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Landing Page Price: How Much Does a Landing Page Cost (Data From 12K Projects)

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How much does a landing page cost? And what does the price of a landing page depend on?

Although creating a landing page can be done for free, you may find yourself having to compromise in terms of quality and customization, but ultimately, the cost of a landing page is influenced by various factors, which can vary depending on the approach chosen.

To create landing pages, you can either decide to:

  1. No-code platforms
  2. Hiring a freelancer
  3. Working with a landing page agency

To provide insights into landing page prices, at Sortlist, we conducted an analysis of nearly 12,000 web design projects based on pricing data from our database of 39,000 marketing agencies over the past 3 years.

We also conducted external research on no-code landing page platforms and freelance platforms to gain a better understanding of pricing.

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No-Code tools: Free trials to £7,500+


  • What do you get? – Free trials or packages ranging from £9 to £350 per month. They provide templates and drag-and-drop builders for easy customization, but limitations may include a limited number of templates, lack of certain features, and restrictions on visitors, conversions, and domains.
  • Who makes it? – You do it all.
  • Who should try it? – Startups and small businesses looking for a quick and cost-effective way to create landing pages.

There are endless no-code tool platforms to create a landing page.  From selecting an already-made template to drag-and-drop builders, it is no longer essential to hire professionals to create the basics.  

But how much does it cost to do things yourself?

Prices of no-code landing page builder

Typically, no-code landing page builders offer a free package option, which may consist of a free trial period or a restricted version of the product.  This is the case for platforms such as Unbounce, Carrd, and Swipepages.  

Landing page price: Ubounce's smart builder

Unbounce allows its users to enjoy a 14-day free trial for 3 out of their 4 package options.  After the trial ends, users can opt to pay between $99 and $240 per month depending on the desired features.  They can also choose their premium package which costs $625, but that does not come with a free trial.  

Clients of Swipepages can also enjoy a 14-day free trial for any of their packages. Moreover, they offer yearly subscriptions that are more cost-effective than their monthly options.  With plans ranging from $29 to $119 a month, you can save up to $960 a year if you wish to pay annually. 

Landing page price:: swipepages pricing

In contrast, Carrd offers a lifetime free option that enables users to create up to three landing pages, with access to all the core features of the platform. Depending on the number of landing pages a business wants to build, Carrd offers packages ranging from $9 to $49 per year.  

Landing page price:: Carrd pricing

It might come as a surprise, but several platforms that primarily focus on other features, such as marketing automation, also offer landing page builders as an additional service. One such platform is Mailchimp

If your business is already using Mailchimp for email marketing, you can access their landing page builders for free. Alternatively, you can choose to pay between $13 and $350 per month to access additional features.

Mailchimp landing page

Features and pros you can expect

For the most part, no-code landing pages offer similar features.  You have a selection of templates from which to pick from (variety may depend on your package), and a drag-and-drop builder to help you customize certain elements.  With Unbounce for example, you can even get it to match your company design or brand.  

Other features and pros you can expect are:

  • Simple Google Analytics integrations 
  • Widgets and embeds from third parties
  • Live in just a few minutes 

Cons of using a no-code platform

Freedom comes at a price.

While using a landing page builder, you won’t be able to create a custom landing page.  Instead, you have to select from a limited number of pre-designed canvases. For instance, Mailchimp offers only ten templates. On top of that, even the most expensive packages may not include certain features like dynamic pages, mobile-friendly pages, or pages optimized for SEO.

The issue with package deals offered by online landing page builders is that you will always need to pay for the most expensive option to access key features, and most of the time, you’ll still have to navigate the platform independently.

Unbounce, for example, limits the number of visitors, conversions, and domains that your landing pages can have.  If your business grows beyond these limitations, you’ll have to switch to a different platform.  

Additionally, many platforms do not offer dynamic landing page options.

Who should use no-code tools?

If you are a start-up or small business and are desperate to get a landing page online as soon as possible, no-code landing page builders are a great solution to get started.  You can get your page built and online in a manner of minutes and can do so at no cost for a limited or even unlimited amount of time.  

