How Much Do Instagram Influencers Cost? Are They Really Worth It…
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How Much Do Instagram Influencers Cost? Are They Really Worth It…


In today’s digital realm, influencer marketing has become an effective way to reach out to all the targeted audiences, especially the ones available on social media platforms.

But the influencer price can differ greatly depending on an individual’s posting frequency, the platforms they’re targeting, industry, business objectives, etc.

In 2018, already 92% of marketer had planned on running an influencer campaign that year. Besides that, around 92% of people trust the suggestions othersprovide even if they do not know them personally.

A study showed that advertisers who spend their funds on influencer marketing campaigns earn $6.85 in media value for every $1 they get to spend on paid media.

Influencer marketing provides numerous opportunities for all brands to strengthen their content, build relationships more directly and organically, and connect with all consumers.

The rise of influencer marketing 

The word influencer marketing is a term that implies all those businesses that work with individuals of influence to aid them with online marketing. 

Influencer marketing can quickly identify all who play their part as influencers within your niche. Doing so will enable you to work with them and act as a brand ambassador to promote your business.

But the main question here is, what exactly is an INFLUENCER?

Influencers are people who carry the ability to affect the purchase decisions of people. They do so because they have the position, knowledge, authority or/and a special relationship with the audience.

They are someone who can have a massive following on a particular social media platform and also within a specific niche and keep themselves engaged in it actively.

The influencer’s following size will depend significantly on the niche size on which the influencer wishes to operate. Many people say that influencer marketing grew through marketing conducted by celebrity influencers.

Numerous celebrities have been promoting products and items and doing it for a hefty price. Online celebrity influencer marketing is still viewed as an example of influencer marketing. But the modern version of influencer marketing has become so much more than the sports or movie star driving all the detached products to all its fans.

Since the internet has matured, several people have made a reputation as digital superstars, and these individuals are known as “INFLUENCERS.” These influencers have transformed into experts within a specific niche and earn money through various social media platforms per post.

Instagram influencers pricing

They also make videos and then upload them to platforms like YouTube, and actively operate through well-known social media accounts.

They do so just to offer advice, ideas, tips, and opinions about their topic. Through influencer marketing, the influencers spend plenty of time cultivating the audience and creating their brand.

They also suggest tips and advice when creating an influencer marketing campaign and have a good understanding of all the products, and their followers will benefit greatly.

Whether it’s nano or micro-influencers, they are always ready to lend their power, expertise, and name to promoting items and products for all their followers.

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How much can Instagram influencers cost?

Instagram is one of the leading social platforms for influencer marketing. Under this platform, the influencer marketing costs begin from $10 to $100 per post and stretch to over $10,000. But for celebrities, it goes over $1 million.

If you wish to check out Instagram influencer pricing, you can use the Instagram influencer calculator. It can help you check whether influencer rates fall under your influencer marketing budget.

Influencer marketing cost on other social media platforms

When it comes to Instagram influencers pricing or influencer marketing costs, they will vary greatly. Influencers use the following platforms for influencer marketing:

  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

In detail, let’s learn about the average influencer earnings of all these social platforms.


For platforms like YouTube, influencers earn $20 to $200 for every video. The figures can also reach over $20,000 for every video when they sign up for influencer partnerships with well-known companies in the market.

On certain occasions, the influencers are also said to charge based on the video views. For instance, they will take $10 to $100 for every 1000 views.


This particular platform is pretty new, but it’s also used for influencer marketing, and many of the TikTok influencers have already signed up for influencer partnerships with some of the top-brand in the market.

But currently, there is no clean way to determine how much influencers charge and earn. After checking out some of the influencers, it has been estimated that they earn between $5 to $25 per post, which can increase to $2,500 per post.

TikTok has many influencers who are not celebrities, and they have millions of followers and earn over $10,000 per post.

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Twitter is another great platform where influencer marketing is in full swing. When compared to Instagram influencers, Twitter ones earn a bit less.

The average earnings on Twitter are between $2 to $20 per post, which can increase to $2000 per post or more. If you wish to use Twitter influencers, check the influencer marketing cost before doing anything.


This is one of the best influencer marketing platforms that is used by numerous influencers, including micro-influencers, to promote the services or products of a brand or business. Even many Instagram influencers utilize this platform as well.

On Facebook, influencers earn between $25 to $250 for every post. Influencer marketing pricing on Facebook increases to over$25,000 for each post. It only happens when influencers actively post about the services or products of a business.

