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Should You Hire a Website Creation Agency for Your Web Design?


There are websites for everything and everyone these days. The internet presence has become one of the most important marketing tools for companies, but also private persons tell about travels, about their hobbies etc. on their own website.

The creation and programming of a homepage needs knowledge and know-how. This is where the website creation agency comes into play.

What Options Are Available to Create a Homepage?

For private purposes, the modular system of some providers may be sufficient, but if you want to market your company through your homepage, then you should not rely on the cheap version.

For this purpose, there are agencies that specialize in web design and website creation.  The following typification is a good way to work out when you should call a professional agency for support.

Types of Websites

There are various different types of homepages. The type of website you choose depends on what you want to use it for. This is accompanied by different levels of effort for programming, performance, and budget, which should be calculated.

Online Business Card

An online business card is a small website with approximately one to three subpages. The design is very compact and gives an overview of the company or person. It also publishes opening hours, contact options, location, and other relevant information.

Online business cards are often used by individuals or businesses who want to be discoverable on the internet, but still don’t want a large internet presence. 

Landing Page

A landing page consists of only one web page. The visitor should be encouraged to take a certain action on this one web page. The technical implementation requires a certain experience regarding sales-optimized homepages, i.e. know-how in structuring the page, SEO, copywriting, and regular maintenance and optimization.

So there is much more behind a simple landing page than is apparent at first glance, but it very much influences the success of the website. 


Designers, photographers, architects, or other creative minds exhibit their projects and works on portfolio websites. In doing so, each artist wants to be unique in order to give their project the appropriate space.

This desire for individual presentation and communication of content exceeds the possibilities of simple modular systems. Those who still dare to create the site themselves have to invest a lot of time.

Online Presences of Companies

The corporate website is the flagship of every company on the Internet. This is where the company presents itself, introduces its services and products, and showcases its employees. Furthermore, the homepage also contains additional information such as job offers or the communication of company news.

Not only do customers take a close look at this homepage, but also the press, business partners, or potential employees. The company website is an immensely important, strategic component of business strategy, branding, and marketing. The homepage supports the targeted increase of sales.

Do you really want to entrust something so important and complex to a layman? This is where the website creation professionals of an agency should really come into play. 


Blogs are about topics like health, fashion, travel, gardening, or cooking. WordPress is often used as a platform for this type of homepage because it was created for this very purpose.

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The plugins help to individualize your own blog. Many blogs are created on one’s own, because the owners are simply interested in a topic and like to write. This also keeps the costs low. However, if the writing becomes popular and gets many visits, then it is worthwhile to have the blog revised by professionals.


On online store websites, people or companies advertise their services or products on the Internet and at the same time offer the possibility of purchase.

Especially with an extensive offer, the creation of an online store becomes extremely complex. Here, automatic order processes, legally compliant processing of customer data, invoicing, and member logins must function flawlessly.

The company also needs tools for customer management, communication, and merchandise management. Although there are now ready-made modular systems for online stores, the self-created result is rarely comparable with a website created by a professional web agency. This fact is often directly reflected in the number of sales, which is due to the underlying optimization of conversion and search engines.  

What Are the Advantages of an Agency?

Weigh the pros and cons of using a web or advertising agency carefully and don’t decide based on budget alone. 

Advantages of professional agencies

  • Clean and fast implementation
  • Time expenditure for the client is low
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Technical knowledge or training is unnecessary
  • Purchase of professional know-how
  • Provides more possibilities than a modular system
  • Individual advice from professionals

What Criteria Do I Use to Choose a Website Creation Agency? 

Online Presence, Reputation, and References

How do you like the agency’s online presence? Almost every agency designs and creates its own website. You should be able to answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Do you like the web design?
  • Does the programming of the site run smoothly?
  • Is the navigation intuitive and does the design have a good flow?
  • Do the listed references match your taste?

You can often find customer testimonials on the agencies’ websites. Of course, they express themselves positively; what agency would publish a negative comment? However, also take a look at unfiltered opinions.  

Budget and Payment

The cheapest provider is often not the best, and there are often hidden additional costs. Therefore, take a close look at the offers and ask targeted questions.

  • Will the agency provide ongoing technical support?
  • How will communication and collaboration take place?
  • Does optimization for different devices take place (Responsive Design)?

Each agency will answer these points differently. See that the answers meet your expectations.

Tools and Range of Services

Take a close look at the range of services. The services should include the following points:

Web Design and Programming

Web design or website creation agencies deal full-time with the creation of websites. The pages on the Internet are functional, partly animated, and interactive. Designers take care of the web design, i.e. color, font, and layout. Programmers then implement it and add features such as responsive design, incorporate a content management system or tools for communication.

Website Maintenance and Support

Every website needs regular maintenance. This includes updates for server software or content management systems (e.g. WordPress) as well as securing against viruses and hacker attacks.

Text Creation and Content Maintenance

Web design agencies are specialized in content design. The texts are optimized for search engines, so that your Internet presence is also found. While the actual content is written and fed only once, agencies offer contracts for regular services, e.g. constant search engine optimization or blog writing.

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SEO and Online Marketing

The better a website is found by search engines, the higher it appears, the greater the chance that potential customers will view your presence. A web or SEO agency analyzes the website, improves content, keywords, formatting, loading times, or linking.

She will also gladly take over the programming, organization, and management of your advertising campaigns via ad campaigns, tracking affiliate programs, or communication via social media.

Create a Website – Agency, Yes or No? What Does Your Gut Say?

Ultimately, however, it is your decision to whom you assign the responsibility for your homepage. If you need a professional website, it should also be created by a professional. In doing so, listen to your gut, trust those who feel right for you.

If you are interested in getting in touch with a web design or website creation agency, don’t hesitate to post your project on Sortlist to find your perfect partner.


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