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Freelancers: Your sub-average £5 Joe or a £10,000 pro? 


  • What do you get? – Options ranging from £5 to £10,000 per project on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Cheaper freelancers may deliver basic designs, while more expensive ones may offer higher-quality work. You have direct communication and flexibility, but challenges can include missed deadlines, subpar quality, and difficulty establishing long-term relationships.
  • Who makes it? – Freelancer
  • Who should try it? – Businesses that have time to carefully assess past works and feedback, that may require an express, but simple 24h job, and who are not looking for a long-term relationship.

Just as it is easy to find landing page builders to DIY, there are endless websites of freelancers ready to create landing pages for you.  But how can you tell the pros from the beginners?  How much is too much for an hourly price?  And which freelance websites are reliable?  

Prices of freelancers

At the moment, Fiverr and Upwork are the largest freelance platforms with 2.5 million and an impressive 21 million active freelancers seeking projects, respectively.

When we search for freelancers that have an expertise landing page, on Upwork, there are over 20,000 freelancers to choose from with rates ranging between £5 to over £100 an hour.  At both ends of these prices, we can find freelancers with 100% job success and with numerous hours and works already attained.  

Upworkers landing page profiles
Landing page price: upwork profiles

With 103,589 services available under landing page design, Fiverr offers freelancers who can complete a landing page design for a total fee of £5 and deliver within a day.  However, there are also freelancers who charge as much as £10,000 per project

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One of the cheaper freelancers has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with 265 out of 266 total reviews awarding five stars, yet one of the pricier freelancers has only received three reviews, but all of which are also five-star.  

Upwork landing page builder
A high end freelance landing page maker: $10,000

So which one do you choose?

What can you expect?

With some freelancers who have over 200 positive reviews, it’s generally safe to assume that they will deliver what they promise.  For £5, if you are looking for an average landing page, an “under construction” page, or sign-up form with responsive design with this freelancer, you can expect to receive just that.

The same can be said about those on the higher end of the scale.  

Collaborating with an individual freelancer allows you to have direct communication with them throughout the entire project. You can provide feedback and ask questions without the need to go through a team. 

Challenges of working with freelancers

As attractive as some prices and reviews may be, hiring a freelance can have its downfalls.  

Many freelancers manage multiple projects simultaneously, which can make it challenging for them to dedicate their full attention to any one project.  This can result in missed deadlines or subpar quality.  

On top of that, freelancers typically work on a project-by-project basis, which can make it challenging to establish a long-term working relationship.  If you have a problem with the product a few months down the line, there is no guarantee that the freelance will come back to it.  

Because freelancers typically work remotely, it can be challenging to assess the cost of service accurately. Businesses may have to pay for additional expenses, such as software or hardware, that the freelancer requires to complete the project.

Who should use freelancers?

If you can spare the time to carefully examine various alternatives, review past works and assess the feedback of different freelancers, then creating a landing page through this method may be an option for you, provided that the project isn’t urgent.  

Agency: £15,850 – £22,500 investment for a positive ROI


  • What do you get? – Median price for landing page design ranges from £15,850 to £22,500. Working with an agency provides expertise in various aspects of the development process and allows for the customization and optimization of landing pages based on data and user behavior. However, a specialized agency can also provide a wider range of expertise and resources beyond just that of a landing page (e.g. website design, SEO, graphic design, digital strategy etc.)
  • Who makes it? – Specialized agency
  • Who should try it? – Businesses with immediate financial means, who are looking for a more complete service and a potential long term collaboration.

At Sortlist, since 2019, we have received over 11,500 projects related to UX/UI design and website creation. Of these projects, roughly 17% of them were related specifically to landing page design.  

How much do agencies cost?

The median price of landing page works that were posted on our website by our agencies is between £15,850 and £22,500. (Graph below shows prices in USD)

In recent years, median prices of landing page works have fluctuated. 2022 was the year when our agencies worked on the most landing page works, and we saw a wide median between roughly $17,700 and just under $21,700.