Different kinds of social media influencers and their costs

A trusted and reliable influencer marketing agency aims to work with four types of influencers for the Instagram influencer marketing campaign, and they are:

Instagram influencers pricing


Micro-influencers are individuals who have a follower count between 10,000 followers to 100,000 followers. Although they might have a big following, a micro-influencer is pictured as relatable to all his/her followers and has an engaged audience.

These influencers are said to specialize in specific niche markets and have high engagement rates along with targeted niche audiences. It makes it easier for all brands to develop proper sponsorships.

You should only use these influencers when you’re all set to generate influencer marketing ROI and more focused leads. Like the nano influencer, they have a close relationship with all their followers. Still, they are much more specialized, and all their target audience gets to hear all the marketing-related messages in that niche.

Mid-tier influencers

The Mid-tier influencers do not carry a celebrity status, but they are an assertive bunch of individuals trusted by all their followers. If you come across an Instagram influencer with 50,000 to 500,000 followers, he/she is a mid-tier influencer.

These influencers can provide brands with a lot more engagement when compared to macro and mega influencers and also offer them a wide reach. All the content they post is polished, but they are not out-of-touch, which leads to familiarity and authenticity for every post.

Instead of leveraging their fame to reach the top instantly, these influencers spent years climbing up the ranks from nano influencers to mid-tier.

They are also pretty experienced when it comes to developing content and pretty much connected with their target audience. If you wish to work with them, check the influencer rates before proceeding further.

Macro influencers

These influencers are said to have a follower count of 100,000 to 1 million and carry a much broader appeal when compared with other influencers. The influencer marketing pricing or charge of these influencers are slightly higher than the others. They are viewed as internet-made celebrities and can be:

  • Podcasters
  • Social Media Stars
  • Vloggers
  • Bloggers
  • Gamers

These influencers are said to have a massive audience and have influencer partnerships with numerous brands. They have developed and gained followers from scratch, which means it has taken them months or years to build a strong relationship with their followers.

Due to the influencer’s follower count, they might have low engagement rates.

A macro influencer can effectively build brand awareness of your brand, services, and products. As an influencer, they will create content like making a blog post, uploading Instagram stories, actively making Instagram posts, Instagram story ads, and using other platforms to promote their business.

These types of influencers have many followers compared to micro-influencer, and they can surely help you reach a massive audience. This influencer will also increase your brand’s social media presence and reputation.

If you’re looking for these types of relevant influencers who have a massive number of followers, you will find them on TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.


When it comes to mega influencers, individuals like Vin Diesel, Emma Watson, Tom Cruise, Chris Hemsworth, and Dwayne Johnson are the ones who fall under this influencer tier. This influencer promotes all kinds of brands, from fitness to food products.

emma watson Instagram influencers pricing

As an influencer, they have over 1 million followers and promote business through an Instagram story, a small YouTube video, or other social media platforms. They are also the highest-paying influencers.

They can bring in a high engagement rate by promoting your business through influencer platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. Their single Facebook or Instagram post about your brand can greatly benefit you.

Factors to consider before working with influencers

Before you try to use an influencer’s content to promote your business, there are some factors you must put into your consideration before working with influencers. They are:

  • Influencer Pricing and Marketing Rates: When you plan to work with micro or nano influencers, it’s crucial to check their average price and also influencer marketing rates. It will give you an idea of the influencer marketing pricing and whether it falls under your budget. You can discuss the influencer rates with an expert if you have no clue about them.
  • Engagement Rates: The engagement rate is an excellent indicator to check the relationship the influencers have with their audience. This is crucial because the engaging relationship works much better than individuals on screen who advocate a service or product only to get paid for it. These individuals only work for likability. Influencers also do the same; instead, they mainly focus on building trust with their audience. They can easily build trust by engaging with the audience adequately.
  • Bot or Ghost Followers: Before you start working with an influencer, you need to check the influencer’s followers to be sure whether they are fake or real. Remember, it’s pretty easy to purchase followers online, fake accounts that will just play their part in increasing followers. When you encounter many followers with zero posts, no profile pictures, or made a post 4 or 5 years ago, those are not real followers. Make sure to research the influencers, check out their followers, and proceed further with the Instagram influencer marketing work.


Influencer marketing has become an effective and powerful way for businesses and brands to promote their products and services online. A simple Instagram post from a well-known influencer can increase the visibility of your business along with its reputation.

But to ensure that influencer marketing succeeds, all brands and businesses have to ensure that the influencer gets to represent properly. Be sure to choose the right influencers to promote your business, especially those with followers that match your target market. That way, you can have a successful campaign.


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