Technologies to Help Digital Marketing Pros Unwind and Get Inspired
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Technologies to Help Digital Marketing Pros Unwind and Get Inspired


We live in an increasingly digital world. It often seems like we spend more time communicating and working through devices than we do face-to-face with clients and colleagues these days. 

We’re always switched on. And we’re constantly connected to one device or another. 

And while it would be wonderful to have the opportunity to frolic in the meadows in the midday sun to break up the workday, most businesses aren’t open to offering that opportunity. 

In fact, it’s even challenging most days to find a few minutes to escape from your desk. But even in the direst of situations where you can’t escape the confines of your desk, there are ways to unwind and gain inspiration to round out the day. 

In fact, the same digital world that burns us out also offers tons of digital inspiration to take our minds away from the daily grind and get us back in shape. 

Let’s take a look at 4 technologies you can use from the comfort of your own desk to get your head back on straight, refresh, and ready to go. 


There’s nothing like losing yourself in a good book. And it gets even better when that book readers itself to you. 

Audiobooks are a great way to unwind without having to leave your desk. Just be sure to use your headphones or shut your office door. 

While you might be enjoying the latest romance or detective novel to hit the market, your office neighbors may not be as excited about your new read (or should we say listen) as you are. 

There are plenty of platforms to choose from to listen to audiobooks. So, select your favorite option, grab a good digital book, and kick your feet up on your desk for some reading and relaxation time. 

Audiobook listening from Audible

Take 30 minutes or so to immerse yourself in the story within the audiobook you choose. This has the effect of giving your brain a break from all of the tasks on your plate. You’ll come back refreshed, and often your creativity levels will receive a boost. 

There are so many options as far as platforms go, so you can optimize your particular experience based on the platform you love best. Here are a few options:

  • Audible
  • Google Audiobooks
  • Kobo Audiobooks
  • Downpour
  • Scribd
  • Hoopla

So, get your read on, and get your mind back in line. If reading isn’t your thing, however, we’ve got a few more great digital technologies to help distract you and allow you to return to work more productive.

Video games

Yes. I know. Teenage you had tons of arguments about the merits of video games. Your parents argued they rot your brain, and you’ll never amount to anything if you keep playing them. You barked back that video games helped boost your creativity and critical thinking.

Looks like you showed them! You’ve got a solid career. You have a nice salary rolling in. And you have your own space carved out in the office. You win! 

Turns out, video games can actually help you unwind and even inspire your creativity. Look at websites like The games on this site are designed to make you think and keep your mind fresh. 

technologies to unwind, mind games

Or take a lighter approach (and a trip down memory lane) with a site like On this site, you can play old school arcade games, defend your castle from a siege of goblins, or play games that feature some of your favorite cartoon characters. 

Endless Siege from

Video games have the power of taking you away from the seriousness of the day. And as long as you don’t get too carried away and lose track of time, you can really benefit from a little exploration online by playing in-browser video game sites. You might just experience a boost in creativity, and you’ll 100% experience a boost in your mood!

Slack Channels 

Slack is an excellent tool for communicating with your colleagues about projects and work-related tasks. But, did you know you can use it for fun as well!

Lots of companies and departments within companies have Slack Channels setup where team members can basically chat about anything, within reason (and taste) of course. 

technologies to unwind, slack
From Slack

Be sure to clearly delineate your business-related channels from your more laid-back channels. For example, you can create channels with names like:

  • Movie-discussions 
  • Happy-hour-connections
  • Family-talk
  • Book-club

Have fun with it. Then allow your team the freedom to drop their colleagues a line now and then throughout the day on these channels. While their focus should be mainly on the work at hand, your team can benefit from taking some time to chat in a less formal way with their colleagues. 

Your business also benefits, as team members get to know one another on a deeper level. And when your team connects on a deeper level, they’re more likely to be inspired to work harder together to reach mutual goals. 

So, setup your Slack channels for work, but also make sure to include a bit of fun! 

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I love a good movie. But, unfortunately, a typical break during the workday isn’t long enough to watch a full flick. 

That said, the 30 minutes or so you’re allotted for lunch are perfect for fitting in a handful of short, snackable videos. 

For this, YouTube is the perfect digital tool. YouTube creators and other influencers are taken over the digital space, and they’re creating tons of hilarious, entertaining, and informative videos. 

Check out this video from’s YouTube channel. It’s a 7-minute piece that takes you behind the scenes of master video editor and illusionist Zack King’s stunning video illusion work. 

Whatever genre or subject matter you’re into. There’s content on YouTube for you. 

And it doesn’t stop with content created by influencers. You can also find a ton of mainstream content on YouTube as well. Whether it’s movie trailers, news clip, blooper reels, or anything in between, YouTube has millions of videos for you to choose from the lighten the mood during your work break. 

Watch a few of your favorites, and then jump back into work. You’ll find yourself more laid back and ready to roll. 


Technology can be draining. And always being connected can make it tough to unwind and get your head straight. 

Fortunately, there are also technology that can help you reverse the impact of digital burnout. Technologies like audiobooks, gaming apps, communication channels, and other digital activities that can help you and your team reinvigorate. 

The workspace doesn’t have to be dull and boring. There’s plenty of room for fun, and companies that understand this concept are the ones that thrive in today’s digital business environment. 


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