Having agencies based all around the world, Sortlist can also evaluate the different prices of works done in different locations.  (Graph below shows prices in USD)

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Our data revealed that the median cost range to build landing pages in India was the most affordable, ranging from £1,228 to £1,553. In contrast, France was found to be the most expensive country, with a median cost range of £14,188 to £15,266 for the same services.

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What to expect from working with an agency

It is difficult to find an agency that will only specialize in landing page creation or design.  They will have a team of experts that work on various elements of the development process, such as market research, graphic design etc.

20% of Sortlist agencies that worked on a landing page project are also specialized in a variety of expertise you can see below.

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Given that the agency has been operational for a while, with their experience across multiple industries, they can provide tailored and fresh ideas for your project based on your needs

They can use data to design and optimize landing pages and analyze user behavior with A/B tests of various different versions of the landing page.  This way they can identify what works best for your audience and improve your ROI.  

Unlike no-code landing page design platforms, specialized agencies can offer much greater freedom when it comes to customization.  They can create a landing page that is unique to your brand and optimized for your target audience.  

For example, the Sortlist agency Creative Mules helped Ulvi AYDIN with rebuilding their current website and main landing page.  Their goal was to create a website that would set the client apart from their main competition and reflect their “professionalism and expertise”.

As a solution, Creative Mules worked on rebuilding the site together with AYDIN to really customize their website and optimize it to boost conversions.  

“We have broken his existing website apart and restructured the content logically. For the key elements such as the hero visual, we have decided to introduce a new detail to his brand: His iconic glasses, which are the main recognition feature when meeting Ulvi in person. The glasses also symbolize his knowledge and expertise.”

Creative Mules

They also:

  • Built an extensive CMS 
  • Tailored the website to be mobile-friendly on all types of devices
  • Migrated and reformatted areas of the website

Lastly, once your landing page is live, a specialized agency can provide ongoing support to help you optimize your page and improve your results down the line. 

Building an in-house team rather than hiring an agency

Given the potentially high costs of hiring an agency, a business may be tempted by the idea of building an in-house team to take on some of these tasks.  However, this option can actually be more expensive

Recruiting highly specialized candidates can be a considerable expense for certain businesses, not just in terms of salaries, but also the cost of recruitment, onboarding, and potential risks such as the eventual employees leaving or their specialization becoming obsolete. 

In the UK, a web designer with 6-9 years of experience earns an average yearly salary of £29,932 (and nearly £40,000 in London). Considering this, a business would need to invest more than twice the cost of a project with an agency

However, the average tenure of a web designer in the UK is less than a year, which means that despite the possibility of not having to pay the full salary, hiring a web designer comes with significant time costs, such as recruitment, onboarding (average time of 90 days), and project initiation. Moreover, there might not be someone to oversee the project in the long run.

With the ever-increasing difficulty of finding candidates with specific skills, outsourcing on a regular basis can actually result in a positive ROI.

In the future, leading organizations will adopt a different approach to hiring. Businesses should focus on building flexible and diverse teams that include both in-house employees and external experts in the form of agencies.  This way, companies will stay competitive, be in the know with the latest trends and technologies, and deliver better results to their customers. 

Who should choose an agency?

While a freelancer or a no-code landing page design platform can be a cost-effective option, if your business has the immediate financial means to hire a specialized agency, it is more than likely that you will see a positive return on investment.  If a company is looking for a project that goes beyond that of a limited landing page design, by outsourcing to an agency, they can access a wider range of expertise and resources.

Conslusion – How Much Does a Landing Page Cost?

Landing page prices depend on various factors such as the approach chosen, the level of customization needed, and the features required.

No-code landing page builders offer a free option with limited features and paid packages that, depending on the platform you choose, can cost between $9 and $625 per month. They are a great option for start-ups and small businesses that require a landing page in a short amount of time.

Hiring a freelancer through platforms like Upwork and Fiverr can cost between £5 and over £100 per hour or over £10,000 per project and are ideal for businesses that need a more customized approach with a higher level of expertise.

A specialized web agency on the other hand provides the highest level of quality and all-around service for landing page projects that may touch upon other required expertise. With an average cost of £21,391 per project, companies can find agencies that charge less depending on their geographical location


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