR in High Demand?

Yes, it is. This may sound like something everyone knows, but public relations is in high demand. Good PR makes it easier to gain funding and lets people know what services and products you specialize in.

Your tech startups need PR or the services of a tech agency to create press releases, articles, and case studies that highly your technology in a way that customers can understand. Consumers need more than tech innovation, and they need a compelling story to connect with.

Don’t let your data sit in a folder on a server, provide your data to journalists or sign on a ghostwriter who can show investors just how successful your company is. Get your business started today using tech PR to release information and further your reputation in the technology sector.


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